5 Best Golf Rangefinders Under $100 In 2023 [#1 Is Awesome]

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Golf Rangefinders Under 100

Rangefinders today have made golf significantly more convenient for avid golfers. Gone are the days of having to calculate range by using sprinkler heads and yard stones.

Now, you can simply pull out your rangefinder when you get to the ball and get the exact measure of the range.

Rangefinders vary in their performance, functionality, and price. They may cost you hundreds of dollars, or you may find the best golf rangefinders under $100.


BOBLOV Rangefinder, Slope Golf Rangefinder, 650Yards Golf Distance Finder,Support...

  • Battery: 800mAh
  • Slope Mode: ✔️
  • Flag Locking: ✔️
  • Speed Mode: ✔️
  • Range Mode: ✔️
  • Magnification: 6X
  • Measurment: 6.6~656Yds
  • Pin Measurment: 200Yds

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Mileseey Professional Laser Golf Rangefinder 660 Yards with Slope...

MiLESEEY Precision
  • Battery: CR2 3V
  • Slope Mode: ✔️
  • Flag Locking: ✔️
  • Speed Mode: ✔️
  • Range Mode: ✔️
  • Magnification: 6X
  • Measurment: 660Yards
  • Pin Measurment: 200Yds

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Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder for Golf & Hunting Range Finder Distance...

Gogogo Golf
  • Battery: AAA
  • Slope Mode: ✔️
  • Flag Locking: ✔️
  • Speed Mode: ✔️
  • Range Mode: ✔️
  • Magnification: 6X
  • Measurment: 5~650Yds
  • Pinseeker Range: 5~170Yds

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Don’t believe us? Read on to find out which rangefinders are in the $100 range, check out our detailed review of their performance, and choose the one which fits your needs the best!

Here are the top golf rangefinders under $100:

Quick Overview – Top 3

  1. BOBLOV 650Yards Golf Rangefinder – This rangefinder really gives you the most bang for your buck. It is lightweight, accurate, has a range mode, flag locking mode, speed mode, and has long battery life.
  2. Gogogo Sport Laser Golf Rangefinder – This rangefinder is undoubtedly one you can count on. It uses advanced technology and provides a slope distance correction function that will help you get the distance just right.
  3. MiLESEEY Precision Laser Golf Rangefinder – A handy golf rangefinder with high definition and 6x magnification. It is sturdy, waterproof, and comfortable. PF3 is so handy that it can be easily operated with one hand.

5 Best Golf Rangefinders Under $100 In 2023

Almost every golfer needs a rangefinder on the golf course to perform well, whether they know it or not. This may not be true for more seasoned players but beginners and intermediate level players will certainly get good use out of their rangefinder. Not everyone wants to buy an expensive one, however.

As such, this review includes the top 5 golf rangefinders under $100 for golfers who don’t want to break the bank on a rangefinder.

 1  BOBLOV 650Yards – Inexpensive, Accurate and Easy to Use

BOBLOV golf rangefinder is a very reliable rangefinder and a golfer’s best friend. On a budget, the range finder allows for sharp, clear, and bright images. The superb battery life ensures that the range finder will be on full charge after up to 4 rounds.

This range finder offers versatility and is an excellent choice for golfers. This is because the range finder offers different modes. Namely, these are the flag-locking mode, speed mode, and range mode.

Each model comes with its own set of perks.

The flag locking mode can be used when aiming at flags and other targets. The range finder will calibrate after you move it left and right and will give you the yardage. Target moving objects while using the speed mode on the range finder and the speed data will be displayed.

If you short press the power button after targeting, it shifts the rangefinder to range mode and shows the distance on the LCD display.

The three different modes that this range finder offers alone are an excellent reason to buy this product. Once the its incredibly low price is taken into account, the range finder is a bargain. The range finder’s ergonomic design and lightweight also make it very easy to handle and use. Check the current price of Amazon by clicking here.

This range finder is not weather-proof. This is a problem because it is used mainly for outdoor activities, and the weather can be unpredictable. The bag that it comes with also only protects from scratches; it is not shock or water-resistant.



BOBLOV 650 yards range finder is durable and reliable. It can measure the speed of moving objects and the distance to the flagpole while you are moving. The only drawback of using this product is that it is not weather resistant.

