What is it like to golf in Scottsdale, AZ?

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  6 min read

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When you think of a golf vacation, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It might be relaxing on the beach for some people, while for others, it might be drinking margaritas poolside.

But for those who are looking to enjoy golf in Scottsdale, AZ, should know that this experience is entirely different from the typical one. In this blog post, we will discuss what it’s like to golf in Scottsdale and why so many people choose Arizona as their next golf destination and what you’ll need to take with you and what are the most forgiving golf balls!

What is Scottsdale’s climate like?

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The average golf temperature in Scottsdale ranges from 75 degrees during the day to 65 at night.


Convenient – It is easy for people who want to travel while still golfing; there are many resorts with on-property courses, and the proximity of golf courses makes it convenient for those traveling by car or plane.

Variety – There are many golf courses to choose from for avid golfers.

Weather – Yes, we agree, don’t travel to golf during the blazing summer; that’s rough. But, with that said, due to their extreme temperatures during summer, their spring, fall, and winters are excellent times to hit the golf course.

Affordable rounds at top courses like Troon North Golf Club that are still very high quality compared to other places around the country because they’re so close together here. The proximity makes it easy to go back and forth between as well if there is bad weather during your stay, which can often happen in Arizona summers! You won’t want to miss McCormick Ranch, Troon Golf Club at Pinnacle Peak, or Kierland Golf Club

-Easy access to high-quality golf courses. Scottsdale is a desert town, but it’s the perfect place for golf with so many top-notch public and resort golf courses within proximity of one another! Just about every golf course you’ll come across here will have something unique that makes each round memorable in its way. You might find yourself coming back season after season to try out new places!


High cost of living- Scottsdale has one of the highest costs of living in the country, which is why so many people come here just to golf and then leave.

It’s not golfing if you’re alone- Scottsdale is a major tourist destination, and it can be hard to find golf buddies, which means that there isn’t the camaraderie that should come with playing such an enjoyable game; try to travel with a golfing buddy to maximize the experience.

There are some downsides to playing golf in Scottsdale – heat being the most common complaint from area residents and visitors alike. Summers can be brutal on those poor souls who aren’t used to the heat, but the beautiful weather in Scottsdale is worth it for golfers who don’t mind.

No free caddies! If you’re used to playing at clubs that have on-site staff members doing everything from carrying your bag and setting up tee times to ordering drinks and cleaning carts after a round of golf, then this will feel like a significant change.

How to prepare for a golf trip to Scottsdale

golf trip to Scottsdale

What to do in Scottsdale when you’re not golfing

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What to pack

If you’re new to golf or are looking for something different than what’s offered by Scottsdale resorts, there are plenty of other options around town that might appeal more! However, enjoying some time out on these gorgeous Arizona golf courses will give you an entirely different perspective on golf in Scottsdale.

The McCormick – Schmick Fish Restaurant at Pinnacle Peak is the perfect place to stop for a delicious lunch before or after your round of golf!

The restaurant has an impressive view overlooking the 18th hole and a great menu that offers both land and sea dishes! You’ll find favorites like crab cakes alongside seafood pasta bowls with lemon butter sauce.

Tips to save money on your trip to Scottsdale

Some ways you can save some money on your golf trip to Scottsdale would be to find a less expensive place to stay, use public transportation for your get-around needs instead of renting a car, and join one of the many golf club trials memberships!

Luckily, Scottsdale’s golf courses are generally nearby, so transportation like Uber or Lyft is a breeze.

Another way you can save money is to stay at a resort with a course, so you never have to leave! Many beautiful golf resorts offer so much you wouldn’t need to go elsewhere the entire trip!

Why do people travel worldwide just for a chance to experience Arizona’s beautiful desert landscape?

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No one knows for sure, but golfers are usually in the know! Arizona has some of the most beautiful and diverse golf courses, which can be found throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tucson, and beyond. There’s always a new course to discover or visit after time goes by.


There is no shortage of unique golfing destinations here in Arizona. For locals, there’s something special about experiencing these great places right outside your door without having to travel too far away from home. Golf enthusiasts also flock here because Arizona offers an incredible variety of uniquely challenging golf courses that cannot be matched elsewhere in America – even Hawaii doesn’t have as much variety as we do!