7 Insane Tips For Better Putting On The Green!

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  5 min read

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Increasing your club head speed can increase the distance you hit the ball. The increase in distance depends on how much faster your club head is moving. Improving your technique will increase swing speed, but physical training is also an important factor in increasing club head speed. Golf is a sport where more power equals better performance and greater distances for driving the ball! You can learn more about the golf ball for mid player and other handicap advice too.

Improving your swing speed will increase the distance you hit the ball and increase your ability to control your ball. To increase swing speed, a golfer should practice drills that increase flexibility, increase strength in both their upper and lower body as well as increase coordination between their two sides of their body.

Increasing power with these techniques will increase club head speed! It is also recommended to increase flexibility in your hamstrings and increase strength with running or biking. Golfers tend to overlook cardiovascular exercise, but this can actually have a dramatic affect on your ability to drive the ball as far as you would like. In addition to increasing club head speed, increase your flexibility by doing yoga.

Yoga is a great way of stretching and loosening tight muscles. It is also extremely good at increasing core stability while promoting a healthy posture.

Stretching increases swing speed?

Yes! Stretching is a great way to increase club head speed in golf because it increases the flexibility of muscles and tendons so that they can be stretched in more ways throughout the golfing motion. This means you hit harder and the ball goes further.

Exercises to increase club head speed in golf?

There are a number of exercises designed specifically for increasing club head speed. These basic exercises increase your muscle strength and help you swing harder, which leads to more distance. We will cover some of these exercises below:

Skipping rope – Skipping rope is one of the best exercises for increasing club head speed. It is important to use a skipping rope that fits your height ideally and you should also make sure that there are no stones on the ground while skipping as it will increase your intensity by a significant margin. 

Total body workout – Body weight workouts are some of the most effective exercises when it comes to increasing club head speed for your golf game. These exercises increase your body strength and make you swing harder. Some of the key body weight increase club head speed exercises are as follows:

Push ups – Lie on the floor or platform with arms in the push up position, keeping feet two inches above floor level. Now lower and raise your upper arm to full extension while keeping your elbow close to your sides. Push up and slowly lower back down until your chest touches the ground and push back up again. This exercise is fantastic for strength training which can help drive the club head speed.

Pull ups – Hang from a bar with arms fully extended while keeping hands together. Raise your body up until your chin is above the bar and slowly lower back down to start position.

These increased club head speed exercises can increase your strength but do not make you swing any faster. For increase in club head speed, you need more fast twitch muscle exercises. Let’s take a look at some of those below:

Box jumps – Stand in front of a box, approximately shin high. Push off with your legs and jump onto the box with two feet. Land on the box and immediately jump back down to starting position. You can increase the height of the box by a few inches every week until you are doing 12 inch boxes or higher.

High Marches– Standing Leg High Marches are a fantastic exercise for your overall core. This exercise is most commonly performed standing on one leg, by putting the down foot lightly against a wall. The raised leg should be bent at 90 degrees with the knee and hip both flexed. Hold for 8-12 seconds before switching legs.

Front Leg Raises – Stand in front of a stable bench or step box, approximately shin high. Raise your legs out and back again. This will function to increase your front leg drive. Do 4 sets of 20 per leg.

Bicep Curls: Doing bicep curls will help improve your overall arm strength. In order to increase your club head speed, you will need good arm strength.

Jump Rope – This may sound silly, but it really works! Jumping rope is an excellent exercise for the calves and ankles. Bounce at a decent pace, and increase when possible. Doing this regularly can increase club head speed in golf.

Single Leg Squats – These are simply a bodyweight squat performed on one leg at a time. Make sure that you do not lean forward or backward, and keep the weight in the heels. Keep good form throughout this movement, especially when returning back up from the down position.

Medicine Ball – Medicine ball exercises increase arm strength and increase club head speed in golf. You can increase your throwing arm speed by throwing a medicine ball overhand into an open wall, or partner. You can also throw it underhanded, as well as to the side.

Practice Swing – Practicing swings is one of the many things that golfers simply forget all too often. Taking some practice swings will allow for the muscles being used to warm up and can prevent many different injuries. You should always make use of a few practice swings when out on the course!

In Conclusion:

There are many different ways to help increase your club head speed when it comes to golf. Don’t forget that taking some practice swings will increase your club head speed, and keep you out of the local medical facilities!