5 Best Golf Clubs for Left Handers (Lefties) In 2023 [#3 is Best]

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Whether you have been playing golf for a long time, or just started it, you’re at least aware of the rush you get from a perfect shot. Maybe you even know the feeling well.

It invigorates a feeling that is inexplainable for even the most professional golfers. The effort that goes into striking perfect shots is not only a skill that you learn over the years, but the way how you learn is a major factor. If you play left handed, your options are often limited, so knowing just what to look for can be tricky.

We have listed down our 5 best golf clubs for left handers along with their features and characteristics that can help you choose the one you are looking for.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing clubs is having a golf set that includes not only all those clubs that you need to perform better but also contributes equally in making your learning experience smooth. This is accomplished through having clubs that suit your style of play and give you enough flexibility to tackle each situation that arises.

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Here are the top 5 best golf clubs for left handers:

  1. Cobra Golf Men's XL Speed Complete Golf Set
  2. Callaway STRATA Men’s Golf Packaged Sets
  3. Wilson Golf Profile SGI Men’s Complete Golf Set
  4. Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set
  5. Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Club Set

Quick Overview

1. Cobra Golf Men's XL Speed Complete Golf Set: Starter set for new entrants with easy-to-carry lightweight clubs and a big, forgiving driver, allowing you to enhance your performance and focus on the game with passion and hit long shots right from the beginning.

2. Callaway STRATA Men’s Golf Packaged Sets: A complete package featuring 12 pieces, available for golfers with both right and left-hand orientation. Designed especially for enhanced performance with a lightweight 460 cc forged driver.

3. Wilson Golf Profile SGI Men’s Complete Golf Set: Designed especially for beginners offers a titanium head and graphite shaft along with a lightweight Fairway Wood and stainless-steel Hybrid, Irons, and Wedges, along with a comfortable-grip Putter.

4. Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set: Putter has a Legendary Odyssey 2 Ball design that offers accurate shots with precision. Cavity-backed Irons, great with stability due to their extreme weighting feature.

5. Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Club Set: One-stop solution that helps you boost your performance. With the extensive list of clubs, it offers an upgrade from beginner or amateur to an experienced player.

5 Best Golf Clubs for Left Handers

Choosing the best golf clubs is an important decision you need to make if you want to either start golfing or continue to up your game.

Many golfers make the mistake of buying golf clubs that look fascinating but do not deliver enough to boost performance. You must always keep your requirements in mind, but you should also know about the top golf clubs that can serve you in certain areas.

Read on further to learn about the Top 5 best golf clubs for left handers.

1. Cobra Golf Men's XL Speed Complete Golf Set

For those beginning golfers looking for a golf set, the Cobra brand is famous for manufacturing high-quality golf equipment which allows golfers to improve and have a smooth golfing experience.

Cobra is one of the oldest golf equipment manufacturing companies, and their Men’s XL Complete Golf Set is a fully equipped set that comes with 13 pieces including a Driver, 2 Fairway Woods, 2 Hybrids, 2 Irons, a Putter, a stand bag, and Headcovers.

This golf set features back-weight technology which gives the Driver enhanced stability and precision without weighing you down.

Additionally, the blades of the clubs have an attractive and noticeable design that catches the eye right away.

The greatest feature of this golf set is the generous forgiveness for easy swinging and the support it offers for covering long-distance, straight hits.

While these clubs are super lightweight, which makes hitting aggressive approach shots slightly difficult, the shaft and grip of this club add a certain amount of weight at the back which allows you to increase your control over your shot. Check the current price of Amazon by clicking here.

If you are someone looking for individual pieces, this set may be a little disappointing as it only comes in a complete set and the number of pieces is fixed. In case you want to exchange an attachment or choose another one, that is not possible.



Overall, the Cobra Men’s XL Complete Golf Set can definitely be considered one of the best golf club sets for left-handers. However, beginners might have to commit to golf if they want to make this set value for the money as it comes with a heavy price tag.

2. Callaway STRATA Men’s Golf Packaged Sets

For all the beginners out there, Callaway offers one of the best golf clubs for lefties and has done an impressive job with the STRATA Men’s Golf Packaged Set, which really is an ultimate package with all the necessary equipment.

This set comes with 12 pieces which include a Driver, a 3 Wood, a  4 and 5 Hybrid, 6-9 Hybrid, PW and SW Putter, and 4 Headcovers for the clubs. This set is a perfect combination of quantity and quality and offers a great opportunity for left-handed newbies to enjoy their golf experience.

The best thing about this golf set is the 460cc lightweight forged Driver that is greatly forgiving and allows for the golfer to hit long distances without putting in too much effort due to its large sweet spot.

Moreover, it comes in both left- and right-hand orientation so customers can choose between the one that suits them well. This set is designed specifically for newbies who want to learn with a passion and want to up their game in less time.

