Golf Tips for Driving the Ball Further – Drive Like A Pro

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  6 min read

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This blog post will provide golf tips for driving the ball further. Driving the ball additionally is a common goal among golfers, but it cannot be easy to achieve. It would help if you did many things to drive your golf ball farther, and this article will discuss 3 of them: grip pressure, stance width, and backswing movement. This article should help you increase how far your golf balls go with practice!

Grip Pressure

One of the first things to consider when wanting to drive the ball further is your grip pressure. Most golfers grip the club with too much pressure, which causes them to lose the power generated. It is best if you apply just enough pressure to stabilize your hands on top of the club.

Stance Width

The next thing to consider when trying to drive the ball further is stance width. A wider stance allows for more powerful swings, and a narrower one forces you to get it done in a shorter amount of time during your swing because there’s less room for impact. Experiment with both stances before deciding what works best for you!

Keep Your Head Down

When it comes to driving the ball, it’s important to remember to keep your head down. By doing this, you create a more stable position at the top of your backswing. It also helps to promote a smooth swing that’s easier for beginners and advanced golfers alike.

Keep Your Elbow Down

One way to drive your ball further is by keeping your elbow down when it comes close to impact with the ground, as well as maintaining a good balance on both feet. This will help eliminate any distractions in your movements and keep everything streamlined so you can focus all of your energy on hitting that long-distance shot!

Work On Your Swing Speed And Rhythm To Drive The Ball Further

Another thing that golfers should do if they want their drives to go farther is work on their swing speed or rhythm, which produces distance off the tee. You can maximize your swing speed by keeping your hands in a natural position and swinging the club smoothly. If you’re struggling with rhythm, make sure that when you turn back to hit the ball, it’s on time!

Hold Your Breath

Please take a deep breath and hold it when you drive the ball. This allows for more power in your swing and will allow for a greater distance. If you hold the breath for too long, it can become painful, but this technique is beneficial if done correctly!

Take Your Time With The Swing

It’s usually best to take your time with the golf swing when driving off of the tee because rushing through it could result in miss-hits that don’t go as far or make bad contact altogether. Take an extra second before swinging back while keeping one eye open on where you’re aiming, so you know how much room there is behind the ball. This way, you’ll have enough time to get ready again after hitting it farther than expected and still hit that target!

Focus on The Ball

Keep your focus on the ball through the swing. If you don’t, your attention is likely to wander off and lose focus (which can result in a miss-hit). When taking the golf club back, make sure not to take it too far away from the ball; instead, keep an eye on where the point of contact will be with that ball.

Don’t Get Too Excited

Too often, golfers get overly excited after they’ve hit their first drive farther than expected and end up rushing through their next swing, which usually results in them hitting less long because they’re moving out of position or just making bad swings altogether. Try to stay calm throughout so you have more control over what happens during your swing!
Staying focused is extremely important when driving off of the tee for many different reasons, but keeping your focus will allow you to drive the ball further.

Swing Angle

Ensure that you are swinging at a comfortable angle for yourself but not too steep or shallow. If you are too shallow, the ball will go straight up into the air and not as far. If you’re swinging too steeply, it is more likely that your shot will end up in a sand trap or deep rough rather than on the fairway.
Swinging at an angle between medium-steep to steep should give you good results when driving off of the tee!

Move Your Head

It isn’t always easy to keep your head still during a golf swing because some people have natural tendencies for moving their heads one way or another while they hit shots. However, if you can stay focused enough on keeping your head in place throughout most of your swing, then it’ll be easier to drive farther because there’s less movement that can cause an error in your shot.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Spend as much time at the driving range as possible. You will only improve your drive if you spend hours and hours working on your craft. If you’re starting, try to hit at least 100 balls a day.

Practice Your Short Game

Finally, one of the essential things that golfers can do is practice their short game, as this will help them drive the ball further. This includes putting and chipping so they cannot only putt from long distances but also chip around difficult obstacles like trees or bunkers, which would usually force them off their desired fairway. Practicing these skills will be worth all of the hard work for successful drives downrange!


Golf Tips For Driving The Ball Further – Drive Like A Pro
This article should help most golfers increase how far their golf balls go by following these simple tips, from using the proper grip to keeping your head down on the ball. Follow these tips during your next round of practice, and surely you’ll notice a difference in your drive game. Remember to be patient and focus while driving the ball further and further.