4 Tips to Curb Your Anger on The Golf Course

By dj-admin •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  6 min read

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It is a beautiful day for golfing. The sun is shining and the sky is blue, yet you are not in a good mood. How can this be? You have been playing golf all your life and now your game has reached an all-time low. How do you control anger on the golf course?

How do you stop feeling angry during bad games? How can we use breathing techniques to calm our frustration while golfing? How does mindfulness help us on the golf course? These are all questions that I will answer in this blog post!

Here are 4 tips to curb your anger on the golf course:

Why do we get so frustrated on the golf course?

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Generally, we tend to get frustrated on the golf course when the game isn’t going our way as we had initially envisioned it. Every player has ups and downs with their game. We need to remember that even the best players in the world have “off” days when playing golf. So what can we do to keep our cool out on the green when things aren’t going our way? How can we take a look at our own golf problems?

Practice Breathing Techniques

Simple breathing techniques can help calm our nerves out on the course. A very easy approach is to breathe in for the count of 5, hold for 3 seconds, and then blow out for 5 seconds. Repeat this for a few rounds and soon you’ll notice your heart rate go back to normal and calm you down.

Another great breathing technique to use when feeling angry is to take a deep breath in, then blow it out to the count of five. Repeat this three times and focus on our breathing while taking five seconds each time we do it.


Another great idea for when you’re feeling frustrated is using mindfulness techniques to help with your anger golfing . Mindfulness means paying attention to what’s happening at the moment. Letting go of the past and not allowing to think too far into the future. Staying present and in the moment is the root to all good mindfulness techniques.

3 steps to mastering mindfulness

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Simply, repeat this process for a few different objects that are available to analyze. This allows for the brain to calm down and re-focus on the here and now. This is a great exercise for people who experience a lot of anxiety or even depression.

Patience and Focus

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Two of the biggest skills to help master the head game of golf is none other than patience and focus. Both of these are required to become great at the game of golf. 

How can I develop patience and focus?

One of the easiest ways to develop patience and focus, is to meditate and learn to limit external stimuli while needing to focus and have attention. This takes time to learn which will help exercise your “patience” muscles!

How do I stay focused with my golf game?

Focus is based on just a few things. This is one of the tips to curb your anger on the golf course. Step one is to have a clear goal in mind. Step two is to imagine what your life would be like once you achieve that goal. Let yourself really step into it and feel what it will feel like once you’ve achieved that goal. Lastly, write down the baby steps it will require in order to achieve the goal.

The first thing to remember is that it takes time. Developing these skills will not happen overnight, or even in a few weeks. But with practice and perseverance, anything is possible! The key to developing both of these skills is repetition.

How do I practice patience? How can I develop focus?

The best way to gain these skills and also maintain them, is by practicing on the golf course! Just taking a few minutes each day to work on your “golf meditation” will help you achieve more of those birdies and pars that you’ve been working so hard for.

The best way to find your own patience is by using the time of waiting as an opportunity, not a burden. How can you use this time? Use it to get in touch with yourself and what’s going on inside – are you feeling angry or frustrated?

When it comes to keeping your cool on the golf course it comes down to just a few variables:

Breathing Techniques

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Even the Navy Seals have special breathing techniques to calm their nerves and get their heart rate back down, while under extremely stressful situations.

When it comes to golf, you can absolutely turn a game around by making use of proper breathing techniques. If this tip interests you, feel free to start with a simple technique like breathing in slowly for 5 seconds, holding for 3, and then exhaling for 8 seconds.

Mindfulness And Meditation

Both mindfulness and meditation can make a large difference out on the golf course. If you find yourself frustrated often. Learning a few meditation and mindfulness techniques can go a long way!

Patience and Focus

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Golf requires both of these skills. In fact the best golfers of all time some would say have mastered the skills of patience and focus on the golf course. Repetition and persistence are two key factors to raising patience and focus.

In Conclusion

Those are the tips to curb your anger on the golf course! When it comes to losing your cool out on the golf course. The only big fix that you can manage is to learn to manage your emotions. If you can control your breathing and your physical state, you’ll be much more likely to handle your mental state as well! Best of luck out there and happy golfing!