One important characteristic that would definitely make you buy this set is its super affordable price point.

This set is the true meaning of quality and innovation as it offers a complete range of clubs that a beginner would need, along with the affordable price that is an encouraging factor when you are not sure if you would keep golfing for a long time and just want to try out with a reasonable set. You can grab one of these on Amazon.

With a price point like that and the pieces that come with the set, there is not much to dislike about it. However, customers have complained about the grips being a little rough which makes glove-wearing essential. That’s a pretty small problem, really.



All in all, Callaway has done a great job with manufacturing the STRATA Men’s Golf Packaged Set and offers all the necessary pieces for a beginner to be overwhelmed later. All of that is a great and affordable price that is encouraging for the novice to give golf a shot.

3. Wilson Golf Profile SGI Men’s Complete

Beginners looking for a set that includes all the essential clubs required for learning can go for Wilson’s Golf Profile SGI.

Wilson is a largely known brand when we talk about sporting equipment. It has been manufacturing sports goods for over a hundred years which is assurance enough that its products are strictly focused on providing the highest quality.

Similarly. the Golf Profile SGI, designed especially for beginners, offers a titanium head and graphite shaft along with a lightweight Fairway Wood and stainless-steel Hybrid, Irons and Wedges, and a comfortable grip Putter.

One of the most important characteristics that make the Golf Profile SGI unique is that they are available in a variety of sizes including, Tall, including Standard, and Teen.

While the Tall is suitable for men ranging between 6’1” to 6’5”, the Standard would work for 5’5” to 6’1”, whereas the Teen set is perfect for adolescents with heights between 5’3” and 5’8”.

This reflects Wilson’s consideration and the availability of choices for all heights of people wanting to buy high-quality clubs.

There is a lot about the set that a beginner can like. Firstly, the price point is super affordable. Next, the choice of clubs offered in the set keeps you focused on learning without distracting you with additional clubs that might seem complicated. Finally, the quality of clubs is just right for a beginner.

Also, the choice of orientation between left and right makes it a choice for people who prefer one orientation. You can grab one of these from Amazon.

According to some customers, the length can be shorter than mentioned which means you may buy a bigger length than you’d expect. However, not everyone has the same experience.



Wilson is a quality manufacturer, and its products are not only durable but also highly focused on delivering for the beginner. We definitely consider this set a top choice.

4. Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids

The word quality is synonymous with Callaway, as they are super focused on providing high-quality sports equipment to not just adults but kids and seasonal players as well.

Finding the right set for kids can be a daunting task as you do not just want a durable set but also one that fascinates them and is great appearance-wise. The Boys XJ Junior Kids Golf Club Set is the one set that meets all a kid’s requirements.

With technological sophistication combined with ease of use, this set is the ultimate package which includes 7 clubs: a Fairway Wood, a Hybrid, a Driver, a 7-Iron, a 9-Iron, and a Sand Wedge.

One of the greatest things about this set is the 360cc lightweight Driver that’s equipped with a large and forgiving sweet spot and allows for long, satisfying drives.

Another important feature is the Putter which has a Legendary Odyssey 2 Ball design and offers accurate shots.

Additionally, the Irons are cavity-backed and are stable due to their extreme weighting feature. What’s more, the Fairway Wood and Hybrid are specifically designed to get the ball in the air effortlessly.

For beginners, this set allows to decrease the gap between a beginner and developing games which are great in terms of encouragement and may boost the child’s confidence and performance as well.

Also, the quality of the clubs is worth talking about, along with the choice of orientation which is available for lefties and righties alike. Grab Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Set from Amazon here.

When you are starting off as a beginner, you are not sure whether you will even continue playing golf in the long term or if you should invest in a complete set right away. The only drawback with this set is it can be slightly heavy on the pocket as a beginner junior set.



Keeping the price factor aside, the Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set can be a great choice for your junior golfer if they are seriously looking forward to getting their game up. Since it comes from one of the most known manufacturers of golf clubs, there is nothing to doubt about what this set offers.

5. Precise Premium Ladies Complete

For all those beginners and amateur ladies looking for a set that helps them upgrade their golf equipment, this one is for you. The Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Set is the one-stop solution that allows you to boost your performance with the extensive list of clubs it offers.

This set includes a titanium Driver, a Fairway Wood, a Hybrid, 5-PW Irons, a Putter, a stand bag, and Headcovers. Each club included in this set offers a great experience and is aimed specifically at golfers looking for a full group of clubs.

As this set comes with 6 irons, which are designed specifically for game improvement, all the irons are of excellent quality. Along with that, the 460cc titanium Driver is the highlight of the set as it is super lightweight and allows you to hit accurate shots.

