How to Practice Golf in Winter

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Playing golf in the winter is a lot of fun, but it can also be frustrating. The snow and ice on the ground make every shot an adventure and sometimes you don’t even know where your ball landed because everything looks so white! But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until springtime to get some practice in. Here’s how to practice golf in winter.

9 Ways on How to Practice Golf in Winter

Time to get your game on and keep it going. Here are 9 ways on how to practice golf in winter.

1. Find a heated driving range

It’s time to get your game on and keep it going! One of the best ways to do that is by finding a heated driving range. With a heated driving range, you can enjoy endless hours of golfing in the winter. 

All you need is a good pair of gloves for some hands-on experience because they won’t feel the heat from the ground. In addition, you’ll find yourself hitting off mats (instead of ice). If you live near one, or there’s one not too far away from where you visit, it’s an absolute must.

They’re fun, they make you practice a lot and you can even play something called “golf croquet” – which is basically like croquet with a ball instead of a mallet. It’s perfect for the winter.

2. Find an indoor putting green

How to Practice Golf in Winter - indoor putting green

Another option on how to practice golf in winter is to find an indoor putting green. Most driving ranges have one, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you don’t want to brave the cold or just want to have more time playing than going back and forth between your balls on the range. 

You’ll also find that this way of practicing helps improve your chipping and that will be very useful during the winter months! Plus, it’s indoors so there’s always light no matter how dark it is outside.

3. Try indoor golfing in the winter

This one might be a little bit more expensive than finding an indoor putting green, but if you’re extra ambitious and want to get your real game on, this is a great option for some serious practice. It’s simply golf that is played indoors (but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any snow). 

Indoors means light no matter what time of day it is and no broken windows or ice balls flying at you! You’ll find yourself playing 18-holes right up until bedtime! 

And did we mention you can play with friends? If you do decide you want to go ahead and try indoor golfing, do some research first so that way you can find the place that will give you the best experience.

4. Take a lesson

If you want to practice during winter, it’s always good to have a professional in your corner. A local golf pro has probably seen everything there is to see on and around the green during winter and will know exactly how best to help you improve.

They’ll also be able to tell you about various indoor options if there are any nearby. If your resort or city offers lessons from professionals, make sure you take full advantage of their knowledge! And remember; they’re not just for learning how to play – they can help you take your game even further than before!

5. Get out into the snow (outside!)

How to Practice Golf in Winter - golf out in the snow

If none of the above options work, you might want to try playing outside in the snow. This is obviously not always possible because of the weather for obvious safety reasons. If there’s a chance your region won’t get too much snow or if it isn’t very cold outside, go for it! 

You’ll find yourself with a different experience and making more shots than before since everything will be so different from summer practice.

6. Rent golf clubs

If all else fails, do some research online about renting golf clubs and hit up places like that during winter. Places like GolfBuddyRentals are often open year-round and have lots of great deals on their rentals. A good deal at a place like that can mean endless hours of practice for not too much money. Good luck with your practice this winter and don’t forget to have fun!

7.- Use an indoor golf simulator

This one is probably the most expensive option to practice golf, but it’s also very effective. An indoor golf simulator allows you to play real courses, however on a screen and without having to worry about snow or frost – or even rain! 

They’re still standard (like a driving range) except they have more technology involved than hitting off mats (which can get boring). These simulators are really great if you like playing golf year-round because practice during winter will be just as good as practice in summer with them. 

And don’t think they’re only for Beginners, either; even advanced players can use these machines to further improve their game by practicing seasonally-specific shots that may not come up all the time.

Most golf simulators come with an assortment of courses that you can play. There are also special features that let you see exactly what shot is best suited for any given scenario so your technique doesn’t suffer, even though there is no risk of losing balls or going out-of-bounds because it isn’t real life.

8. Find your own way

This is more of just an option and idea than anything else: build your own snowman (or woman), put on a new sweater, and grab your golf clubs. Wintertime is a great time to practice because it’s so different and you can’t get much more out there than snow! 

Finding your own way on how to practice golf in winter will depend on your circumstances and your environment. Play in the park, or somewhere else that’s safe. Make some snowballs or make an obstacle course or two, and practice with those for a while instead of hitting balls. 

The weather will be great for you to do all these things too; plenty of sunshine during winter means getting outside won’t be hard at all!

9. Play indoor miniature golf

miniature golf

If there’s not too much snow outside or if it’s cold enough to make some of the outdoor places we’ve mentioned less fun, go inside instead. Indoor miniature golf can be an incredible amount of fun, especially if you play with friends or family. 

Bring along flashlights at nighttime so you can really nail that perfect shot onto 18 holes in the dark! In the morning, you’ll be surprised how fun that round you played in the dark as compared to the daylight rounds.

This is an especially good idea for golfers who are still beginners because it can teach them valuable lessons about techniques, putting, and even basic course management that they won’t get with a big golf simulator (like #7). 

Plus, a place like this will still allow all of these beginning players to improve their game without having to worry about messing around with expensive equipment or outside weather conditions.

In Conclusion

We hope these ways help you how to practice golf in winter. Improve your game despite the weather!

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