7 Best Golf Clubs for Senior Ladies In 2023 [#2 Is the WINNER]

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Are you looking for a new hobby? Are you interested in golf but can’t find the perfect club set to match your swing speed or the money you’d like to spend?

golf clubs for senior ladies

Golf is among the most loved sports among senior women. But getting started isn’t always so simple. For one thing, golfing requires getting the right club set that suits your needs as there are so many brands and manufacturers to pick from. This could be anything from the length of club you need or how to help your swing speed too. 

Unfortunately, it may not always be easy to pick the best golf clubs for the senior lady golfer to help with your game improvement.

We realize that your time is more valuable than spending hours finding the best club set, so we did some digging for you to assist with your new purchase. We have reviewed various golf sets for senior ladies to make the choice easier for you and included a buyer’s guide so you can make an informed decision based on your abilities.

Quick Overview – Top 3 Best Golf Sets That Will Change Your Game

1. STRATA Womens Golf Packaged Sets: This set is specifically intended to cover significant distances and provide superior performance for a female golfer. It is integrated with modernized golf technology featuring a full-titanium driver and hybrids as alternatives for long irons for more confident shots. The set comes with an easy-to-carry, lightweight stand bag with back straps.

2. Cobra Womens XL Speed Complete Set: This is the best choice for beginners. It features a versatile cart bag with a 14-way organizer top, 7 zipper compartments, velour-lined pockets for valuables, and a beverage cooler. It also includes a titanium driver and cavity-back irons, adding more forgiveness and stability. A premium-design putter with a machine-faced pattern is included to provide the user with an amazing feel.

3. Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Golf Club Set: This golf club set aims to cater to all sizes featuring petite and standard versions to suit your needs. It uses ultra-lightweight material, making it easier to handle and swing. The set features a graphite shaft which is 40% lighter than steel shafts. It includes a Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 6-PW Irons, putter, stand bag, head covers, and a rainhood.

7 Top Reviews To Improve Your Golf Game for Female Players

With the various choices available in the market, it can be hard to, well, choose what the right fit is for you and what products will work the best. We have reviewed the following sets based on different factors such as ease of use, price points, the audience they target, and the material quality in each club set.

We hope these reviews help you find a suitable club set to enjoy golfing for as long as you want.

 1  STRATA Women's Golf Packaged Sets – Good value for the price!

This golf club set integrates modern golf technology made especially for ladies to cover long distances. It features high flight technology irons for more control and distance so it helps improve ball speed too which is a big advantage.

The set also includes hybrids for days when you’re not feeling confident to bring out your best shots. These hybrids have saved many a game from the fairway or rough. The set’s irons are made of stainless steel: perfect for frequent usage and varying swing speeds.

Modernized Golf Tech

The titanium driver clubhead makes it forgiving and light. The driver may be the toughest club to master, but its titanium clubheads give you the boost you need. It is the longest club in the bag and can be difficult to swing for some. The 5 wood is built with a great aerodynamic head for longer shots.

Stainless Steel Iron

The set’s irons are equipped with high flight tech to give you more precise shots and distance. Stainless steel makes helps maximize forgiveness and control.

Lightweight Stand Bag

This golf club set comes with a light stand bag made of long-lasting material. It has many pockets with ample storage space to keep your valuables safe and is easily carried by a backstrap attached to it. Its unique design gives an authentic look to the carrier as many love the appearance.

Great Price Point

This is a 16-piece set including a titanium driver, 3-wood; 4 and 5 hybrids for easier shots, 6-9 long irons which are a great choice for amateurs as they’re easier to hit and control the spin. It also includes sand and pitching wedges, a putter, a lightweight stand bag, and headcovers for rainy days or when you’re not using them.

The Good

One promising feature of this 16-piece set is that there’s no compromise on the quality of materials used. Titanium club heads are used for the driver which makes it easy to tackle due to the head shape.

The price is nominal as well, given all the clubs provided in this set will cover you from tee to the greens. The clubs have graphite shafts making them substantial.

Finally, it covers not only basic clubs such as the pitching wedge but also includes a sand wedge.

The Bad

We did not find a 5-wood or 7-wood included in the set, which is typically used for the ease of beginners to use instead of the long irons. However, the hybrids provided within the club set will fill that gap undoubtedly in these package sets.



