How To Improve Your Mental Game: Golf Tips For Improving Your Play

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  6 min read

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Golf is a game that requires focus and strategy. If you are playing golf, it’s crucial to have a suitable mental game to improve your performance. Here are some golf tips for improving your mental game:

Focus On The Process

Focusing on the process is more important than focusing on the outcome. Focus your attention and energy on how you can improve rather than trying to focus solely on winning a game of golf. If you’re not worried about outcomes, there will be less pressure when playing golf because it’s simply just another day out with friends or work.
Practice Visualization Exercises: Practicing visualization exercises before going onto the course helps prepare for what might happen during the round so that nothing catches you by surprise while in play. It also relaxes nerves, allowing players to play better under pressure without panicking as much if they are frustrated or angry after mistakes occur.

Visualize Success

Before going onto any hole, take a moment to close your eyes and visualize what would happen if you hit the best shot in golf. In that visualization, see yourself hitting it straight down the fairway and landing it on or near the green with little effort.
You want to take a few minutes before walking onto any hole so that you can formulate an image of how successful that same situation will go for you when playing out on the course. Visualizing success is a great way to set up expectations for what might happen later during play without having too much pressure mounting before going into this round’s game plan.

Visualize Successful Outcomes Before Each Shot:

You want to do some focusing exercises beforehand, which involves closing your eyes and visualizing something positive, such as sinking the shot.

Be Aware Of Your Mental State

It is easy to get into a bad mental state on the golf course. You might start thinking about what happened in your last round of play and how that may happen again this time, leading you to make mistakes during the game. Avoid these thoughts by focusing on getting back in control of yourself instead of letting those negative feelings take over.
It is also important that while playing out, there are some things you want to be aware of, such as whether or not you’re hitting all of your shots with confidence, if it’s going well for you at any point throughout the round, and remaining calm when dealing with difficult situations like missing an easy putt or having trouble lining up tee shots.


If you’re feeling anxious or nervous, take a deep breath. You want to be in control of your emotions, not vice versa.
Remain calm and don’t let negative thoughts take over, like thinking about what happened last time or worrying too much about the outcome, because golf is a game that you can always come back from no matter how bad things are going at any point during the round.

To retain composure during difficult situations, it’s essential to try and maintain an even keel – which means when you’re feeling good, keep playing well but also when you’re having trouble, remain focused and work out those problems instead of letting them get in your head and start making mistakes due to lack of concentration. This will help ensure that there isn’t one particular area where all of your focus has been put into staying balanced throughout your game.

Precision, Not Power

Golf is a game of precision, not power. This means that on shots where you’re not sure of the exact distance to the target, it’s better to use a shorter club and hit more accurately than trying to power through with some extra length, risking missing your shot altogether.

Focus On The Ball

Keep your head down and focus on the ball. It might sound like a small thing, but it’s essential to keep your head down on the ball at all times and not look up until you’ve hit.  If your curious about what a golf ball is made of you can read our latest article.

Don’t Overthink.

If you’re overthinking about what club to use next or how far away from the hole that golf cart is, then the chances are that you won’t be focusing enough on making good shots. Instead of worrying so much about every little detail in between shots, make sure to focus on yourself and how well you’re playing rather than letting those thoughts distract you from hitting better golf shots.

Enjoy Yourself

The most important thing a golfer can do to improve their mental game is to enjoy themselves while out on the course. Remember why you started playing golf in the first place. Whether you’re playing with your friends, on a date, or just by yourself, golf is supposed to be fun. No matter how well you play during the round, if it wasn’t enjoyable, then something went wrong somewhere along the way.

It’s Okay To Lose Sometimes

With all of that being said, though, sometimes it can feel like too much work to focus on having fun when things go poorly while out golfing. It might start to seem more important than what you originally intended for this time, and not everything will always turn out as expected. When these bad rounds happen, though, try not to get discouraged because they don’t mean anything other than maybe some lost shots and strokes in your game plan so long as one-shot doesn’t affect the rest of the day’s game.

In Conclusion:

Much is made about golf being an emotional game – but in reality, golf can be boiled down into two things: how well you play from tee off until hole out and how well you control your emotions throughout those 18 holes or however many it takes for someone else. Unlike other sports like football, where there are breaks between plays so tempers can cool (or even games like soccer which have referees), golf has no such break because every single swing counts as one part of a larger whole. Work on staying focused, keeping calm, and positive, and you will have a more balanced game even on an off day of play.