How to Shoot Straight in Golf: Shot Correction and More

By dj-admin •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  6 min read

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Ever notice that sometimes your golf shots go to the right? It can be frustrating when you’re trying to shoot a straight golf shot. Why does my golf shot go to the right? How can I correct my shot, so it goes straight? What are some tips and tricks for shooting a straighter, more accurate ball in golf? We’ll answer all of these questions and more in this blog post!

The most common reason your golf shot is going to the right:

Most likely, your golf shot is going to the right because you’re either gripping too tightly or not holding pressure on the club. Your grip should be firm but not tight. This will help you keep a consistent swing and achieve better results with less effort.

How can I correct my ball’s flight?

One way to correct your ball’s flight is by using a chipping or pitching wedge and aiming for the green. This will allow you to contact the ball in an area that will give it more push, increasing the chance of straightening out its trajectory.

Another option is taking some extra club length on your backswing and adding tension to your grip. This will cause you to hit the ball with more power and give it a bigger chance of going straight when contacting the ground.

One last trick is by adjusting the angle from which you’re hitting off. Take note that this won’t be as effective for those who are trying to chip or pitch, but if you’re taking a full swing, try to aim more towards the left side of your target.

Top 5 Tips for a straighter golf shot:

  1. Try to take the club back a little on an angle to add some power and adjust your grip
  2. Use a sand wedge or pitching wedge instead of irons when chipping out from under trees, bushes, or other obstacles close by. It may seem like these tips are contradicting one another: increasing tension while also lengthening the swing. But in the course of a golf game, it’s essential to find what works for you and not be afraid to experiment with different techniques until you figure out which one is best suited for your swing style. The main thing is that having some tension and taking your time on each shot will help ensure more accurate shots!
  3. Do not rush the swing
  4. Make sure to keep your hands on top of the club and turn them over properly on impact (this will help reduce slicing)
  5. Attempt a full shoulder rotation to get more power from your body rather than just using your arms

Do different clubs help you shoot straighter?

No, the only thing that will help you shoot straighter is practicing good technique. Getting a new set of clubs won’t change your swing and cause it to be more accurate – instead, improper techniques such as rushing through or not rotating fully cause inaccuracy in golf shots!

The most important part of shooting straight is practicing good technique to get a feel for the club.

Knowing how to swing will help prevent having your shots go right and left!

You might be rushing through your shot or not fully rotating to generate more power. You may also have an improper grip on the club, which can cause inaccuracy as well – these are all common mistakes that people make when they are new to the game.

To get better at shooting straight, it is crucial to observe your technique and adjust accordingly. For example, if you find that most of your shots go left or right, try altering how you swing!
If there’s too much power in one direction, shorten up on your swing. For example, if your shots go to the left, try holding down on the club a little more so you’re not swinging as hard.

How can I get more distance on my golf swing while keeping the ball straight?

Can golf lessons help improve the accuracy of my shot?

Yes, lessons can help. If you’re beginning to play golf and are having a tough time getting your shots into the right areas on the course, then lessons might be for you. However, if you already have at least some experience playing golf but want to improve your accuracy of shot placement (or any other aspect), it’s best to practice on your own. Why is that? The reason has to do with repetition and muscle memory. Practice will help you develop the motions for a better shot. Still, lessons alone won’t give you enough repetitions of those movements to create muscle memories associated with them.

You need one hundred swings or more just before an actual game or on a course for your muscle memories to have an impact. So, if you’re learning how to play the game and haven’t been practicing much yet, then it’s in your best interest to take some lessons so that you can spend more time getting repetitions of shots into areas where they should land.

Final Thoughts:

If any of those tips don’t work, then it’s likely that there is something else wrong with your game – in which case we recommend speaking to an instructor about getting help!