Teach Kids to Play Golf: Beginning Steps for Parents

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When it comes to how to teach kids how to play golf, the first thing you have to remember is that they are still children. They do not yet have the knowledge or experience of an adult. This means that teaching them how to play golf should be done in a way that is fun and interesting for them, not boring and tedious like how adults learn how to play.

Teaching your child how to putt can be difficult because there are so many mechanics involved- don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this blog post on everything from the basics of putting down on a green surface right through advanced techniques for hitting long drives off par 4s.


Teach Kids to Play Golf - family playing golf

The first thing that the parent and the child are going to both need is patience. The parent will need to remember to explain the game to them in a manner that will make sense to them per their age range. The child also needs to understand that in the beginning the ball will more often than not go in opposite directions of where you intend for it to go..

One of the things that parents should consider is how they are going to get their children interested in playing golf. One way for them to do this is by taking them out and introducing them to different areas around where you live. If there’s a course nearby, take your child over and introduce it as something fun for the two of you.”


As the parent it’s your job to make golf fun right out of the gate! If your child thinks that it’s boring or too slow, spend some extra time helping them understand the rules and explaining the game of golf to them in a manner that makes sense. If the child decides early on that golf is boring you may have a tough time getting them to continue playing the sport.

Posture and Stance

Teach Kids to Play Golf - girl playing golf

It’s vital that your child learns proper posture and stance when just starting out. This is a foundational fundamental that all beginning golfer’s need to have some focus on, regardless of age. You can make this fun for your child by filming their posture while at the driving range and explain to them how they can stand better to ensure the best possible hit! 


Putting is one of the best things you can start to teach your child when it comes to playing golf. Putting requires a lot of mechanics to pull off correctly. With that being said, and known it’s a great skill for a child to learn early, and they can practice it virtually anywhere!

I can remember being a child putting on our living room carpet into empty drinking cups! I used to play that little game with my siblings for hours on end! It’s fun, challenging, and the perfect at home game to keep your child interested in the sport of golf.

How do you teach them the basics of how to play golf? 

The basics of golf are taught to children by repetition. A child needs to do something over and over again in order to build up some muscle memory. This is why patience is so critical for parents! The more often your child can practice driving the ball, putting, and swinging the faster he’ll pick up on the natural basics of the game. 

Where should a parent start in teaching their child how to play golf?

Teach Kids to Play Golf - girl learning to play golf

A parent has a few options available when their child decides they want to start learning to play golf. If the parent already plays golf themselves they can easily start teaching them and helping them improve on their swing. 

If the parent doesn’t feel comfortable teaching them or feels like they are good enough at the sport to explain it to them, hiring a coach that is known for working with children may be an ideal situation!

Lessons for children don’t have to be outrageously priced. If you do your homework and ask around you should be able to find a coach with experience working with kids for a reasonable price.

How can they best learn it and get better at the game over time? 

What are the basic mechanics of how to teach a kid how to play golf?

Children need just as much instruction and guidance when it comes to playing any sport, especially golf. It is important that they be given good information about how to hold the club correctly in order for them not to get injured or hurt themselves while swinging. 

kids getting golf lessons

Lessons are usually recommended if the child shows a lot of enthusiasm for learning to play the game of golf. We find that the young golfer has a more enjoyable experience when they truly want to be there as opposed to being forced to take lessons by their parents. They are most likely to improve from kids golf lessons.

What Equipment is Needed?

A golf club for the child, rangefinder with tripod or a laser that can be used from an accurate distance are great tools to have. Golf balls and tees should also be taken so that they can practice how to hit them as well. The lesson will go much smoother if these things are provided

The equipment that is needed for a child to learn how to play golf includes:

In Conclusion

Teach kids to play golf now! When it comes to teaching your child how to golf, you can either choose to do it yourself or pay for some lessons and let a pro teach them the basics and the fundamentals. We highly recommend getting children into lessons if they are enthusiastic about learning the sport and getting better at playing it!