7 Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers In 2023 [#1 Is Fantastic]

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Are you looking for the best golf balls for average golfers?

Well, you need look no further. You may have heard about these golf balls from your peers at the golf club, seen them mentioned in ads, or found a stray one somewhere on a golf course. Here we give you detailed reviews so you can make an informed decision when making your purchase.

Golf Balls for Average Players

This article also includes an in-depth buyer’s guide and answers important FAQ’s with regards to the top golf balls for the average golfer. Read on to find out more.

Here are the top 7 best golf balls for average golfers:

  1. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls – Perfect for Slow Swings
  2. Srixon Men's Soft Feel Golf Ball – Great Feel and Durability
  3. Bridgestone e12 Soft Golf Balls – Excellent Distance and High Fly Control
  4. Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls – Great Value for the Money
  5. TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls – Best for Mid to Low Handicapper
  6. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls – Distance with Driver Is Very Good
  7. Snell MTB Black Golf Balls – As Good as Pro V but Much Cheaper

Quick Overview: Top 3 Golf Balls for Average Golfers

1. Callaway Golf Supersoft: Callaway Golf Supersoft is a ball that possesses amazing features of speed and accuracy. Its optimized aerodynamics provide an elevated lift for the ball to carry longer distances. This golf ball also has a unique feature of low compression that provides a smooth feel and total control.

2. TaylorMade Project (a): Known as the best value Tour quality ball, Project (a) is for the high-achieving golfers who want to win at each and every competition. This golf ball is rated for 8 to 18 handicaps, thereby making it fall in the category of best golf balls. It is especially suitable for mid-handicappers who want more spin. With a 322-dimple urethane cover, it has tour-caliber greenside control.

3. Snell MTB Black: The Snell MTB Black is a tour-caliber golf ball covered with urethane that provides excellent performance to the golfer. Moreover, the feel and durability of this golf ball is incomparable and undoubtedly one of the best. Also, the dimples on the ball allow for shorter game control.

7 Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers Reviews In 2023

Your choice of golf balls can affect how well you play. As such, choosing which balls to purchase is an important decision. To make this decision easier for you, we have done an in-depth analysis of some of the top golf balls for average golfers.

Let’s look at each of the balls closely and discuss the features in detail so you can choose the one that fits your needs in the best way.

 1  Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls Perfect for Slow Swings

The Callaway Supersoft is one of the top golf balls for the average golfer.  It is one of the lowest compression golf balls available with a compression rating of 38.

It is applicable to those golfers specifically who prefer the combination of slow swing speed and a softball. This ball is available in four colors: lime, orange, turquoise, and traditional white.


One of the core things that a golfer takes into account while buying a golf ball is its feel and how it is to hold the golf ball. The feel of Callaway Golf Supersoft is without a doubt a unique feature, and its 38 compression makes it one of the softest balls in the market.

Not suitable for higher swing speed, with which it gives a mushy feel. It responds best when hit at a slower swing speed.


Ideally suitable for low to average swing speeds, the Callaway Golf Supersoft is best known for delivering long and straight shots. It gives the same feeling that professional golfers feel in their swings.

Low compression means that at any swing speed, the ball can be compressed and more ball speed is created with a rebound effect.

It also ensures a longer flight of the ball. While the ball is made for slow swing speeds, it can also serve as a great winter ball for golfers with high swing speeds.


A low spin enables the golfer to achieve long and straight shots. Furthermore, as the has low compression, it provides the maximum support to the golfer to be able to reduce its spin. This also increases the shot distance and allows the ball to travel farther.

Around the Green

Supersoft performs better than industry standards. It may have a low price point compared to Srixon Q-Star Tour but it outperforms comparable balls on pitches and chips. Its versatility and spin are top-ranked. It can match almost any club but it works best on delicate swings.

Supersoft is better than other golf balls in the same price range as it offers a fastball speed, has a soft feel that gives better control, and ensures compatibility with the greens. It is also available in a variety of 4 colors, an option that is mostly not found with other golf balls. Check the current price of Amazon by clicking here.

This golf ball is not pocket-friendly for people controlling their budget as it not one of the cheapest balls available.



All in all, Callaway golf balls possess the necessary features that are in demand by intermediate and senior golfers. While the ball is not a cheap option, it provides good value for money through its excellent performance.

 2  Srixon Men's Soft Feel Golf Ball – Great Feel and Durability

Srixon Soft Feel belongs to the 11th generation of the Srixon Soft Feel. Every year Srixon provides more distance and a softer feel than its previous version. It has a low compression core and can provide spin around the greens.

With a compression rating of 60, it is an ideal golf ball for a mid swing speed player. Its speed dimples can easily pass through the wind and hence provide accuracy and straight distance.


It is softer around the center and firmer around the outer layer. It has an Energetic Gradient Growth Core that makes it soft and maximizes the ball speed.


Its 338 Speed Dimple Pattern tends to reduce drag just like in the Q-Star Tour and provides maximum lift. This gives the golfer a chance to attain maximum distance on each drive and iron shot. Speed dimples are also useful in maintaining the stability of the ball during its flight.


It has minimum sidespin with a high launch and carry and delivers accurate results. Like most soft golf balls, its low-spin nature means that it is likely to spin less around chips and pitches, which can be improved over time.

Around the Green

Soft Feel has an ionomer Cover that is really thin and soft, which provides maximum control on your greenside shots.

Srixon’s is a better product than competitors’ as it can cover a great distance and outperforms rivals such as Callaway and Titleist when it comes to stopping power. It is durable (has a long life) and has a soft feel cover that is unmatched. You can grab one of these on Amazon.

Srixon’s major downside is that it doesn’t stop as quickly as other golf balls on the green and is only available in the two-piece build as compared to a three-piece.



