Couples Golf Lessons: Fun and Exciting Ways To Spend Quality Time Together

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  5 min read

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Golf is a great sport to play with friends, but it can be even more fun when you get the chance to golf with your significant other. Couples golf lessons are designed for couples where one person has never played before and wants to learn how to golf, or where both partners want to improve their game. You’ll enjoy learning from each other’s strengths and weaknesses as well as having some fun together!

Why Golf Is A Great Sport For Couples?

Some people might think golf is a boring sport but if you’re in a relationship and want to do something together that’s different than your routine, then golf lessons for couples are perfect! Plus, there are so many great reasons why it can be the best sport for partners.

How To Find The Right Instructor

The best way to find the right instructor is to ask friends or family who golf. They’ll be able to give a recommendation based on what you’re looking for, whether that’s a relaxing experience at your own pace or something more challenging where they can help keep things interesting.

What You Should Know Before Taking Lessons

You should know some of the things before taking golf lessons are the golf lingo, standard rules, and etiquette. This is where an instructor can take care of you by going over all the basics to get you started on your way to playing like a pro.

Tips On How To Improve Your Game Together As A Team

Some tips on how to improve your game together as a team are: making sure you’re communicating with each other during the golf swing, make use of those clubs, and don’t forget about that all-important putting.

Tee Times For Golf Lessons In Your Area

The best thing in getting tee times for couples’ golf lessons is by checking around at different courses or resorts near you. You might have one hidden gem close by that gives excellent rates while still providing top-notch service; it doesn’t hurt to ask!

The Benefits Of Taking Golf Lessons Together

Some of the benefits include spending more quality time together, working with each other to improve your game, and having a good time golfing.

Working With You To Improve Your Game As A Couple And Have A Good Time Golfing

Golf is an individual sport that anyone can play at any age; however, they will work with you to improve your game and have a good time golfing when you’re taking lessons as a couple.


Golf is an excellent way for couples to relax together. The golf course is a place to take some time for yourself. You can get away from the hectic day-to-day life and enjoy each other’s company in the green.
The Benefits Of Taking Golf Lessons Together:
It’s A Great Way To Spend Quality Time Together o You Work With Each Other To Improve Your Game And Have Fun On The Course o Relaxation – it gives you an escape from daily life, if only for a short while

Increased Athleticism

Taking couples golf lessons is a great way to get some exercise together. The golf course offers many opportunities to walk and use your muscles. It’s an excellent way for the couple to work out together as they play golf!
The Benefits Of Taking Golf Lessons Together:
Increased Physical Activity of You Work Out Together As You Play Golf – it’s time you can get some exercise without having to worry about pesky responsibilities like commuting, childcare, or cooking dinner.

Increased Confidence

Taking couples golf lessons is also an excellent self-esteem booster for both partners. Working on something new – especially one that forces you outside of your comfort zone – is always suitable for individuals in relationships. The benefits are mutual between partners — even if only one partner takes the lesson, they will come away from it with increased confidence in many different areas of life.

Bonding Together

Couples golf lessons are a great way to grow your bond with your partner. Learning a new skill together is bound to strengthen your relationship. The game that you spend so much time playing separately can be played as a team with golf lessons for couples.

When the two of you are working on something that’s challenging and rewarding at the same time, it helps keep things exciting in your life – no matter how long you’ve been doing them. It also helps foster feelings of trust and cooperation between partners who may not have had these qualities before they took golf lessons together. Golfers often comment that their wives or husbands were more supportive when they started taking golf lessons than ever before!


Couples golf lessons can be fun and also bring out the competitive nature in each other.

There are many golf lessons for couples courses available now. This is a great way to spend time together while sharpening your skills and finding new ways of improving yourselves as players in the game you love.

Each course has different levels, so start at the level where both partners feel comfortable with their abilities (or one that will challenge them more than they’re used to). Then, work on passing drills or other exercises designed for beginners until you can move up a level if desired. Some golfers meet weekly for these sessions – some even daily! But make sure it’s convenient and not too much pressure on either partner; this should be fun after all!