Along with that, all the clubs are made of ultra-light modulus of 100% graphite. Also, this set is available in left-hand orientation only which makes it one of the best golf clubs for lefties, and it is available for women of different heights with its 3 different sizes: Petite Size, Standard Size, and Tall Size.

A woman loves her matching sets, which is just what this set offers with the matching deluxe dual strap golf bag and headcovers. You can carry the bag like a backpack and cover it when needed with the rain hood that comes with the bag. Grab Precise Premium Ladies Golf Club Set from Amazon here.

Customers have complained about the Putter being of not so great quality and that they had to purchase a new one quite soon after buying this set. In order to maximize your game performance, you might have to buy a separate putter that can last you longer.



The Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Club Set can be a great choice in terms of the quality it delivers along with the range of clubs it offers. However, the one thing we do not like about this set is the putter.

The Best Golf Clubs for Left Handers: Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have given you extensive details about our best golf clubs for left handers, let us move on to the most important part which is your guide to buying the perfect club that suits your requirements.

It is important for you to know the features of a golf club that allow you to achieve your goal when hitting a shot.

golf clubs for left-handers (lefties)

Simply buying a club that looks pleasing or is affordable is not what you want to look for. The types of clubs you can find, how they work, and what they can offer as a contribution to your game improvement are much more important factors.

Read on further to learn about the basics of a golf club if you are a beginner or even an experienced player. Maybe you would also find a thing or two that you might be doing wrong.

Club Heads

The clubhead is the part of your club that is located at the bottom and is used for hitting the ball.

There are different materials in Heads like Zinc and Aluminum which are provided in beginner sets, then there is HST Aluminum which comes with large Drivers, and then there 431 and 17-4ph stainless steel is most commonly used by experienced golfers.

The most expensive, however, is Titanium as it is super light and offers excellent strength in hitting long-distance shots.


Another important part of the club is the Shaft which is what the whole club is based on. There are two different types of shafts, which include graphite and steel shafts. They both are used for the same purpose but offer a difference in performance.

While graphite shafts are great for women, seniors, or people who like playing a longer drive or have great swing speed, steel shafts, however, are more responsive than graphite and have a nice feel factor to them, although they offer less yardage.

Steel Shafts are for experienced players mainly as they require more strength.


The concept of grips may seem simple, but they play an important part in your game. Grips can be found at relatively cheaper prices but are necessary in terms of having a firm hold over your club.

Grips should be changed often as they tend to oxidize and harden depending on how often you play. The most interesting part is, grips of high quality lose their functionality faster than those of a cheaper quality.

Club Length and Flex

If you are a person above the average height, you need a club length that is long enough for you to play comfortably. You can measure the length of a club by holding it against your waist and seeing if it goes down to the ground. If it does, then it is for you.

The longer a club is, the more swing you get. However, it also becomes slightly difficult to control. To find the perfect length for your height, make sure you measure the club to ensure you do not end up buying one that interferes with your game performance.

Loft and Lie

While the loft of the club works towards your spin rate and determines the distance a ball will cover, the lie is the part that decides the angle at which your ball would strike and bounce. Wedges are recommended to get a higher loft as compared to irons and drivers.

Also, the greater your loft the more you will know if your lie angle is correctly placed, which makes the lie angle an important factor to consider.

Perimeter Weighting

When you hold a golf club, you want the weight to be more on the center of the club instead of the perimeter. This is why, perimeter weighting is an important feature to consider, as this determines the weight that is around the perimeter and allows for you to take a straight shot with accuracy.

If you want to have maximum forgiveness and the opportunity to hit shots with precision, then you need to take the weight of the perimeter into consideration.


Out of this best golf clubs for left handers list that includes golf club sets for men, women as well as children we are further choosing the ones that we believe you would personally like, yourself.

The first one on our list of the best golf clubs for left handers is the Wilson Golf Profile SGI Men’s Complete Golf Set because of the exceptional features it offers, along with the kind of specifications that are great for new entrants. What is better than a golf set that is fairly priced, offers high quality technological sophistication, and is manufactured by one of the most well-known sports equipment brands?

The next one on our list is the Cobra Golf Men's XL Speed Complete Golf Set for newbies as well as a golfer that has a certain level of skill in this sport.

The last one we have chosen is the Callaway STRATA Men’s Golf Packaged Sets. One common feature in all the sets we have chosen for you is their left-handed orientation which makes all of them an option for lefties to consider.

We hope now you can identify the best golf clubs for left handers and the different types of clubs with their features.

We always recommend, before you opt for a particular golf club set and make the mistake of spending money on it, educate yourself regarding the features that can enhance your experience and make learning easy for you.

With every hobby, you decide to take on comes complexities that may put you off if the first try does not go as planned. However, with the right guidance and important tips, you can become an advanced player from a beginner soon…we hope.

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