 2  Tacklife Golf Laser – Great Value & Works Really Well

Unlike most other range finders at a low price point, this particular range finder offers 7X magnification instead of 6X. Another feature of this range finder is the fact that it is water-resistant.

At a low price point, it can be quite challenging to find range finders that can withstand water. The 7X magnification is ideal for players who need to know how far their targets are.

Tacklife range finder 900-yard magnification and features advanced technology. The four different modes that it offers are range, speed, scanning, and pin. These modes can be used for various activities.

The rangefinder offers convenient USB charging and can be charged from any standard USB port.

Tacklife Laser rangefinder is capable of measuring straight-line distance, vertical height, horizontal distance, and angle. The change of the units in which the data is displayed from meters to yards or vice versa is also made to be very easy; it only requires the user to press and hold the mode button.

To ensure that shaky hands do not interfere with the range finder, the device works with any standard tripod.

It offers 7X magnification and produces bright, clear, and sharp images. The TackLife range finder gives the user the option to use four different modes as well. You can grab one of these on Amazon.

It can take time to be able to use the range finder fully. The many different icons displayed on the screen become confusing to some users.



Offering a 900-yard magnification is a great reason to purchase this product. While it may take some people a bit of time to use the product properly, it is definitely worth it.

 3  Gogogo Sport Laser – Great Little Product

Gogogo Sports Laser Golf/Hunting Range Finder brings a lot of features to the table. With this range finder, you can have a game of memorable golf, hunting, etc. experience without emptying your bank account. The range finder is equipped with different modes for different activities and also makes use of JOLT technology.

It is available with two separate ranges, i.e., 650 yards or 900 yards. The price difference between the two is only about $10.

The Gogogo range finder has a 650 or 900 Yard range, a 20-300 km/h measuring speed, and a magnification of 6X.

This range finder comes equipped with a scan mode for knowing the distance till various objects and a golf mode, which makes use of flag-locking, pin seeking, and JOLT technology. JOLT Technology allows the range finder to give the user feedback via vibration.

The range finder is also able to account for slope. For activities other than golf such as hunting or watching horse races, the range finder also gives the user the option to use its speed mode.

This range finder will work correctly for people who enjoy certain outdoor activities. This is because it has many features that allow it to be used in different situations.  The various options it gives to the user make it worth it, especially at its price point. You can grab one of these from Amazon.

While this particular range finder does offer many different functions, it does lack a little bit when it comes to range. The range finder works excellent when used for its flag lock feature and is accurate till 300 yards. However, its pin seeking function is only accurate for 150 yards, half the accuracy compared to its flag lock feature.



This is a great range finder that allows avid golf fans and fans of various other outdoor activities to feel satisfied with their purchase. The fact that the range finder allows the user to determine the slope is a gigantic fact in its favor because low-budget range finders do not often offer this feature. The rangefinder is lightweight and easy to use as well, and the user can become familiarized with the way it works in a short amount of time.

 4  MiLESEEY Precision – Clear View and Accurate

A multi-purpose rangefinder which can be used for hunting, golf, mountain climbing, and watching races. With a sturdy and durable body, it is a very handy rangefinder capable of performing well in all conditions – resisting water and dust alike.

With four different measuring modes, MiLeseey PF3 Laser Rangefinder is made to work in almost all outdoor activities which require measurement of distance, angles, and speed.

All these measurements can be done by quickly selecting from different modes.

It can measure a range of up to 656 yards with a measuring accuracy of +/-5 yards. This rangefinder measures distance in both meters and yards with speed and efficiency.

The rangefinder is highly dustproof and waterproof with IP54 degree and works in rainy weather as well. The design is handy and comfortable to grip and use. Its performance is complemented with a 6x fixed-focus optical system with a coated lens for a high definition and clear view.

MiLeseey PF3 Laser Rangefinder is a multi-purpose laser rangefinder that can be used to measure height, distance, angles, and speed. These features make it a suitable choice for hunting, mountain climbing, golf, and racing games. Grab one here on Amazon.

The rangefinder has a flag lock system, and it locates and locks distant flagpoles on the golf course. However, it doesn’t notify golfers when the flagpole is locked.



MiLeseey PF3 Laser Rangefinder is a high-end rangefinder available at a lower price. It is capable of performing all the tasks of expensive rangefinders. It can be a good choice for people who like to climb, hunt, and play golf.