The Strata Women’s Golf Set is a decent choice for beginners looking for a good price point when it comes to their club selection or as a beginner golfer. While this may not be the best pick for petite or taller female golpher, it does cater to some audiences with its good quality clubs and spacious stand bag.

 2  Cobra Women's XL Speed Complete Set – Great set of women’s clubs!

The 13-piece women’s Cobra XL Speed Complete Set includes a forgiving and light titanium driver, fairway wood, hybrid with its unique striking techniques, and long irons that are designed to give the greatest separation and forgiveness to your shot. It is available in two different colors: mint/black or pink/black so there’s a few bag options dependant on your preferences.


This set serves as a perfect beginner set for those starting this game. With the great quality Cobra offers, this set features clubs with graphite shafts and a titanium driver which is a nice finish.

Premium Putter Design

Putters are sometimes called the most advanced golf clubs and are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs. The putter in this set has a machine-faced design giving it an extraordinary feel and great control. The last strokes can be game-changing and require a putter that is right for you. There is no right putter except the one that feels good to you in your hands.

Spacious Cart Bag

This set comes with a cart bag with plenty of space. It includes a 14-way organizer top, up to 7 zippered compartments, and a pocket for your valuables or makeup for example, lined by plush velour. It also includes a huge insulated cooler for your beverages.

Exclusive Fairway Woods and Irons

Being easier to hit for amateurs, these club sets are a good choice as they help with the ball speeds. The 3, 5, and 7 woods feature a shallow profile for higher shots. The irons feature a cavity-back style suitable for beginners and leisure golfing.

The Good

Features such as titanium drivers, fairway wood, and irons with cavity-back construction are ideal for beginners as they offer flexibility. This set is a great base to start from when it comes to ladies clubs. Its design allows you more forgiveness and distance with less effort offering a great result every time.

If you’re a recreational woman golfer, this set will serve you flawlessly. The spacious cart bag allows you to store as many drinks as you like and keeps them cool all day.

The Bad

There aren’t any specific things we found that could hinder your performance but perhaps the high price point may leave a mark for some people.



The Cobra Women’s XL Speed Set is ideal if you’re looking for cavity back construction irons, suiting beginners and amateurs. This set is very forgiving and provides stability during shots. However, you can choose from other options if the price point doesn’t attract you as much.

 3  Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Golf Club Set – Full set including bag & quality

These golf clubs are designed especially for women with coordinating head covers and a golf bag. It may be hard for ladies to locate the ideal club arrangement– for a lot of ladies, men’s clubs are excessively large and are awkward to utilize so they’re usually not the right type.

Ideal Style Clubs

If you’re looking for a blend of ideal style and execution, then this set is the prime choice for you. A woman golfer of any skill level can utilize this set efficiently. It includes everything — from driver to fairway woods, a hybrid, 6-PW irons to a putter, a stand bag, headcovers, and a rain cover for rainy days!

Light Weight

This set has been specially designed for ladies’ strength and speed. The featured graphite shaft is ultra-lightweight, making the swing better and easier with every stroke for seniors too. These shafts are 40% lighter than the standard steel shafts assisting the ball flight for fairway shots.

Standard & Petite

One of the best features this golf set has is the availability in two sizes: Standard for women 5’3″ – 5’9″ and Petite for women 5’3″ and below so this set is the perfect investment with the lengths it offers. Therefore, it caters to a greater audience who always had uncomfortable experiences playing with misfit clubs. With properly-sized clubs available to you, now you can get a better swing and cover longer distances.

Great Aesthetic & Design

The purple/white color scheme will surely make you stand out on the golf course. Every club set with matching headcovers goes perfectly with each other. The golf bag withdraws effectively and features a strap for easier transport.

The Good

With its special design, constructed specially for women of all sizes, this seems like the first choice to go for with all its benefits. The golf bag includes all the things you’ll need including the largest-sized driver, hybrid wood, fairway wood, 5 stainless steel irons, and padded shoulder straps to avoid discomfort.

The Bad

Regrettably, some users have reported slight denting on first use which could affect the shape but such reports have been rare within this brand.



This set is a quick choice to be made if you’re looking to gift it to someone or for yourself. The variety in sizes makes it stand out. Each club is designed to work together and provide you with more forgiveness and style.

