7 Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers 2023 [#2 Is Incredible]

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Golf Balls For High HandicappersShout out to all the golfers on the web!

You might just be the finest golf player on the planet but if you don’t play with the appropriate golf ball it could adversely affect your game.

You don’t need to be a single-digit handicapper to get familiar with golf. Many people spend their whole lives without getting their handicap so low, and that’s ok. But plenty of golfers are ambitious enough to want to improve their game to that level.

If you aren’t aware of the nuances of this game, then you won’t be able to ace this game and improve your high handicap. These nuances are many, but they comprise the correct swing, game type — and the best golf balls that meet your needs.

Therefore, you must take a glance at such points and identify the appropriate golf ball for yourself. This is a fantastic way to personalize your gear to your style of game, get a little extra control on the greens, and enhance your high handicap abilities.

Conducting your research becomes crucial in this regard, but that may require plenty of your time and effort.

This is why we are here with our reviews of the the best golf balls for high handicappers in 2023. Also, to ensure that you choose the ideal golf ball, we’ve included a buyer’s guide. We have also answered a few questions that usually come from high handicappers. So let’s get started, shall we?

Here are the top 7 golf balls for high handicappers:

  1. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls – Best Balls for Great Money
  2. TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls – Best Balls for Handicap
  3. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – Simply the Best
  4. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls – Great Balls for Us Old Guys
  5. Bridgestone Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition – Fast and Straight
  6. Srixon Z Star 6 XV Golf Balls – Best Value on a Premium Tour
  7. Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track – Game Changing Balls

Quick Overview – Best 3 Golf Balls for High Handicappers

  1. Srixon Z Star 6 XV Golf Balls: A commendable choice for a Tour-standard ball, this product has 4-piece construction which includes a rigid ionomer mantle and a dual-gradient core. The company’s branded SpinSkin Technology with its newest SeRM coating ensures steady speed and ball control, especially around the greens.
  2. TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls: Marketed with the brand’s Dual Distance core, this golf ball delivers rapid flight and launches. Its fresh design with overall 322 dimples is responsible for the ball’s boosted aerodynamics. It reduces air drag, thereby providing better velocity and longer flights.
  3. Bridgestone Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition: Offering an impeccable Tour-level functioning, this version of B XS balls is marketed under the name of Tiger Woods. The brand’s SlipRes Technology is used while creating the ball’s Urethane cover which delivers the necessary friction and control.

7 Golf Balls for High Handicappers In 2023

Here’s a list of the 7 best golf balls for high handicappers – all tested and reviewed to spare you the trouble of surfing the web for hours. Check out the detailed highlights, pros, and cons of each ball to find the perfect option that befits your requirements.

 1  Titleist Velocity Golf Balls – Best Balls for Great Money

Titleist Velocity is one of the top choices of golfers who want to develop their golf skills but have a higher handicap. Such players are likely to take more strokes than they’d like to finish a round.

As such, these Velocity Golf Balls improve their game by providing quick flights and longer distances.

Claimed to be among the longest golf balls manufactured to date, the new 2-piece Velocity has a high-quality NAZ+ outer cover. This endows the ball with a soft texture.

On the surface are a total of 328 dimples, each in a spherical shape. These dimples, combined with the tetrahedral design of this ball, lead to commendably stable yet high flights.

This new, updated version is also different in terms of the greater, more efficient LSX core. This ensures a speedy launch. These balls aren’t much of a burden on the pocket when compared to other balls of the same brand. So, losing them won’t matter much.

They are available in three matte colors along with the classic white option.

These balls are proficient at traveling huge distances. They do well even when struck with little force by novice golfers who have a handicap of around 20 to 40. The ball’s distinctive NAZ+ cover reduces spins and permits the ball to go farther than most of its counterparts. This makes it a fine choice for long games.

We also liked both the tetrahedral design and characteristic dimples. These features help create a sharp path through the air upon each launch. Check the current price of Amazon by clicking here.

We noticed a minor durability issue in these balls. After using them for some time, we saw a few scratches and marks upon them.



Despite its slight durability issue, overall the newest version of Titleist Velocity balls is a worthy option. High handicappers would particularly like these balls due to their far-traveling and low-spinning abilities.

 2  TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls – Best Balls for Handicap

With their 3-piece build, the newly-released version of Project (a) golf balls are built for normal golfers and not specifically experts or novices at the sport. Since their features aren’t added with a focus on merely one class of golfers, it can be a fair choice for all.

These balls feature 322 dimples across the cover, which is made of Tour-level Urethane. Such a cover is uncommon among other golf balls that fall in the same price bracket.

TaylorMade has branded the core as Dual-Distance since it’s two-layered. Each layer is bigger than the ones found in previously released versions.

