About Us

Ben Jarratt has been a life-long golf lover, and plans to play the game until he can no longer walk — at which point, he jokingly says, he’ll ask his family to shoot him. We’re not so sure about the joke, because Ben sure does love his golf — and that love and knowledge goes a long way back. 

He started playing as a very young child in Missouri when his father started occasionally taking him to the course. That ‘occasionally’ quickly became ‘often’ as Ben grew older. Although driving the golf cart was his first passion on the course, time spent around the game quickly grew into deep respect and understanding. He’s a heck of a coach, too — he can analyze the flaws in someone’s swing from twenty yards away.


Ben started TwinGolfer because he wanted to share his passion for the game with others. He’s travelled all over the country and has bought and sold just about every club, ball, and accessory on the market — so he’s a wealth of knowledge all his own. 

Over the last few decades, Ben has traveled all over the US and multiple countries playing some of the best courses there are. He’s also played some of the worst and most mediocre courses, too — he’s not some high-falutin’ jetsetter. 

If you’re looking for tips on equipment, swing mechanics, courses in your area, or course management, we’re here to help — and Ben is here to help us, as our resident Expert. Yes, that “E” is capitalized for a reason because Ben has earned it. So, thanks, Ben, because we wouldn’t be here without you.