 4  Wilson Women's Complete Golf Set – Lightweight clubs designed for women

Wilson offers an extraordinary scope of sets for older women golf players and it is a great choice for all levels. If you’re looking for an alternative to the Callaway Strata Set, this is a fairly common choice when it comes to ladies golf clubs. Wilson offers a very stylish and affordable design for senior ladies.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll likely realize the difficulty one faces while trying to hit the ball straight, with a higher trajectory, and lift it into the air. These clubs are designed long and straight to help with that and are the ideal choice for improving your game and bringing down your scores.

Lightweight Clubs

It is surprising how easy to carry and use these clubs are so there’s no need for a golf cart. The low center of gravity designed for these clubs and their graphite shafts are made for effective, long-range shots. The cart bag is light and makes it practical to carry. The bag is equipped with 5 spacious pockets with enough space for all your gadgets.

Hybrid Clubs 

Hybrids help beginners ease into tough shots, which is why they’re often called rescue clubs. They’re specially designed to give you easier shots than with long irons. The club heads are similar to woods but more compact. Hybrids include features of both irons and woods to help in getting the ball to lift into the air and soar like an eagle with a high trajectory, going the direction you want to that sweet spot.

The Good

The low center of gravity provides you with easier shots to hit. The graphite shafts and the cart bag make the set less heavy than usual, and also gives a great swing and a confidence boost. The spacious bag and the head covers help protect your equipment when not in use. It caters to all sizes; standard, tall, and petite.

The Bad

Some set models may not include sand wedges. The putter also does not have a graphite shaft meaning it’s not as smooth.



The Wilson Women’s Golf Set features irons with innovative weight distribution and a wide face allowing woman golfers of every level to make a good shot and boost confidence. It caters to all women keeping their needs in mind and making your golfing experience better.

However, one should be careful before investing to get a set that includes the sand wedge to avoid any golfing difficulties.

 5  Precise M5 Ladies' Complete Club Set – Nice clubs for a starter set

If you’re a beginner looking for an affordable starter set, this is a great choice for you and a very good recommendation. A durable, lightweight design delivering effective performance with dual shoulder straps to carry, perfect for beginner events and games.

Great Beginner Set

In this up-to-date set you get a 460cc driver, a 3 wood, a 21-degree hybrid, 5-PW irons, a putter, and graphite shafts for all woods and irons as well as a stand bag and 3 matching headcovers. These women’s clubs are ideal if you trying to get your game back on. It is durable and lightweight owing to the graphite shafts.


If you don’t want to break the bank, this set by Precise is the choice for you. You don’t need to chuck all your cash at golf when you’re just beginning if you don’t want to. Precise offers an affordable starter set with all the accurate lightweight clubs you need which are still a pleasure to use.

The Good

Precise offers an economical option for senior citizen providing a golf set with a 21-degree hybrid, graphite shafts, and stainless steel heads. It also has a wide-faced putter for greater accuracy with the golf ball. The M5 model has a pink color scheme that is pleasing to the eyes. This golf set is designed to be very forgiving for off-center shots. Good for 60+ years old and older golfers.

The Bad

This set may not be an ideal choice for intermediates as they demand more from their set. The set doesn’t include a sand wedge, which can be an issue at times.



The set is designed to help you improve your game in the golf course. At this price point, this set is fairly durable and a great starter set to begin with. It performs well and looks great at the same time, making it a good choice. Generally speaking, this set will assist you in building a solid establishment for your game and make playing more fun which is what you want from a golf club set.

 6  Callaway Women's Solaire Complete Golf Set – Irons in this set have graphite shafts

The Callaway Solaire is the top-notch total set for ladies. These clubs work for amateurs as well. Nevertheless, the higher cost prompts many to go with a less expensive set to begin with, but if budget is not a concern for you then this is the real deal. More prepared golf players will likewise appreciate the vibe, strength, and execution this set offers amongst all the club manufacturers.

Premium Design

The Callaway Women’s Solaire golf club sets feature a perfect combination of contemporary style and high-grade features that would assist you with improving your game. This set includes a driver, a 3 wood, 5 and 6 hybrids, and irons 7 through 9 as well as a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter.

Titanium Driver

This set includes a driver with a 13-degree loft angle and a titanium head. To improve the shot’s height, it has also been rear weighed to help the golf balls. This construction helps amateurs use it with ease and have better shots from these technologies.

Club Variety

All the clubs have perimeter weighting, making the shots easier for those who are even just barely precise. They cater to petite and regular sizes and have both right and left-sided orientations available. There are several color options to choose from such as light blue, black, champagne, and cherry blossom.

