7 Best Golf Balls for Distance In 2023 [#4 is NEW]

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golf balls for distanceSearching for the best golf balls for distance that suit your playability level is really challenging.

Every golfer wants to hit long-distance shots. Equipment is a huge part of the game, and the ball itself is no exception. Different balls fly differently, and ball technology has come a long way since its inception.

Today, many golfing companies make different types of golf balls intended for various skill levels. These balls incorporate numerous features to enhance a player’s performance. Such features range from various designs to the construction material used. If you want to find out the best ball for your skill level, you’ll need to do a bit of research.

To make your life a bit easier, we have reviewed the top 7 best long-distance gutties balls. Moreover, we have provided a detailed buyer’s guide help you figure out just which ball is right for you.

Here are the top 7 Best Golf Balls for Distance:

  1. Titleist Velocity – Really Stand Out from a Distance
  2. TaylorMade TP5x – Firmer and Longer Than the Pro V1x
  3. Nike PD Long – Good Ball and Great Value
  4. OnCore Elixr – Great Feel, Distance, and Control Both in Air
  5. Titleist AVX – Great Balls to Hit for a Lower Swing Speed
  6. Bridgestone Tour B RXS – Added Distance with No Sacrifice on Greens
  7. Titleist Pro V1 – Distance in the Air, Roll Great on Ground

Quick Overview- Top 3 That Go the Longest

  1. Titleist Velocity: These powerful long-distance balls are available in four matte finishes. They feature an LSX core which is the power engine for higher speeds and produces lower spins.
  2. OnCore Elixr: These 3-piece, urethane-cover golf balls are among our top picks of golf balls for distance. Their composite core is designed to cover exceptional distance. To aid control and accuracy, the balls rely on a polymer mantle imbued with high-density particles.
  3. Bridgestone Tour B RXS: Some of the features and benefits include a durable SlipRes cover, which is responsible for creating solid connections between the driver and the ball, ‘Dual Dimple’ design for accurate shots, and a core designed to improve the shot’s initial velocity.

7 Best Golf Balls for Distance

Numerous brands claim to have the top golf balls for game improvement. To perform well, you need great distance off the tee and often long-distance on the second shot, too. So, you’ll need to choose golf balls able to travel long distances and still end up on a fairway or greens.

We picked out 7 best long distance golf balls that will enhance your game performance.

 1  Titleist Velocity – Really Stand Out

Our first pick is from a premium brand. Titleist golf balls are some of the most popular options in the golfing arena. The Velocity balls feature a sophisticated core specifically engineered to maximize velocity at the initial impact.

Other factors that compelled us to choose Velocity golf balls are their thin covers and innovative dimple design. These features combine to give long-distance and accurate shots.

They are semi-hard and feature a 328-dimple design. Most brands have dimples on the ball cover, but Titleist went one step ahead — they included dimples on the core as well.

The core of Velocity balls is their power engine. The new LSX core is larger than before and features high speed. This large core also helps reduce the ball’s spin. The NaZ+ formulation is used to create the cover, which is a great choice. And, for easy ball identification as well as a bit of fun, Titleist offers these balls in multiple colors.

Titleist has given due consideration to game improvement methods with their sophisticated aerodynamics and core technology. We admire them because of how well these features perform when it comes to getting extra yards and promoting consistent shots.

Also, the diverse color range makes them a good choice for all weather conditions. Moreover, premium brands mostly have a steep price tag attached to their products, but Velocity balls are available at a reasonable price. Check the current price of Amazon by clicking here.

We can’t find any major flaws in Velocity golf balls. However, since they are spherically tiled, they may not suit everyone’s aesthetic preferences.



For the golfers who are looking for more yards, we highly recommend Velocity. They are chosen as the best distance balls by many renowned golfers. Additionally, by promoting stability in flight and consistency on the fairway, Velocity balls will enhance your performance.

 2  TaylorMade TP5x – Firmer and Longer Than the Pro V1x

TaylorMade is known for its brilliance in manufacturing golfing equipment. When they launched TP5x golf balls, replete with new technologies, they created quite a stir in the market.

