The Best Sport Ever: Why Golf Is the Greatest

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  6 min read

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There is no other sport like golf. Golfers are the ultimate athletes, and they have to be to hit a tiny ball that is barely bigger than a penny hundreds of yards away- with just one swing! Golf is so much more than just hitting a little white ball into the small hole on the ground; it’s about strategy, precision, finesse, elegance, patience… And there are few sports where you get as many opportunities to win or lose as golf.  Here on Twin Golfer, we will discuss every aspect of this sport.

Anyone Can Play

Golf is a sport that anyone can play. It doesn’t matter what age you are or how tall you are- as long as you have the determination and patience to learn, golf can be your sport.

Humble beginnings

Golf has humble beginnings in Scotland over 500 years ago. The game was first played on a course that is now part of St Andrews University (the oldest school in Britain). In those days, players would use their clubs and balls; it wasn’t until much later when we started using metal shafts with rubber heads for the club and hardwood balls stuffed with cork shavings to make them lighter than leather ones, plus they bounce better off the grass.
These days, most professionals play rounds at courses where one person designed all 18 holes!

Get Outside

It’s a great way to get outside and get some fresh air! It’s also a game you can play with your friends and family, making it an enjoyable social activity.  If your a golf beginner be sure to check out our guide for golf beginners.

Friends and Family

Golf is a game that all of friends and family can enjoy. It’s not too complicated, so anyone who can read can understand the rules, and it is a good way for friends or family members who live far away from each other to get together.

Social Activity

It’s a game that fosters social interaction; while you’re out on the course playing your round, you will often find yourself chatting with other players about their games as well as what they might do differently next time around, given how things happened in their last hole. In addition, golf also encourages camaraderie among those of us working at courses. We all break up into teams during tournaments: men vs. women, caddies vs. groundskeepers, etc., which creates an atmosphere of friendly competition between people within the same company!


You don’t have to be overly athletic to play golf. Many who play golf aren’t even all that coordinated. And yet, they enjoy the game. We don’t have to be able to do backflips or play with a soccer ball for hours on end to appreciate the sport of golf, which is why it’s so widely accepted and loved by people worldwide!

It’s not just about hitting a tiny white ball into an even smaller hole.
Golf can be as challenging or easy-going as you want it to be. I’ve had rounds where I struggled through every single hole but still finished within three strokes of par while also having rounds where my closest competition was myself from tee-to-green. It doesn’t matter how high your handicap might (or might not) be; what matters is that everyone has a great time together.

Managing Your Club Selection

It’s not just about hitting the ball or seeing how far you can beat it. Golf is also a mental strategy game, and learning to manage your club selection is equally important. You are learning to use which club and when is just as important as your athletic abilities.

Any Skill Level

The best part about golf? It can be played at any skill level, with anyone you want – even if they’re not skilled! Many competitive tournaments allow players who don’t play much or aren’t very good because it doesn’t matter how long it takes them once the ball hits the ground; all that matters is where their ball finishes in relation to par. Golf levels the playing field for everyone by giving us an opportunity we wouldn’t have otherwise had: friends we didn’t know existed before coming out to the greens.

No Time Limits

There are no time limits on your game with golf. You can spend as long as you want to prepare for your next shot, and if you don’t feel like playing again after one hole – it’s no problem. Golfers are rewarded with a new tee time on the website automatically to play at their own pace without feeling rushed or stressed out by anyone else.

No Equipment Needed

Golf is an all-inclusive sport that requires nothing more than two clubs (a driver and putter) to get started! If those aren’t sufficient, there is always rental equipment available at most golf courses where people who have never played before may rent basic sets of clubs for free. All you need to do is come prepared with some water since this game takes place outside while walking.

Golf is Relaxing

With all of the stresses of the modern-day, golf can be highly relaxing, and a great weekend escapes from the grind. It is a sport that has been proven to be therapeutic and effective for lowering your heart rate and blood pressure.

Golf Offers Something For Everyone

Some people enjoy golf because it offers an opportunity to socialize with other people, some like that you can play in the morning or evening when timing permits; others get excited about conquering challenging courses while still being able to have fun at the same time. If there’s one thing we know for sure, everyone enjoys this game differently, but no matter why someone loves golf, they will find what they are looking for on these famous courses!

The Rules of Golf Aren’t Complicated.

Golf is played on courses which are made up of 18 holes. The players use clubs to hit the ball into each hole in as few strokes (hits) as possible- once they have reached the green, they then put it across to one side or another depending upon their distance from the hole. A stroke refers to swinging at the ball while putting; if a player has three strokes for everyone to put, he will take 36 strokes per round but only make 24 “putts”.
If we get things right the first time around, there won’t be any need for those extra 12 hits.

In Conclusion:

Golf is a fantastic sport. This sport can be shared by many different individuals alike. From a young child to an old adult, there are numerous ways for everyone to enjoy this sport. There is always something new and exciting going on during the game of golf.
One can never lose interest in playing golf because it offers some excitement each time you play!
It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad day or not feeling well- with golf being such a fantastic sport that deals with patience, one will find some way to feel better throughout the whole experience. Golfing is all about building relationships; after all, isn’t that what life is really about? No wonder why people say “golf builds character”!