Golf Cart Accessories Every Golfer Should Have!

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 05/22/21 •  7 min read

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There are a lot of golf cart accessories available to make your golf course or backyard more enjoyable. From storage solutions to comfort enhancements, golf cart accessories can help you get more out of your leisure time by turning it into an experience. In this blog post, we will discuss what golf cart accessories are available and how they can improve your game for the better.


– Golf cart storage: The golf bag rack is a must-have. It raises your golf clubs off the ground and organizes them so you can access them easier. Making your golf club selection at the same time as buying your bag is much easier! Storage boxes are also excellent for storing other items such as shoes or clothing that could get dirty from rolling around on the floor of your golf cart.

Golf cart accessories for comfort enhancements:

– Seat cushions, seat covers, steering wheel cover, armrests, headrests: Cushioning makes it more comfortable to sit in your vehicle, and make sure not to forget fun stuff like steering wheel covers when those pesky mosquitoes show up at dusk!

Golf Cart Accessories For Safety Reasons:

– Rearview mirrors – These are a must-have for safety when driving golf carts at night or in foggy weather conditions.

– Golf Cart Headlights: Driving your golf cart around during the evening hours can be very dangerous if you don’t have headlights installed! This is an essential accessory to ensure that drivers and pedestrians on the course know where you’re going, which will lead to fewer accidents occurring while trying to find your ball after it lands in a water hazard.

Newer models of headlamps come with LED technology, which provides brighter light than what was available before, making them safer and more visible from greater distances.

Golf Cart Accessories For Convenience:

– Fuel tanks, fuel stabilizers, tire pressure sensors: Ensuring your cart has enough gas will allow you to travel longer distances without worrying about running out of gas and being stranded on the course! Tire pressure sensors can be installed into wheels with tires to ensure there’s no risk of underinflated tires, leading to blowouts while traveling over bumps in the terrain. This is an excellent accessory for people who want peace of mind that they’re not going to get a flat tire unexpectedly during their rounds on courses throughout North America!

-Receiver Hitch: If you’re looking for one particular golf cart accessory that has many different functions but remains compact, the receiver hitch is perfect for those who often transport things like golf bags.

– Golf Cart Covers: A simple accessory to make your cart more attractive and protect it from the elements! If you want an easy way to keep your golf cart looking new, a cover will do the trick.

– Seat Covers: After hours of playing golf with sweaty bodies sitting on them all day long, seats can start to take on odors that may not be pleasant if they are left unchecked. This is where heart covers come in handy; they provide extra protection against unwanted smells or stains while also providing comfort during longer rides around the course.

The best golf cart accessories for a beginner are golf cart covers, seat, and cup holders.

How to care for your golf cart accessories:

– Be sure to clean your golf cart with quality wax after each use. This will help protect against the elements and keep it looking new!

– Keep all of your golf cart accessories in good condition by checking them regularly, wiping down dirt or mud that may have gotten on them during play, and keeping any beverage holders free from spills (or at least ensure they are thoroughly cleaned afterward!)

The best way to care for your golf accessory is through regular maintenance. Check your equipment often, wipe off dirt and debris as soon as possible to avoid leaving stains or getting moldy odors on your gear. A little work now can save you expensive repairs later!

There are many different types of golf carts available today, depending on what you need. Do some research to make sure you find the right golf cart for your needs!

– If you are looking for a golf cart with an automatic transmission, then it is best if they can be both gas and electric operated so that there will not be any problems when one of these two types of fuel sources becomes scarce.

– Gas carts may have more minor maintenance requirements than their electrical counterparts but require more storage space in addition to needing regular gasoline refills. On the other hand, electric carts don’t produce as much noise or exhaust fumes as gas models. Still, they must recharge either overnight via an external charger or by plugging into a wall outlet near where you park at night before use each time (which means longer charging times than required of gas-powered units).

Some of the most popular selling golf cart models would be the E-Z Go TXT, Yamaha GXE/Golf Cart TTR, and the Club Car Precedent.


The E-Z Go TXT golf cart is a well-known model. It was designed for golf courses and parks, but it is also popular among homeowners. It has a maximum speed of 11 miles per hour, 40-inch tires that can tackle all terrains, and extra-wide seats with armrests to keep you comfortable while driving.

The E-Z Go TXT offers two options for fuel: gas or electric.

Yamaha GXE/Golf Cart TTR

The Yamaha GXE/Golf Cart TTR is a golf cart with a maximum speed of 24 miles per hour and 36-inch tires.

It is an electric-powered golf cart, making it perfect for use in areas where gas-powered carts are not allowed or if you want to conserve fuel. The Yamaha GXE/Golf Cart TTR also can go up steep hills without feeling like you’re going uphill at all!

Club Car Precedent

The Club Car Precedent is one of the most popular models among homeowners because they have been around since 1949 – which means there are plenty of them on the market today, as well as replacement parts available should anything happen while driving. In addition, they offer two options for fuel: gas (less expensive) or diesel (more expensive, but much less maintenance).

Club Car Precedent Warranty

The Club Car Precedent comes with a one-year warranty on the vehicle and three years on the battery. It also has a two-year limited powertrain warranty, which covers anything from brakes to engine problems.

Golf Cart Safety Tips for Homeowners

When you’re using your golf cart around your home or property, some additional safety tips should be taken into consideration:

Always use hand signals before making any turns.

Never drive distracted (i.e., text messaging while driving).

Ensure all passengers wear seat belts at all times and never carry more than six people in an electric golf cart because it may negatively affect its performance.

These five safety precautions should be taken to ensure a safe golf cart ride.

In Conclusion:

When it comes to golf cart accessories, there is no shortage of them! There are plenty of options to choose from, and you should be able to find the perfect accessories for your golf cart.