7 Best Golf Balls For Women In 2021 [#3 Is Awesome]

Best Golf Balls For WomenLadies have separate clothes when they play golf, they have different golf bags and even clubs; just like that they also have a different golf ball.

Men and women can use the same golf ball but for more effective results there is a whole different range for them.

If you want drives that are longer and precise wedges with low scores, then you should get the right golf ball for yourself that suits your nature.

Moreover, if you want to improve your performance, then you should be consistent with only one ball.

Women have very different behavior on the field as compared to men, so there should be no surprise that they have a separate golf ball. Women should always remember that they are exceptional, and there are brands that respect their efforts and time for the game with enthusiasm.

In this detailed article, we will provide you a review of 7 best golf balls for women and a whole section on what to look for while buying one for women.

You can use this review as a guide to choose the best golf ball model that will upgrade your game as a female player.

Here are the top 7 best golf balls for women in 2021:

Quick Overview – Top 3 Golf Balls for Women

1. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball: This super reactive, 2-piece titanium core maximizes energy transfer. These Nitro ultimate distance golf balls have improved performance and durability. They are designed in a cut-proof manner; the cover is made up of ‘Dupont Lithium Surlyn’ for long term durability and higher performance. This product is designed in a way that it increases the lift that is needed for long-shot games.

2. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls: Titleist Pro V1 golf balls boost up the game because of their consistency and speed. Pro-V1 gives players a better distance with a consistent flight. It is best for female golf players who love to shoot lower scores.

3. Srixon Soft Feel Women's Golf Ball: Made for proficient female golfers, this product is delicate and travels significant distances in less time. The energy transfer is consistent. If you like the high speed of swing, purchasing this golf ball is the most ideal decision. The balls are more visible in fields as they are prominently white.

7 Best Golf Balls for Women Review In 2021

A golf player’s swing has a significant effect on the game. Ladies typically have slower swing speeds when compared with men, and most importantly lower compression. The right sort of golf ball can help represent the moment of truth in your game.

Here, we will review in detail the 7 best golf balls for women so that they can choose one from their favorite brand.

 1  Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls – Great Feel and Extra Distance

Callaway supersoft golf balls have the lowest compression rate in their products. There is no doubt that their golf balls are the number one choice for women. If you are a Callaway fan, then these balls ought to be your best option.

Low compression implies you get a longer distance. While most ladies’ golf balls have low compression, these balls travel more.

Callaway supersoft golf balls are for those women who always prefer softballs, and this product has the best feature at the right price for such women. It is super long and straight for better spin results and increased distance.

Better Aerodynamics

This golf ball for ladies has aerodynamics technology that gives it a great flight. But with this, it also reduces the drag in order to increase the distance that is traveled by the golf ball.

Lower Compression

The product’s main feature it’s lower compression which helps with the speed in the game. This allows it to have low spin rates and travel faster in the air. It makes everything easy for any woman who plays golf. They can make straight shots without any hassle.


With almost 300 dimples, this golf ball has a 2-piece Hex construction which makes it very soft.


It features traditional colors such as white, orange, lime, and green; it also comes in every feminine color so that women do not have to worry about the visibility of the ball in the air or ground.

With so many colors, low compression, improved aerodynamics, durability, good quality, and soft feel, this product has everything that a woman golfer wants, to take the game to the next level and show her maximum energy. Check the current price of Amazon by clicking here.

The only thing which catches our attention is its price which is a bit high if we compare it to other products with similar qualities. It is designed especially for women but still, there are some who think that these balls are too soft for them.


  • High-quality design
  • Softballs and great feel
  • Excellent control


  • A bit pricey
  • Too soft for some women

All those women who want a softer feel and greater control should go for this product. With so many features, this product is among the best choices of golf balls for women. Check the current price of Amazon here.

They can cover long distances and give you the spin the way you like. The product has a low compression rate which is the best feature for women. But there are women who might feel that these golf balls are too soft for them.

 2  Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – Pricey but Worth It

Female golf players who need to be at their best while playing will get benefit from using this ball. This product is an amazing decision for golf players that have different skills.

Players ready to pay for premium golf balls will locate the most obvious opportunity to shoot lower scores and edge the competition. It has a quick core which reduces the spin.

Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is an ideal choice for women who prefer consistency and speed. This product assures all women to help them in their games.

