Golf Caddy Rules for Beginners

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 05/19/21 •  6 min read

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Golf is a sport that requires a lot of equipment. However, one piece of golf gear that you may not have considered is golf caddies. A golf caddy can help carry your clubs and other important tasks on the course, such as marking your ball, lining up shots, and providing strategic advice. If you’re new to golf, this blog post will give an overview of some basic rules for using a golf caddy so you can be prepared for the next time you play!

What is a golf caddy, and what do they do?

A golf caddy is a person who helps you carry your clubs and do other tasks on the course. They can also provide strategic advice such as lining up shots or marking balls, but they’re mostly there to help with carrying things for you!

What are some rules about golf that I should know?

– You must keep one hand in contact with your golf bag at all times

– If you hit the ball out of bounds (into the water, sand traps, etc.), it’s considered lost forever unless someone retrieves it for you

– Most people don’t use a driver tee when playing from the rough because it causes too much damage to the ground

How does my golf caddy change how I play? 

A professional golfer will have a golf caddy and usually between two to four more people who are there for the sole purpose of carrying their clubs. In addition, a good golfer may take around one or two sets of irons, depending on how many they need that day.

A golf caddy is not required at all levels, but it’s always nice to be able to enjoy your game without having to worry about lugging those heavy bags!

How much should you tip your golf caddy?

When it comes to tipping your caddy, it depends on what kind of service they provide. If your golf caddy is carrying clubs for you, please make sure to tip him appropriately.

The golf caddy should always be at least 10 yards behind the golfer at all times for safety reasons.

The golf caddy should also know the course well and give you a great idea of where hazards are present that can affect your shot.

Suppose there is someone who is not qualified as being a professional golfer or their golf bag-carrying partner. In that case, they should always have at least one person with them when playing – preferably an experienced player.

You will never need more than two people to carry clubs while golfing; three if possible but anything beyond four starts feeling like too much weight on both shoulders!

Caddies should never tell a golfer what club they think the player should use to hit the ball successfully. You can however discuss the clubs – for example, what is the difference between Callaway mavrik and mavrik Max.

The player should be allowed to decide for themselves which club is most appropriate.

Caddies are there to help golfers, not make decisions on their behalf – even if they have been doing so in the past because of a particular golfer’s request.

This may sound like common sense, but it is an issue that has come up with new caddies and those who are inexperienced.

If you break this rule, then your golfer will know! They will feel insulted or frustrated by feeling as though they don’t have any say over what shots they can take during a round of golf.

It also puts pressure on them when all eyes are watching how well that shot goes down, and some people prefer being in control of every aspect of their golf game.

A golf caddy should always be respectful to a player, no matter the circumstance or situation.

Here are some other rules for being an effective and successful golf caddy:

-Obtain knowledge about all aspects of the course you will be covering so that you can answer any questions your golfer might have at any time during play. You need to know where they want shots from tee-offs and how far they plan on hitting each club to give them advice when needed

-Be sure not to interrupt your golfer until it is necessary, such as if he/she needs help with something like reviewing yardage or driving distance – wait until after for general conversation

-Be sure to carry a towel, drinks, and snacks in case the golfer needs them.

Tips for golfers:

 Be cautious of your golf caddy’s actions because they can make or break your game if not handled well!

Golfers should trust their caddies with everything – including where shots will be played from on the course and what club will be used to hit each shot. It is also important that you know who else will be carrying clubs for you so that there won’t be any confusion when it comes time to play;

The last rule I’ll mention is most professional golfers follow but rarely ever talk about: don’t get too attached to any single club out on the golf course. It is essential to use various clubs during a round because they each have different strengths and weaknesses based on their design. So, for example, you won’t want to rely too heavily on one club that has significant trouble with shots from over 100 yards away.

If there is no designated area for caddies, they must stay on the fairway and out of any roughs or hazards that may exist on the course.

If you see a ball in a hazard, do your best to get it out and back into play as quickly as possible.

If the golf ball is left in a hazard, it’s your responsibility to get it out of there.

You have two options: you can either take a penalty stroke and drop the ball as close to where it went into the hazard as possible, or you can play one more stroke from that same spot (taking care not to hit any other balls) and then go back over all those strokes on the previous hole again. The latter option may seem like less work, but if playing with others, taking that first shot will help continue their game, so they’ll be happy for you!

Be courteous at all times with players, other caddies, marshalls, and golfers.

Always carry a towel, something to drink, and some food with you when on the course; it’s important to stay healthy and hydrated in this heat!

In Conclusion:

Both the golfer and the caddy have rules to follow when out on the course. If you’re using a caddy for the first time, it might be wise to read up on proper etiquette while using a caddy. This will allow your game to go better as you won’t be distracted wondering what the next adequate move might be while using your caddy. The same goes for the caddy. They need to understand their role in the game being played. They are there to assist the golfer and ensure they have a great game of play.