TP5x features 5-piece construction and is directed at a wide range of players with any handicap. Their aim is to provide top-quality performance off the tee and on the greens.

TaylorMade, in a bid to enhance speed without having a negative impact on spin performance, reimagined the golf ball’s construction. Their patented 5-piece design includes a Tri-Fast core for maximum distance and reduced drag.

For the spin, they have utilized a Dual-Spin cover made from ultra-soft cast urethane.

The layered system used for the core enhances the ball’s speed off the tee. Moreover, this translates to extra spin around the golf course for picture-perfect pitching and chipping. As for the choice of material, TaylorMade has used High-Flex material. This HFM acts like a tightly wrapped spring.

The benefits provided by this material are more energy and a quick rebound, which translates into a higher speed.

While we admire the 5-piece construction of TP5x, there are other noteworthy features as well. For instance, most balls use a urethane cover, which is soft but can be easily scratched. TP5x features a cast urethane cover, which is more durable yet still suitably soft.

Furthermore, TP5x strikes a balance between ball spin and speed. In the majority of the game balls, they work opposite each other, but TP5x provides a delicate equilibrium between both. You can grab one of these on Amazon.

Its only drawback is that 5-piece construction is regarded as an advanced level tool. Many beginners may shy away from such high-level golf balls. However, these particular balls do work well for players with any handicap.



TaylorMade TP5x balls provide great performance on the course with their explosive speeds and optimized spin rates. If you are willing to spend a slightly higher amount, do consider TP5x. It will absolutely be a good investment as TP5x ranks high on durability.

 3  Nike PD Long – Good and Great Value

Nike is a big name in the sports world but often overlooked in their golfing products. So, perhaps to some surprise, our next pick is Nike PD Long golf balls, which provide both value and quality. The focus of PD Long balls is to maximize distance.

They achieve this through meticulous design which creates low, penetrating flights.

Nike PD Long balls feature 2-piece construction. To produce maximum distance, a high-velocity core is designed with polybutadiene. PD balls have a low-flying trajectory off the tees, and they hit the ground with enhanced speed.

Nike puts these balls in the low-spin category, as their compression is high.

For the cover, Nike utilizes ionomer material. Previous Nike balls were hard and produced more click sound on impact. In PD Long, a softcover mitigates that issue.

Finally, a specialized 402-dimple design is used to minimize air drag. Overall, this whole design promotes increased distance.

We admire these balls because they live up to their name. The PD Long really provides great distances.

Additionally, they provide good value for money — it is rare to find products of renowned brands falling within a low price range while having good reviews for durability. You can grab one of these from Amazon.

While its features may attract various golfers, PD Long balls are not suitable for players searching for higher spin control.



Looking for an exceptional distance off the drive? Nike PD is one of our favorite picks in the low-cost category. It provides long-distance along with greater control of the tee. We recommend these for players with slower swing speed. For such players, this can be one of the best balls for game improvement.

 4  OnCore Elixr – Great Feel and Control

One of our most interesting picks is the OnCore Elixr golf ball. Back in 2009, the concept of golf balls with a metal, hollow core was introduced by OnCore, and it quickly gained popularity. The intention was to produce balls that provide a straighter and more stable flight trajectory to increase performance.

So, we picked Oncore’s recent Elixr balls for review.

OnCore features a 3-piece construction in Elixr balls. They have innovatively designed the core from composite material to deliver the highest initial velocity. The cover features double-cast urethane, providing a soft feel without compromising on durability.

Compression ratings are low, at 85. The low compression combined with the cover design promotes softness and distance.

High initial velocity is combined with perimeter weighting, providing accurate and stable shots. These balls also feature a low driver’s spin along with an optimized launch angle. These factors provide greater control along with enhanced distance.

We appreciate the innovative approach of the metal, hollow core for the purpose of uplifting game performance. Also, their choice of double-cast urethane is great for durability.