Quick core

This product is designed in a way that provides good speed while it reduces the spin. The golf ball does not affect the feel of the compression rate while playing.

Thinner cover

The product is built from a thermostat urethane elastomer cover that provides the best control over the ball. It generates high spins, long shorts, and short shot games. By reducing the thickness of the cover, it adds speed while retaining the spin and control.

Larger Casing Layer

This feature helps in enhancing the speed and in the optimization of the spin layer that helps women in longer games.

This product’s features like thinner cover, quick core and large casing layer work together to give more effective results, consistency, and speed. If you want to enhance your performance as a female golfer then you should consider buying this product. You can grab one of these on Amazon.

The only complaint about this product is being too soft for many women.


  • Low spin
  • Penetrating trajectory
  • Extraordinary distance with consistent flight


  • Less durable due to softer casing

This is a high celebrity-endorsed product and it is recommended that if female players are interested in being more consistent, want more speed, and spins then this golf ball is the right choice for them. The product’s cover is very thin that makes the result more effective.

 3  Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Balls – Distance Golf Ball for Ladies

Bridgestone lady’s golf balls are the most affordable ones you can get with all the right features. They are explicitly made for swing speed that is low and claim to be the softest golf balls for ladies.

This product ranks highly as it is known as a favorite golf ball for many women as it has unique colors and features that will make them purchase it.

Some main highlights of Bridgestone are discussed below:

Soft texture with low compression

These golf balls are developed in a way that it gives excellent grip; it has a higher launch and a lower spin.

High accuracy levels

The reason why these golf balls are famous among female golfers is because of its high accuracy level. This is important in pumping their confidence and helps them to improve their game.

Dimple count

This golf ball has almost 330 dimples that promote maximum height and distance.

The design of this product was constructed by keeping women golfers in mind so that they can attain the maximum height and distance with its high accuracy levels. You can grab one of these from Amazon.

The cover of this product is too thin that it might wear out.


  • Affordable
  • Controllable
  • Reaches maximum height and distance


  • Low durability

If you want to go for an affordable ball which has good features, then you should go for this one as it has been specially designed for women golfers. You can grab one of these from Amazon. This product is built for ladies who like low spin speeds. This golf ball can reach maximum heights and distances to boost up your performance.

 4  Titleist Velocity Golf Balls – Best Balls for Great Money

The soft-cover of Titleist balls for women influences the ball speed and it helps in long-distance shots. It moves in full swing, giving the players the feel that they want. The dimple structure of the golf ball guarantees flight that is high and conveys it far. This is one of the best velocity balls in the world.

The highlights of Velocity golf balls for women are discussed below.


The construction of this product is of 2-piece; it is very softball and has impressive speeds and low spins.

LFX core

The high velocity of the ball is due to the delicate LFX core in this product. This design also helps female golf players in controlling shots of short or long distances.


These balls contain almost 328 dimples which give them the ability to cover long distances and attain greater heights. The product is spherically tilted.

This product is specially designed for high speeds and low spins. It also features an LFX core, 2-piece construction, and has aerodynamic capabilities. It is good for female players who have issues with speed. Grab Titleist Velocity Golf Balls from Amazon here.

The ball only has one color that limits the choice for female players.


  • Low spins
  • Cover long distances


  • Limited options in color

This golf ball has everything that a golf player wants. If you want a golf ball that can cover long distances and have a better speed, then this product is suitable for you. Grab Titleist Velocity Golf Balls from Amazon here.

 5  Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls – Distance & Accuracy to Your Game

The e12 soft has an additional mantle between the cover; it is called the active acceleration mantle. The mantle utilizes a tighter, more durable exacerbate that speeds up much more since it creates more proficient energy transfer at impact.

The main highlights of the e12 are discussed below:


This product features a 3-piece construction and a firm cover that helps in the greater distance over a high spin rate. It also has a higher acceleration rate.

Low compression

With all the technologies, this product is designed with the lowest compression rate, but it still manages to cover long distances just like a high compression ball.


This product is intended for low-handicap and expert golf players with swing speeds in excess; it includes a multi-layer development and delicate covers; these features promote more prominent spin rates and improved feel over distance.

The product covers long distances and has a new active acceleration mantle layer comprising of high-performance polymer material that increases thrust and initial velocity. It also provides smoother airflow. Grab Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls from Amazon here.

The only thing to look out for is that this product will not give you the same spin as a urethane cover.