The compression score is 40 as claimed by the brand, but overall it’s a bit higher than that – it reaches a solid 70. Still, the soft cores do reduce the spin, especially when longer clubs are used.

The soft, internal core is enclosed in a much stronger external core. Such a setting leads to higher launch speeds and a grander launch angle. All this is done without escalating the spin of the ball, which we observed quite easily while striking the ball.

Another notable factor about the design is the enhanced aerodynamics, which decreases air drag and thereby increase speed. You can grab one of these on Amazon.

A few golfers may find these balls a little bit too soft compared to other balls. For some, they are slightly difficult to control.

Also, the ball can be seen ballooning a little when the striking speed reaches over 100. As such, it’s recommended for golfers whose swing speed falls in the range of 70 to 80 mph.



Our final verdict on the Project (a) Golf Balls is that they are a good choice for high handicappers. Given their smooth feel and quick, long flights, they are definitely worth a try.

 3  Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – Simply the Best

The newest iteration of Pro V1 Balls is suitable for almost all kinds of golfers, no matter how much expertise they have. Therefore, these 3-piece golf balls can come in handy for players with a higher handicap as well.

The 2019 version of these balls are equipped with a urethane-elastomer outer covering. The company has utilized its exclusive thermoset technique to cast this incredibly softcover.

Due to this, golfers can score impressively. The middle layer, also known as the case, has been upgraded about 14% in size as compared to the older version.

The updated 352 spherical-shaped dimples provide very stable performance when the ball is airborne. Advanced 2.0 ZG technology has been used to prepare the core of this ball.

The Tour-standard urethane covering has been cut down about 17% in thickness compared to its predecessor. We noticed that this gives better speed during short games.

What’s commendable is that it did not lose the necessary spin and kept the flight of the ball under our control. The same layer also contributes to the extremely soft feel that comes with this ball.

The mantle casing has been increased in size. This escalates the speed and adjusts the spin simultaneously, leading to swifter, straighter, and more piercing flights. With its drop-and-stop technique, this ball is apt for a short game, where such control and accuracy are essential. You can grab one of these from Amazon.

These balls are great for short games. However, only skilled golfers and upper-level high-handicappers can take full advantage of their qualities in this regard. Especially players with striking speeds greater than 100 miles per hour will find these perfect. Those below that speed might not like them to the same extent.



All in all, the latest iteration of Titleist Pro V1 is a good option for high-handicappers. It provides an admirable performance, especially for short games.

 4  Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls – Great Balls for Us Old Guys

The newest version of Callaway four-piece Chrome Soft Golf Balls carries their famed ancestry quite impressively. They are specifically produced for players with a high handicap and golfers who have a lower striking speed.

Labeled as premium, these golf balls have a compression score of 75. Their resemblance to soccer balls is not merely for aesthetics. This feature makes them easy to spot on the course and in the air as well.

The substance used for covering is urethane, which is responsible for an enhanced spin. This feature is beneficial for golfers with a high handicap. The core of these golf balls is branded as Dual SoftFast, built using superior-quality graphene.

We liked a couple of features of the latest Chrome Soft. The ball’s soccer-like design not only makes it visually pleasing but also makes it easy to spot.

The soft, dual-core provides a lower compression rating and thus speeds up the ball’s flight, letting it reach lengthy distances. The sturdy Urethane-made outer layer creates the appropriate amount of spin. This is essentially required for the needs of high-handicap golfers. Grab one here on Amazon.

Despite all the good qualities, we were a little let down by a durability issue. After using the ball for several rounds, its color began to disappear. This somewhat tarnishes the generally grand look of the ball. Also, these balls are slightly costly.

However, they are a decent investment – the final choice depends on the player’s budget and preference.



Overall, these golf balls by Callaway are a superb choice for high-handicappers due to the low compression and increased visibility in both the air and on the course.

 5  Bridgestone Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition – Fast and Straight

This ball is the successor of Tour B330 S, famously used by Tiger Woods himself. The latest B XS is specially targeted to achieve an impeccable Tour-standard performance along with a remarkable feel. What’s admirable is that all the money collected through its sales would go to the TGR Foundation.

Unlike its predecessor, this ball has a total of 330 dimples, upgraded to improve aerodynamics. Printed with the term ‘Tiger’ along the side, the cover of this ball is built with smooth urethane.

The cover features the SlipRes Technology which enhances resistance and produces the necessary spin for shorter shots. The core of this ball is gradational, optimizing the shift of power when the ball is hit. This leads to speedier flights and lower rotations.

No variants in color are offered. A single pack includes a total of 12 classic white golf balls.

We noticed that the functioning of these balls is praiseworthy around the greens. The credit goes to the soft urethane layer. The refurbished design of the dimples utilizes the aerodynamics wisely, thus permitting the ball to travel farther and larger distances.