Moreover, Elixr golf balls suit a wide range of swing speeds, from low to high, which makes them worth a try for all. Grab OnCore Elixr from Amazon here.

The only issue is that of pricing — they fall in a higher price range. However, OnCore does offer a money-back guarantee and they have loyalty programs, too.



When it comes to the best balls for distance, we can recommend OnCore Elixr Balls from Amazon here without hesitation. The ball is constructed to enhance stability and increase the distance of shots. So if you are willing to try a unique option, Elixr balls are worth buying.

 5  Titleist AVX – Great for a Lower Swing Speed

When it comes to state-of-the-art technology and high performance, no one does it better than Titleist. So, we picked another option of golf balls from their range. The hottest launch of 2020 is its AVX golf ball. It is designed for golfers looking for high-end performance with an emphasis on great distance and a soft feel.

Titleist has designed AVX golf balls to provide maximum speed and longer distances. These balls have Titleist-patented GRN41 cast urethane cover. This is a switch from traditional covers used for most golf balls.

AVX balls feature low compression and high-speed technology in a large core. Also, a High-Flex casing layer is added to provide a lower spin and higher flights.

To reduce drag and enhance control over shots, AVX features a tetrahedral 352-dimple design.

Titleist AVX has outdone many players in the market by concentrating on research and development and using the best possible options for construction. The carefully done cover design gives better durability than other premium options.

They are available in white and yellow and offer customization options as well. Check the current price of Amazon by clicking here.

Some golfers prefer optimized spins on the greenside. However, as they are focused on distance and control, Titleist has placed less emphasis on optimizing spins on greens. This may weigh negatively for some.



Every golf ball manufacturer will claim that their new launch has more benefits to offer than previous launches or other options. In the case of Titleist AVX golf balls, this stands true. AVX was claimed to generate long-distance, high-speed shots with lower spins, and it fulfills these claims well enough for us to highly recommend these balls.

 6  Bridgestone Tour B RXS – No Sacrifice on Greens

When it comes to manufacturing golf balls to suit the different needs of golfers, Bridgestone reigns supreme. They have been operating since 1935 and have accumulated valuable experience and prestige in the golfing world. For our review, we have picked their Tour B RXS balls. These balls are designed to provide tour-level performance.

Their construction helps golfers with slow swing speeds hit longer distances.

One of the noticeable features is the REACTIV urethane cover used in Tour B RXS balls. This type of urethane is regarded as an impact modifier. The benefits of this cover are numerous. On slow impact shots, this cover provides more control.

On high impact shots, the cover’s resilience helps cover more distance.

The real engine behind the long-distance coverage is the gradational compression core. This core maximizes initial velocity and minimizes sidespin for more forgiving, longer shots.

Furthermore, Tour B RXS features a ‘Dual Dimple’ design for enhanced aerodynamics. However, even with dual dimples, a seamless cover is created for a soft feel and accuracy in shots.

The reasons we prefer Bridgestone Tour B RXS are several. Firstly, due consideration has been given to promote forgiveness.

Secondly, it has better aerodynamics as compared to other balls, owing to the dual dimple design which promotes straighter ball trajectory. You can grab one of these on Amazon.

We did not find any major drawbacks to the Tour B RXS golf balls. For some golfers, it can take some time to get used to the sophisticated cover and design. That’s a pretty minor issue, we must admit.



This is our all-rounder golf ball pick as it suits diverse playability levels. If you are searching for distance golf balls for high handicappers, Tour B RXS can be your next favorite. They will work well for medium and low handicaps as well because of their top-notch design and technology. You can grab Bridgestone Tour B RXS Golf Balls on Amazon.

 7  Titleist Pro V1 – Great Roll on the Ground

Since Titleist balls are renowned for their high performance, our last pick is also from this brand. We have chosen the Pro V1 for review. These balls are designed to provide greater speeds and longer distances. The Pro V1 customizable golf balls are quite popular and you will see why.

