Playing Golf on a Budget: Tips and Tricks

By dj-admin •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  6 min read

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Playing golf can be expensive. Between the green fees, rental clubs, and new clothes, you might find yourself spending a lot of money before even getting on the course. Fortunately for those looking to play golf but who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg doing so, there are plenty of ways to save! In this blog post, we will discuss how you can get out of the course without breaking your budget.

Find a course that has cheap greens fees

One of the most expensive parts about playing golf is paying for green fees. To save money, you should look for a course with cheaper greens fees. You can find courses near your home that may have rates lower than what you are currently paying or get online and research different courses in your area by looking at their websites, reading reviews from other players, or even checking Yelp. Some popular sites include GolfNow (for finding deals on tee times), TeeOffTimes (which allows you to compare prices between two different locations), and GreenSaver (where users can create custom trips).

Find inexpensive club rentals

Another expense when playing golf is renting clubs. The costs vary depending on how many rounds you will be playing – the more rounds, the cheaper it will be. If you are only playing one round or a few rounds in an area where rental clubs are not readily available, then renting from your local pro shop is typically the most cost-effective option.

The best way to save money on green fees and club rentals is by purchasing them online at sites like Golf USA (where they have deals for golfers that often last less than 24 hours), TheGolfStore (which offers discounts such as free shipping), and other retailers who offer great prices. You can also try checking with sporting goods stores if you know of any nearby that sell these items because they will provide competitive pricing on what course would charge locally without even having to leave home!

Playing Golf on a Budget - club rental

Use public courses instead of private ones to save money on fees. For example, public courses usually offer a round of golf for around $20, significantly less than what private courses charge.

Consider having someone pick up the course and driving to it yourself instead of renting a car at your destination to save money on gas.

You can also find deals online, such as GolfNow’s “Golf Deals” tab (an aggregator that offers discounted green fees) or Groupon, where they offer coupon codes that will drastically reduce the cost of playing rounds with friends!

The best way to get new clubs without spending too much cash is by using sites like eBay who have tons of options for you, including used sets, complete starter kits, and even customized gifts from previous buyers! You can even pick up deals on some of the higher-end clubs such as the game improvement irons callaway rogue vs mavrik max driver so you can test these out for your golfing game at a bargain price! 

Remember, playing golf is about having fun which usually costs nothing, so don’t be afraid to take the jump! You might not know how much you’ll enjoy it until you try it out a couple of times. It may also make an excellent hobby that will save money in the long run by limiting your time spent away from home. Plus, tons of clubs around town offer lessons with qualified instructors or other free learning programs like The First Tee, where they teach kids life skills through golfing and volunteerism.

Golfers who want to play but don’t have the financial means should always call their local golf course. Many courses offer discounted rates for walk-in playing as well as discounts on memberships and even lessons if you’re interested in it!

Playing Golf on a Budget - golfer

Golfers who play regularly are likely to enjoy these savings through the long term by using them wisely – maybe they’ll buy a membership or two every year instead of once, get lessons more often than less (or vice versa) so that they always have something new to work on, etc.

It’s all about how you use your resources, where budgeting is concerned, and what differentiates one player from another. Some people might not want to spend money at all, but others know how important it is when looking back over time spent with friends on the green: It’s all about how you spend your money and when.

Bring your drinks with you when going out to avoid paying a cover charge at bars and clubs.

Watch out for those hidden fees and charges that can add up over time! Some of those sneaky ones might be the package deal you got from your local golf course or a membership to an online site where all access is free; make sure it doesn’t charge monthly or annual fees before signing up so that you don’t end up paying more than what was initially listed in the price.

Find out how golf course rates are determined. Players’ fees might not always be the same, so shoppers should find out what those charges will be before making a purchase.

Find somewhere to play where your money goes further – while it’s essential to take into consideration all of the factors listed above that doesn’t mean you can’t get more bang for your buck elsewhere!

Make friends with other people who also love to play and see if they’ll give lessons in exchange for some free rounds at their favorite courses on occasion; sometimes this is an easier way than building up from scratch or relying solely on YouTube videos as guides (which may even contain misinformation). 

For players who have never played before:

Make sure you’re wearing the right shoes.

Lastly, remember that even on a budget, golf can be an excellent activity. Don’t feel that you have to use the best clubs out there and wear 100 dollar polo shirts to enjoy yourself out on the course. There are plenty of people who enjoy the game of golf that are not in a position to pull out thousands of dollars to get themselves lined out for the fairway and greens. With a bit of creativity, you can quickly figure out ways to playing golf on a budget.