We also like the characteristic core of this ball since it shifts the ideal amount of energy when we hit the ball. Grab Bridgestone Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition from Amazon here.

These balls are good for mid to high handicaps. However, higher swing speeds are likely to damage the softcore, and it being gradational does not help in such situations.



Our final verdict is that Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition Balls are a fine choice for golfers with mid to high handicaps. Just keep in mind that this may not be the best option for players with greater swing speeds.

 6  Srixon Z Star 6 XV Golf Balls – Best Value on a Premium Tour

This version of Srixon Z star is a worthy Tour-level ball. Having a 4-piece build, its mid-layer mantle is made of hard ionomers that can transfer a player’s energy into the central layers. When it comes to the material of the dual-gradient core, it is considered to be softer in the middle.

This is a more innovative version of the standardized Srixon Z-star. With its improved core, it has the capability of energetic gradient growth.

This highlights how it is soft inside but firm outside, as it is covered with a layer of urethane. It also has a total of 338 dimples patterned over the exterior layer.

It has excellent range coverage. The urethane cover gives a great feel to the player and the spray-on coating works wonders. The cover is also resilient. The patented pattern design reduces unnecessary air drag and improves lift.

Another astounding feature is the hard layer of the midpoint that produces a noticeable pop when used. Also, the Spin-skin Tech along with the coating of SeRM is there to improve the friction. Check the current price of Amazon by clicking here.

We weren’t quite impressed with the extra spin from the hard coating as it’s undesirable for professional players. Length is also a bit deceptive when it comes to long shots.



The Srixon Z Star is ideal for professionals or even beginner level golfers. It is an outstanding offer as it has a patented 338-dimple design with enhanced speed and lifts.

 7  Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track – Game-Changing Balls

Callaway Golf ERC asserts that this is the longest ball with a soft feel. This 3 piece ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Ball has the softest features that are filled with graphene. Urethane is used in this premium ball manufacture.

Quality control is maintained at this point. Because it is a bit expensive, the ionomer is used in the production of cheaper balls.

Within this brand, this ball is the strongest and most flexible. However, it is firm enough to maintain the energy to increase the speed of the ball with a higher launch and lower spin rate.

The durability of this ball is good along with its spin control. Furthermore, it is has a cover with three lines on it. These lines include a thick red line in the center and two blue lines on either side.

The pattern is based on the pattern of visual alignment. The three individual lines are capable of making your brain align the ball. This is a better option than single-lined balls. You can grab one of these on Amazon.

Urethane allows for less control of the ball. Furthermore, it is only available in white and yellow cover options.



With an affordable price, this product is capable of providing all the necessary features a professional golf ball requires. The best part of the triple track golf ball is its higher launch and lower spin.

Golf Balls for High Handicappers: Buyer’s Guide

A high handicapper is a golfer with a score of 20 or more. Those who fall in this class ought to constantly be on the search for methods that reduce their score and boost their handicap. Understanding the technicalities and practicing frequently would still result in the most intense improvements.

Golf Balls for Mid Handicaps

However, laying your hands on the finest golf ball for high handicappers will definitely help give you an edge.

To make the right ball choice as a high handicapper, you have to know just what to look for. You can start with the key features, specifications, and functioning. Compression, durability, construction, material, ball cover, feel of the ball, dimples, and most of all your budget, are some of the key features that a buyer should always examine.


According to some professional golfers, the feel of the ball is crucial for a good performance around the greens. For instance, while putting, the way your golf ball interacts with your putter can make a big difference in the outcome. This is why many golfers prefer a ball with a softer feel.

A softball has low compression, which can allow you to control your shots. If you are serious about improving your handicap level, you need to be an expert at reading the greens. That requires you to be able to fine-tune your control over the golf ball. A softball can help achieve that.


We have already discussed how the correct construction of a ball can help you raise your handicap level. The number and makeup of different layers affect the performance of the ball. One of those layers is the core, i.e., the innermost material. Manufacturers use different materials like titanium or LSX for the core to achieve different outcomes.

Whatever the composition may be, the rules are simple. A bigger, softer core increases the distance traveled. A great size enhances the momentum, while a softcore improves the velocity of the ball.

Having a large core usually leads to a thinner outer covering, which can help lower the ball’s compression. Distance balls are usually hard to control on the greens.

However, if a manufacturer combines a large, softcore with a thin outer surface, a true hybrid ball can be created. Such a ball can be very helpful in raising your handicap rating.

Flight Height

We have already discussed how the dimples on a ball’s surface improve its aerodynamics. Another helpful flight characteristic is the altitude of the ball. If a ball flies high, it will fall with a steep descent, leading to a controlled landing.