Titleist is known for patenting their unique technologies. They have used their proprietary cast thermoset urethane cover in the Pro V1. This design offers more efficiency as it is thinner but more durable than traditional urethane.

A thin cover means getting more speed without compromising on control and spin.

Another striking feature is the casing layer in Pro V1. This layer promotes longer distances. The Pro series features a fast core design, which generates speed and reduces sidespin for consistent shots.

We like the construction of the Pro V1 as it makes the ball stand apart, and it helps players get those long-distance, high-speed shots that are so satisfying. The research and development for a thinner cover really paid off. The thinner cover promotes speed while keeping a high level of control. You can grab one of these from Amazon.

We did not find a lot of issues in the Pro series by Titleist. However, Pro V1 works better for players with higher swing speeds. Also, as the name indicates, ‘pro’ is directed at advanced players.



We recommend Pro V1 golf balls for golfers from Amazonwith higher swing speeds, generally 100 mph or more. Such players will be able to harness the true potential of these tour-level performance balls. Patented technology infused in these balls makes them live up to their hype.

 Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to selecting the balls, take the time to consider what factors influence your choice. It can be confusing to see how different factors will suit your needs and skill level. To help you, we have prepared a buyer’s guide.

Golf balls for distance


There are 5 construction options available. See which one will suit you:

1-piece designs are soft and mostly made from Surlyn. They have good durability, but they are not optimal for long distances.

2-piece design is a common option. They are not as soft but are best for long distances. Moreover, some of the best golf balls for game improvement feature 2-piece construction.

3-piece design are the next best option. They mostly utilize urethane covers, although some brands have switched from this cover option now. They are mostly used by advanced players as more spin is generated.

4-piece design are made up of different layers, and the added complexity adds to cost. The complexity of the construction allows for careful consideration of each material used. They are gaining popularity.

The latest 5-piece  are meticulously designed to deliver the best performance. Different layers used in these balls complement each other to offer great shots. However, they are expensive.


There are two categories – soft and hard balls. Usually, it’s up to the preference of players to opt for either. Here is a general rule:

If you are looking for greater distance and less control, hard balls may be better. However, if you are not willing to give up control, you can look for soft balls that do not compromise on distance.


Compression is another factor that should be given due consideration. It can range from 0 to 200. Balls with 50-100 compression ratings are a common choice.

Low compression balls can cover a good distance when in the air and tend to be softer.

Top Picks That Go The Farthest: FAQs

Golfers sometimes need guidance when it comes to choosing the right equipment. Don’t sweat it — even the pros need help sometimes. Having expounded upon basic guidelines for selecting the perfect golf ball and having reviewed the best long-distance golf balls, we’ll now answer some more general queries.

✅ Are Soft Balls Good for Distance?

Softballs are known to provide more control rather than distance. However, some softballs do give a good distance, depending upon the playability level that they are designed for.

On the contrary, hard balls are known to give a greater distance, but that comes with lesser control. It basically depends on the preference of players to choose between hard and softballs.

✅ Do They All Go the Same Distance?

USGA sets rules for the maximum distance that a ball can travel. All modern designs come close to this limit. However, some manufacturers focus on providing maximum distance, ensuring that their balls travel a good distance off the tee and across the greens.

✅ What Are the Longest?

These are designed with technology and aerodynamics such that they promote maximum speed and distance. If you want suggestions, refer to our reviews above.


Several factors matter when it comes to choosing the best gutties. We have done our due diligence to evaluate the best options out there today. And we’re not alone: All of these are popular choices for good reason.

The OnCore Elixr are a great choice. They feature a solid design to provide long distances. Moreover, they reign supreme when it comes to providing forgiveness and lowering sidespin. You can grab OnCore Elixr from Amazon.

If you are looking for premium balls with a lower budget, we recommend Titleist Velocity. You can grab Titleist Velocity on Amazon. They feature LSX core and the latest aerodynamics to promote fast shots. For more options, we reviewed other golf balls and chalked out a buyer’s guide to help you in selecting the golf balls for distance.


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