  • Smoother airflow
  • Higher initial velocity
  • The new acceleration mantle layer


  • Average spin rate

The speed, distance, and quality are all very good but if you are a spin-obsessed lady, then this golf ball might not be the one you should have. Nonetheless, the ball is quite soft and will feel good while you use it.

 6  Srixon Soft Feel Women's Golf Ball – Nice feel and reasonable price

Made for proficient female golfers, this product is delicate and it travels significant distances in less time. If you like swings that are high, then this product will be the most ideal decision for you. It is another product that enhances the performance of women who play golf.

The main features of Srixon are discussed below,

Soft and thin cover

The balls are constructed in a way that they feature super thin and soft covers; this helps to enhance the green-side spins and gives you a softer feel.

Lower drag co-efficient

The product has 338-speed dimples that help the ball cut right through the wind and delivers more consistency and accuracy at each shot.


The balls are more visible in fields as they are prominently white.

The product has aerodynamic capabilities; they are super soft and have very thin covers. They are also very affordable, making them stand out from the whole list. Check the current price of Amazon by clicking here.

They are available in only one color so women golfers have no other options.


  • Good visibility
  • Soft and have very thin covers


  • Limited color

Srixon is a good manufacturer of golf balls for women. This product is a great choice for women if they are looking for a great experience. The product has good visibility, it is soft, and has a thin cover that makes it worth the purchase.

 7  Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball – Perfect for a Beginner Player!

This super reactive, 2-piece titanium core maximizes the energy transfer. The Nitro ultimate distance golf ball has improved performance and durability.

It is a product that is built by keeping distance in mind, and it surely boosts the confidence of women that are playing golf with it.

The main features of Nitro golf balls are discussed below.

High velocity & long-distance

This product is designed in a way that it increases the lift that is needed for long-shot games. This feature also gives the golf ball an improved smash factor that makes it is rank higher as compared to other products.

Low compression

The product has low compression and it feels very soft during delivery, especially for those who like slow speeds.

Virtually indestructible

It is designed in a cut-proof manner; the cover is made up of Dupont Lithium Surlyn for long-term durability and higher performance.

Attributes such as being indestructible, having a low compression, providing long-distance shots, make this product the best choice for women. You can grab one of these on Amazon.

No such bad attribute was found for this product.


  • High velocity and long-distance
  • Virtually indestructible


  • None

Nitro ultimate distance golf ball has almost every feature that a female golfer looks for that would help her improve her performance. The product has durability, high velocity, and most importantly, it is virtually indestructible which makes it rank at the top of the list of best golf balls for women.

What to look for in women golf balls?

After reading our detailed guide you must have gotten a pretty good idea about which components to look for while buying golf balls for women. You need to keep all the following points in mind while purchasing your product.

What to look for in women golf balls?

For ladies purchasing golf balls can be hard. This is because the game’s spotlight is generally on men. Along these lines, all the equipment has been curated based on men’s styles. But, as mentioned before, there are acceptable brands that are serving this portion of the game for women.

Dear women, what would it be a good idea for you to search for when you proceed to purchase golf balls? Let us discover.

Compression Rate

Various golf players have an alternate style of play. Furthermore, producers and manufacturers have created balls that have particular compression rates and features. So for women out there, you should realize that balls that are customized for you have a lower compression rate.

If you compare your ball with those built for men, then you will realize that your ball is significantly milder, and it will require less power to pick up the distance. However, golf balls for men will generally be much harder, and thus will require more power to pick up the distance.

Along these lines, when you proceed to purchase golf balls, search for ones that are delicate and have pressure rates between 45-70. These balls will be easier to hit and take your game to the next level.


The next feature to look for in golf balls for women is dimpled. These dimples probably will not have a high impact for men golfers, yet for women, these dimples play a huge role. Why is that? The design and number of dimples on golf balls can affect the distance they travel.

Search for high direction dimples in balls and the number of dimples. This should assist you with hitting great shots that venture to longer distances even with slower club swings.


Golf balls made for ladies are not the same as those that are made for men. They come in different colors and external covers. Thus, the ball turns out to be more obvious and alluring to play.


Except if you have developed speed in your golf swing, it’s smarter to search for balls that have low spin. Since high spin balls are difficult to control and particularly with low club speed, reverse-pivot is difficult to produce.