 5  Gogogo Golf Laser

Here we have a cost-effective rangefinder that does the job quite well. Using the Gogogo pro-GS24 rangefinder, the user will be able to use pin-seeking, flagpole locking vibration, and speed measuring features.

The Gogogo Laser RangeFinder Pro-GS24 stands out because of a couple of key features. The rangefinder allows for pin seeking, flag locking, and speed measuring features (as well as a vibration feature).

Apart from that, this rangefinder integrates the latest functions such as continuous range readings and angle range compensation. The measuring range is 5 to 650 yards.

The lens is fully multicoated, and this allows for a better image as the reflected light is reduced, and the transmission of light is increased. The diopter of the rangefinder is also adjustable for precise focus on display.

The fact that this rangefinder comes equipped with continuous range readings and angle range compensation put it a step above the rest. Grab Gogogo Golf Laser Rangefinder from Amazon here.

The body of this rangefinder is not rubberized, unlike some in the same price range. This makes the product more prone to breakage.



One of the best compared to its competition, this rangefinder is water-resistant, and along with the regular modes that most rangefinders have, the Pro GS24 also has ARC and continuous range readings.

Buyer’s Guide

A rangefinder is among the most important tools to be used on a golf course. It enables you to plan your game well and enhance your performance. It is important to know the features of a good rangefinder. There are plenty of features that make any rangefinder a suitable choice for all golfers and beginners in particular.

Among all the important features, the following features are the essentials which can never be ignored in a good rangefinder.

Range and Accuracy

Range and Accuracy

While choosing a golf rangefinder, the measuring range should never be ignored as an important feature of the device.

A golf course is not a small area, and it is not always easy to locate the pin on the golf course.

A rangefinder with a good measuring range should be selected so that you can find your target from a greater distance. Also, the rangefinder should be accurate in finding the pin.

Slope Adjustment Mode

There are always both inclining and declining slopes on a golf course. These slopes make certain angles with the flagpole and are responsible for changing the range and distance between the golfer and the pin.

A rangefinder should be able to measure the range by considering and adjusting the incline and/or decline angles between the slope and flagpole.

Flag Lock Mechanism

Flag Lock Mechanism

The flag-lock mechanism plays a very important role in improving the game of any golfer. This mechanism is a feature that helps the golfers to find the flagpole quickly to save time. It locks the flag position and then measures the distance. A good rangefinder alerts the player when the pin is found and the distance is locked.

High Quality Adjustable Lens

Clear vision through the lens of a rangefinder is very important as it helps to find the target easily and quickly. Not all rangefinders have high definition lenses and so they do not provide a clear view of the target in sight.

The lens of a rangefinder should be of good quality. Furthermore, people have different levels of eye-sight, so the lens should be adjustable according to the golfer’s eye-sight.


People always have questions before making an important purchase. Not everyone knows about all the pros and cons of each product. The most common questions that people have regarding rangefinders include the following.

✅ Are Cheap Ones Any Good?

Cheap rangefinders can also provide the quality and performance of an expensive rangefinder. It is not always the price that determines how good or bad a rangefinder is. You need to prioritize your preferences before purchasing a rangefinder and then find the best one according to your budget and needs.

✅ What Should I Look for?

A rangefinder has multiple features that make it a must-have for a lot of golfers. One should always look for certain crucial features in a rangefinder. These include good measuring range, accuracy, and a slope adjustment mechanism.

✅ Do these Magnify?

Magnification plays an important role in finding and locating the target as it may be far away. Almost every rangefinder has a magnification feature which allows the golfers to magnify and locate the target. Most modern golf rangefinders have a 6x magnification system.

The Top 5


The rangefinders in the list above share most features and are similar to one another in one way or another. Still, there has to be one that stands out from the rest, and BOBLOV 650Yards Golf Rangefinder may be the best recommendation for any golfer.

It offers users a choice between two ranges that are only about $10 apart and comes equipped with a slope distance correction function. High-definition vision is what also makes it an excellent choice for all.

Alternatively, the Gogogo Golf Laser Rangefinder is also a great option, especially for those on a tighter budget. It offers all the regular modes, and alongside those, it only has the added benefits of ARC and continuous range readings. If these two rangefinders aren’t for you, use our list to pick the best golf rangefinder under 100, that is more suited to your needs.

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