What causes foot injuries while golfing?

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What causes foot injuries while golfing? It’s a fact that foot injuries are one of the most common types of injury. They occur in many forms from blisters to foot infections such as gangrene. But what really causes foot injuries during a game of golf? Crazy as it may sound it’s simply the act of walking.

Walking 3-4 miles on a course can cause some serious injury to a foot that isn’t already adjusted to that kind of walking! If you are new to the sport of golf and have foot problems already, you can expect this problem to be quickly exacerbated.

What methods can I use to prevent foot injuries on the course?

What causes foot injuries while golfing - man holding his ankle

Prevent foot injury from blisters: Blisters are a common foot injury that is often caused by ill-fitting shoes. Do not play golf with blisters. It’s a terribly painful experience and if you do have to play golf with blisters at least wrap them heavily with gauze and padding to make walking so much distance more bare-able.

Blisters are caused by friction. This can be reduced in footgear by a few methods:

Another common foot issue is bunions:

Bunions are an issue when the bony part of your big toe moves on you. This can cause a painful bump on the end of your big toe. In a pair of golf shoes this can make for quite an uncomfortable day. Always remember to have your bunions checked out by your podiatrist in order to make sure your feet are in good enough condition for playing golf! If not there is always surgery as an option, as well as some treatment plans inside the doctor’s office.

The foot is also prone to injury during the walking and running part of golf. Golf requires a lot of time spent on foot, often in not very forgiving terrains like sand or small rocks. Footwear must offer great support for your foot while playing golf, therefore it is important to select footwear with proper arch support.

A golf shoe with proper arch support:

One of the best brands of golf shoes would be Nike. They are known to create great footwear, and their golf shoes are no exception. Nike has everything from the casual kind of footwear like the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 Men’s to the most extreme kinds of footwear like the Nike Lunar Control 4 Men’s Golf Shoe. Nike also creates foot wear for women if you’re a female golfer looking for the best golf shoe on the market today!


What causes foot injuries while golfing - golf terrain

One of the most important parts of golf is the different terrains you will encounter. Due to encountering these different terrains you will need to remember to take into account sand, rock, grass, and steep hills. This will also play a huge role in your overall foot health. Often people with bad backs or strangely arched feet have issues with different levels of terrain.

Some of the golf shoes out there today are made specifically for this type of golfer. Don’t forget to have your foot properly fitted prior to buying your first golf shoe. Most stores have a variety of tests available to help you find the perfect shoe for you!

How much should a pair of golf shoes cost?

This is a question many people ask and it really depends on the brand, model, and overall foot comfort. The average price for an average golf shoe will be between $60-$100 dollars per pair depending. I would rather pay more for a comfortable foot bed than something that doesn’t provide foot support.

One thing to note: When it comes to golf shoes you usually get what you pay for. So if you have the money, go for it and splurge on a nicer pair of shoes. They won’t disappoint you!

Can good golf shoes prevent ankle injury?

Injury prevention always starts with foot comfort. If your foot hurts while playing golf or walking, you are more likely to have foot pain and/or ankle injury when playing. Foot health is the first thing you should start with in order to provide support for your ankles and knees.

What makes golf shoes different from sneakers?

man wearing white and brown shoes

Some of the major differences between golf shoes and sneakers are foot comfort and foot durability. Golf shoes are manufactured for the footwork that is specific to golfing, with a stiffer sole, foot support, stability and more cushion than most sneakers.

Most of the shoes today are light weight which makes it easier to walk around for 18 holes on very hilly terrain without foot fatigue or stress. They tend to be great with lots of different foot support and foot comfort features.

What makes golf shoes different from a sneaker is foot durability. There are many synthetic materials that make up the golf shoe in order to give foot support and foot comfort. These materials include: foam, plasticized rubber, leather etc. With all of this added together, foot comfort is increased as well as durability. Getting a good pair of shoes can help you get better at golf.

In Conclusion

Now you know what causes foot injuries while golfing. When it comes to foot pain and golfing they tend to go hand in hand. Remember that your first line of defense to foot pain when golfing is a good proper golf shoe. A great shoe can allow you the comfort and stability as well as the flexibility to keep you going out on the course.

If you have blisters or bunions have them looked over by a professional doctor prior to heading out on the course! Lastly, remember to stretch and warm up before walking around too much and have a great day out on the course!