How to Break 90 at Golf: Tips and Advice

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  5 min read

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Who doesn’t want to break 90 at golf? It is the most frustrating thing in the world when you can’t do it, and for many people breaking 90 is a goal that they might never reach. However, there are some tricks of the trade that will help you get there! We have compiled 11 tips and advice on how to break 90- including what clubs to use, how much practice time you should be spending per day, and more!

Acknowledge The Sport of Golf

Acknowledge that the sport of golf is challenging. It would be best if you were focused and have the right mindset when you are playing golf. You should also make sure that your goals with the game of golf are realistic so that you do not get discouraged if they’re unattainable in a short amount of time.

Know Where Your Drivers Are Headed

Practice knowing where your drives will end up on the golf course by using an alignment stick or markers to identify how far away from the hole, or target, it is positioned. It can take some work, but eventually, this skill becomes second nature! Knowing what club distance dictates how much power (or length) you put into a swing to achieve maximum results for getting closer to breaking 90 at golf- without going too long and hitting out-of-the fairway!

Practice Your Swing Speed

One of the best things you can do to break 90 practices your swing. Swing as often as you can and keep your swing loose. This will improve the flexibility of your muscles and help with timing on shots, which is critical to breaking 90 at golf!

Practice Your Putting Game

Next up is how to break 90 at golf: perfecting your putting game. Putt like it’s a competition or makes an extra hole (practice) by yourself- don’t putt poorly because that could lead to frustration and unnecessary losses for points for breaking 90 at golf. Keep all eyes open while practicing so that you are aware of any distractions around you or anything dangerous such as water hazards.

Gripping the Club

Get a good grip on the club. Before swinging. You want to have a straight arm and grip the club lightly but with enough pressure so that you can put power into your swing without it slipping out of your hand during practice for breaking 90 at golf.

Don’t Forget About Your Swing!

An essential part about breaking 90 is not forgetting about making a good swing, which is critical when playing golf to get close or below par on 18 holes. Practice this skill often because what goes up must come down in terms of scores as well, meaning that if you have an excellent game, then there will be beginner’s luck around the corner!

When practicing swings, focus on each angle- start by taking slow swings first before adding speed!

Follow Through

Keep your head down when you swing, and be intentional with your follow-through. Follow-through is all about being aware of your arms. Swing with your arms and don’t just use them to generate power.

Picking The Best Ball

It’s crucial to figure out what type of ball is best for you. Golf balls come in all shapes and sizes. You will need to find one that has the best flight for your swing type and something you are comfortable with.
Balls have different grips- some have a tacky feel while others don’t. The most important thing is how it feels going into your hand when starting a new game!

Grip It Good

Grips range from wet or dry natural leather, hard plastic ones, latex gloves if you want to protect yourself from blisters on your hands (I’ve done this before!), butt pads that help keep your grip position steady, even golf towels can be used as an alternative grip option! Experiment with what’s available until you find out exactly what suits you best because it will help you break 90 faster!

Trying Different Clubs

Different clubs are better suited to different people, so make sure you experiment with the options available. A good rule of thumb is that if it feels uncomfortable or awkward when you first start using a club, then chances are high this isn’t one for you!

Practice Makes Perfect!

As a golfer, you’ve already got the golf skills under control- all that’s left is practice and time for these skills to become automatic, which will lead to less worry on the course so you can focus more on going out there and having fun!
If it feels like this is too difficult, then one way of improving how well you play would be by getting lessons from an instructor who knows about how best to break 90 at golf. Lessons are fundamental because they help players understand their strengths or weaknesses when playing and teach new techniques, if necessary, such as how best to make a good swing or follow.

How To Break 90 at Golf

There are many tips for how to break 90 at golf. All of the above suggestions will get you on your way faster. One of the most important things for how to break 90 at golf is finding a technique that you are comfortable with.
Experimentation and practice will help you find out what works best for your swing or driving style, which in turn can lead to lower scores.
Another thing is don’t worry about trying too hard when going up against an opponent; make sure it’s still enjoyable because if not, this would be no fun!
There are many ways one could improve their game, but we’ve found having lessons from an expert helps players know their strengths and weaknesses and teaches them new techniques such as how best to follow through on a good swing (or drive). Lessons also teach players about course challenges like hazards to learn to utilize them for their play! Remember, golf is a game of patience, consistency, and practice.