Thus, low spin balls give better command over your shots and will be simpler to hit straights.


You should realize that most women golf balls are two-piece balls. This implies these balls have just two layers and the external layer is made of surlyn. The two-piece balls are simpler to hit and regularly takes care of distance.

In any case, they have their cons as well. It’s not very good at the greens. In any case, by and large, for fledgling ladies golf players, two-piece golf balls ought to be the best option to purchase.

Stick to One

Give each ball a reasonable chance, and that may mean playing with something that you are experiencing difficulty with just to perceive how it influences your game after some time.

Remember that since you perform ineffectively with a ball from the start, it does not mean that you will keep on doing as such after you have been utilizing it for some time. It might simply take some time to become accustomed to it.

Features to Consider When Buying a Golf Ball

Which golf ball is best for you depends upon your swing and what clubs you utilize frequently. The climate of your course can likewise assume a job wherein the golf ball models you will profit most from.

Finding the correct balance of distance and control can prompt your most reduced scores ever. Being fit by an expert is your smartest choice for finding the specific model of the golf ball for your game.

The following are some key features to look for in the ball.

Short Game Control

If your golf ball delivers around the green, then there are chances that your shot will be near the gap. The ball will offer a greenside turn if the cover of the ball is made of Urethane and includes multi-layer development. Most of the women’s golf balls are made up of Surlyn that helps in a better run.

High Trajectory

If a lady golfer flights a higher ball, that will help her in keeping control and distance. This is because if your swing is slow, then it would be hard to get your shot. You have to look for a ball that has control and is built with almost 350 dimples as these will help you in the distance.


While choosing a golf ball, this is considered to be a significant factor as it affects your performance. Many people play golf, and all of them feel different. Some of them prefer a soft touch while others prefer a firm touch. It is important to know your feelings before buying the golf ball.


Suppose your golf ball lowers your sidespin and increases accuracy, then it is the best choice for you. This is because women golfers are very less inclined to hit a shot with a slow speed of the spin.


While purchasing golf balls and choosing their colors, we think that the manufacturers have made such bright colors because it is for women, but it is wrong because bright colors help the golfer in finding it.

Stopping Power of a Shot

Women who play golf always spin low and keep their shots short as compared to men. This helps in stopping the ball once it reaches near to green after a lady golfer does a backspin.


Both men and women have different golf balls, and they come at different prices. While looking for a golf ball, one should consider buying an expensive one if the quality is high. This is because women tend to use golf balls much longer and they extract each cent out of it. But of course, this depends on you and on which product you want to spend your money on.

Frequently Asked Questions on Women’s Golf Balls

✅ What Are the Best Golf Balls for Ladies?

There are many brands that you can get for golf balls but the 3 best golf balls for ladies are - Nitro ultimate distance golf balls, Titleist Pro V1 golf balls, and Srixon soft feel women's golf balls.

✅ Do Ladies’ Golf Balls Go Farther?

Yes, ladies’ golf balls go farther if used by the right golfer. Ladies who have a slower swing speed should utilize a women’s golf ball to amplify their distance.

✅ What Is the Distinction Between Men's and Women's Golf Balls?

The basic distinction between men and women’s golf balls is the compression rate; lower compression rates work for women as they have slower speeds, whereas higher compression rates are more suitable for men.


We have discussed the 7 best women’s golf balls above. We hope that some of them must be in your consideration after getting presented with all of their features. We gave essential data to assist you with accepting your choice as a lady while picking the correct golf ball for yourself. We incorporated the positive sides as well as the negative sides of each ball.

Now, it is up to you to consider which ball will completely fit you and which will not. It is not necessary for all women golfers to have softer and delicate balls. They can use similar balls that are utilized by men golfers; however, to improve their understanding of the game, women should use balls that are specially built for them. In this way, a golf ball makes you remember your weaknesses and strengths.

Lastly, we will recommend to you our favorite product that is the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball. This is because it has every feature that a woman golfer looks for that would help her in getting better at golf, with attributes such as being indestructible, low compression rates, and long distances.

On a lighter note, if you feel like you need to look for any product that is not so expensive, then you should go for Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Balls. You should pick whichever product is more reasonable and begin playing. Remember, while searching for a golf ball for a woman player, be certain to pick a compression that coordinates with her swing speed. If compression rates are not kept in mind, then your outcomes will be not exactly be ideal.

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