Often, the problem with distance balls is potential overshooting. Having a ball with a controlled landing can help resolve that issue. In order to achieve a high altitude, you need to buy a ball that yields a high launch angle.

Ball Forgiveness

In golf, “forgiveness” is a term normally assigned to clubs, i.e., irons. Forgiving clubs are designed to mitigate the imperfections in your shot. For instance, an off-center shot can result in balls traveling shorter distances and attaining low altitudes. By adjusting the mass and shape of the iron heads, clubs can reduce the effect of your mistakes.

Forgiving balls, therefore, are those that produce good results even if they are not perfectly hit. A forgiving ball should be one that travels large distances at an optimum height despite a substandard swing. They should also be easy to control around the greens.

Basically, most of the factors that we have discussed above, if grouped together, make a forgiving ball. You can look for balls with the desired individual factors, or you can just look for the most forgiving balls on the market.

To improve your rating, ask fitting experts whose forgiving product is the best golf ball for 20 handicappers. This is because 20 is considered the average handicap rating. To improve your performance, you need a ball designed to make the player better than average.


You might be wondering how a change in color can help you improve your game. Color is an important factor as it helps with visibility. While making lofted swing shots, a traditional white-colored ball can be hard to spot in the sky. But why does it matter if you can see the ball or not?

To a high handicap player, it might not be that significant. However, if you are trying to improve your game, you need to be able to visually track your shot trajectory.

You might say that you can just use technical equipment to observe the path of your shot. However, not every golfer will have access to such equipment.

Therefore, if you are using a brightly colored ball, you can clearly see how your ball is traveling. This gives you instant feedback on your swing method and shot quality, thus helping you improve your game.

Nature of the Golf Course

It is also important to know what type of golf course you will be playing on. The grounds can be hard-surfaced or soft-surfaced, which should impact the type of ball you buy. For instance, if you are playing on a hard-surfaced golf course, invest in a soft golf ball.

The hardness of the ground will make your ball roll more, thus increasing the distance it travels. Instead of buying a distance ball, you can purchase a soft one that will help you around the greens

The Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers: FAQs

So far we have guided you regarding the features to look at when you’re on the hunt for a suitable golf ball. Moreover, we’ve discussed and reviewed some of the best golf balls for you as a high handicap golfer.

Now it’s time to answer some of the frequently asked questions asked by people who have the desire to improve their skills at the game.

✅ Do Golf Balls Matter for High Handicappers?

Male golfers with a handicap between 20 to 36 and females with a score of 20 to 40 are considered to be high handicappers. Such golfers are said to be in the learning phase of the sport. Choosing a ball that befits their needs is essential if they desire to improve their game and have quick progress.

When purchasing a golf ball, a crucial aspect that such players should look into is its construction. It is suggested that 2-piece or 3-piece balls should be used since they offer longer distances along with a slight spin. Both of these features are vital for amateur players of this sort.

✅ Are Titleist Golf Balls or Callaway Golf Balls Better?

There is no straight answer to this question. Both Callaway and Titleist have a long history of producing a diverse range of premium quality as well as affordable golf balls. Each could be compared to one another in terms of swing rate, compression, and other features of the sort.

If we talk about Tour-standard balls, then Titleist rules the category, which can be proved by the fact that most golf experts play with their balls during tours. Titleist Pro V1 and Titleist Velocity golf balls on this list are such examples. The latter is even considered to be the longest golf ball obtainable in the markets today.

Likewise, Callaway premium balls are also remarkably proficient. They offer control and distances to many decent novices and expert golfers alike. Especially their balls which are marketed for softness and speed are nowadays receiving plenty of attention.

The Callaway Chrome Soft are instances of such golf balls. This is why we recommend you choose the ball which matches and complements your skillset as a high handicap and isn’t too hard on your pocket.

✅ What Is Difference Between High Handicappers and Regular Balls?

Not all golfers have the same degree of skills and experience. Due to this reason, companies manufacture a wide range of golf balls, each catering to the diverse needs of golfers.

Some cover extensive distances while others come with enhanced spinning abilities. This is why a golfer must think carefully when picking a suitable golf ball.

As far as high handicappers are concerned, they should always go for a ball with a lower compression but not too much spin. Such a ball covers longer distances even when it’s hit with less force.


While reviewing and formulating this list of 7 top golf balls for high handicappers, we considered all factors that may help improve the skills of high handicappers. Altogether, all of them are well-suited for this category of players.

Our top choice is undoubtedly the Srixon Z Star 6 XV because of its well-thought design that offers enhanced spin and control around greens. It is the best for high handicappers with more swing speed. You can grab Srixon Z Star 6 XV from Amazon.

But if you want another option, then TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls are a great choice, given their upgraded aerodynamics which lessens drag and boosts speed. You can grab TaylorMade Project (a) on Amazon.

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