The Good

The graphite driver’s head makes it lightweight and ideal for ladies in retirement age without compromising the distance covered. The stainless steel woods and iron clubheads are durable. A mallet-style putter perfectly complements this set.

The Bad

The grips might be too thick for some people, dampening the feedback. Furthermore, we wish the price point was a bit lower as it is on the higher side.



Despite the fact that it is somewhat expensive and the grips ought to presumably be changed out, we think they merit the cash and exertion.

For more prepared lady golfers, the Callaway Solaire set is the choice. It’s more costly but more solid, and better performing. You can’t get this caliber of golf clubs without going through more cash than an “ordinary” complete set through other companies.

 7  Cobra Women's Airspeed Complete Set – Good quality and price

Cobra makes some of the best golf sets in the market with its new tech and quality materials. The Cobra Women’s Airspeed Complete Set comprises of the most lightweight irons and hybrids ever made in Cobra’s history.

They have taken out weight from every clubhead to shafts providing the golfer with more covered distance and not compromising the speed of the balls which is a fantastic addition.

More Forgiving

Cobra’s clubs’ weighting improves a player’s swings drastically and improves the distance covered with every shot with thanks to how they’ve been designed. They have enhanced the stability and forgiveness for off-center hits through all their research. The low-positioned, heel-ward, and back-weight construction in the hybrid makes for a launch that provides tall, straight flights through the added power.

Offset Design

A dynamic balance configuration includes more counterbalance in the long irons where golf players require the most forgiveness. Increased launch and contact that is consistent is achieved by a greater degree of offset by delivering a square face at impact. From the long irons to wedges, the counterbalance level is continuously diminished to accommodate shorter shots requiring more accuracy and control.

The Good

This set features low-profile irons that are perimeter-weighted with a better center of gravity, a progressive offset, and a deep cavity. The clubs have normal-sized grips preferred by lady golfers for comfort and control. This set comes with a premium cart bag with the capacity to hold several cans at once and a 14-way top for your clubs and accessories. The lower center of gravity in long irons helps with better speed.

The Bad

We couldn’t find anything sufficiently bad about this product. However, some people may not like how the grips feel and would be difficult if you have arthritisor joint pain.



The Cobra Women’s Airspeed Complete Set is the lightest ever made, which makes it ideal. With greater accuracy and irons with a low center of gravity, these clubs will serve you well. Getting a set is a better deal than getting individual Cobra clubs, which will cost you more.

The Top Buyer’s Guide

When investing in the best golf clubs for senior lady golfers, whether you’re getting them for the first time or upgrading to a better set, it is critical to understand your equipment to determine the right choice for yourself. Why not have the equipment you need to play like Carol Semple, Jane Blalock, and Susie Burning.

golf clubs for senior women

Clubs of bad quality can hinder your game drastically. Every inch of the club needs to be considered, from the steel vs graphite shafts to the loft angles of the club heads.

The grips may not feel as important to examine but they determine the feedback you get from your swing.


A driver can be the hardest club to master for a beginner, but having a lightweight shaft gives it easy to play for every level.

A graphite shaft helps lead to a better swing velocity.

Aloft of around 12-13 degrees is an important factor to keep in mind as well, as lofted shots have less chance of slicing or hooking.


When judging the irons in a golf club set for older ladies, the shaft material quality and the flex (which determines the path and the accuracy for your club) are two features that must be noticed. Clubs using graphite shafts are ideal for ladies’ flex in golfing.

Putter and Wedges

Improving your score begins from getting a lower score on the greens and the best strategy to go about it is to get a better grip on the wedge and the putter.

Usually, when buying a complete set, it only includes a pitching wedge which can cause difficulties in the course. Most lady golfers need a sand wedge for easy navigation out of the bunker. Make sure to keep an eye out for it.


After our review, we came to the conclusion that the Cobra Women's Airspeed Complete Set includes the best golf clubs for seniors. Out of all the above, this set provides great value and includes the lightest ever clubs made by Cobra for great swings and long distances.

However, if it’s not an affordable option for you, the Wilson Women's Complete Golf Set or the STRATA Women's Golf Packaged Sets are ideal choices for those on a budget. These sets also offer a complete, satisfactory experience for beginners and won’t break the bank, either.

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