As a popular 2-piece ball, Srixon Soft Feel is built for distance and the bottom line is that it is one of the greatest advances when it comes to golf technology. It is one of the top-ranked golf balls that provide good value for money.

 3  Bridgestone e12 Soft Golf Balls – Excellent Distance and High Flight Control

The Bridgestone e12 Soft has been made after 12 years of research and development and it shows. Bridgestone has created a ball that optimizes performance with its different features. It maintains its soft feel without compromising on other characteristics by using superior materials and technology.

Let’s look into it in detail:


As reported by most golfers, the feel of this ball is very enjoyable. Golfers who have used other golf balls claim that the Bridgestone Golf e12 has an addictive feel to it when held.

It is soft, but not mushy like other versions of Bridgestone Golf e12. There is a cohesive bond between the softcore and cover that when a force is applied, high energy is created.

Short Game

It has a spin representative of a non-urethane/Surlyn cover ball. This deems the ball to be more fit for pitch and run shots as compared to rollbacks.

Long Game

These balls have always been focused on the long game. They tend to be ideally suitable for the long game as their spin is low. They cover a straight flight and there is a lot of ball speed.

E12 Softballs have a very low spin off the driver and have varied speeds for different categories of swingers. For fast swinging players, it has maximum speed and low spin. For slow swinging players, it has a slow speed and a slight spin.


As far as the distance driver is concerned, e12 Soft has a really low driver spin. Although the cover provides for low sidespin, it has good backspin numbers too. Its Surlyn cover is desirable around the green.


E12 Soft has a high flight because it has a higher spin rate than other golf balls that have been tried and tested. e12 soft again had very good results with drives.

There are many benefits to owning this golf ball. It provides accuracy, vast distance, and a competitive advantage to the golfer while playing. Furthermore, as already mentioned, this ball just feels nice.

It is counted as one of the best balls available for beginners and comes in many colors. It has a delta-dimple pattern, enabling it to minimize drag and create a smoother flow of air during the ball’s flight.

Lastly, it also possesses the most desired benefit that everyday, average golfer wants: affordability. A Bridgestone e12 golf ball is not expensive and a pack of one dozen balls can be bought at a very low price. You can grab one of these from Amazon.

While it may be believed that the Surlyn cover is durable, it is also true that it does not possess high durability as in case of a hard hit, it may get scuffed on the edges. It is also not recommended for people who want high spin rates. Furthermore, when using the putt and chin technique, the ball can be very loud.



The Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft provides a good approach to spin and has a soft feel. The best part is that it keeps to its line and does not hook or slice easily. The e12 balls are specifically known for their accuracy and maintaining a straight line as well as a perfect angle.

 4  Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls – Great value for the money

The Vice Pro Soft balls are specifically designed for average players with low to mid swing speeds. These balls are relatively softer, longer, and have a higher trajectory than other balls. They provide unmatched feel and feedback, but that’s not all.

Read on for a comprehensive analysis:


It has an extra soft, enhanced feel along with excellent feedback and impact response. Hence, all in all, it has an extraordinary feel. It is considered to be the softest amongst all the versions of Vice balls. It gives the feel of a urethane ball when it comes to off the putter.

Short Game

Just like Vice’s Tour, the Pro offers a good spin on both wedge shots and pitches. If we compare the two options of Tour and Pro, it is Pro that spins the most, particularly because of its soft urethane cover.

Long Game

When it comes to the long game, the Drive and Pro have a slight difference in spin rates. While Drive spins the least, there is a difference of 200 rotations per minute (RPM) between the Pro and Drive. This difference was noted to be consistent between the two versions.

The Vice Pro Soft has a 3-piece construction and its design is such that it can cover maximum distance off the tee. Moreover, it has an extraordinary feel as well as control near the greens. Apart from this, its soft feel can be attributed to its low compression core.

What’s more to this is that the dimple pattern on the ball allows for the ball’s flight stability. It is available in 3 different colors and as compared to other premium offerings, Vice Pro is an affordable golf ball. Grab Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls from Amazon here.

Vice Pro Soft is still a relatively unknown ball. As such, it is still not popular amongst the masses and there is a lack of reviews to go with when making a purchase decision.



For the numerous benefits that it offers, Vice Pro Soft can be a good choice for an everyday golfer. However, it hasn’t been advertised much to create a name for itself. Despite this, for a moderately-priced ball having decent features, this ball is a good option.

 5  TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls – Best for mid to low handicapper

Known as the best value Tour quality ball, Project (a) is for high-achieving golfers. This golf ball is rated for 8 to 18 handicaps, making it fall in the category of top golf balls.

It is especially suitable for mid handicappers who desire more spin. With a 322-dimple urethane cover, it has a tour-caliber greenside control. It has a urethane cover which gives the soft and smooth feel of a tour ball while putting.

Short Game

With a spin like that of a top, TaylorMade Project (a) has the same spin whether it is a full swing or a pitch. For someone with Project (a) skills, it is possible to make any type of shot one wishes.

Long Game

Its spin characteristics are similar to a typical tour ball. The spin is sufficient to give your shots shape if you like, and this spin is also enough to hold the green.

Project (a) are well-made balls that can last a long time and are hence known to be durable. As compared to other balls, they fly very straight. Their price-to-performance ratio is unmatched by any other golf ball. Check the current price of Amazon by clicking here.

For someone who has used Project (a) however, they are clearly not one of the highest launching balls ever tried and tested.



TaylorMade Project (a) is a good option for a golf ball if other options on the buying list are exhausted. Available in white and yellow colors, these golf balls are good performers and provide very good value for money.

It is particularly suitable for people with driver swing speeds which are lower than 100 miles per hour. Keep this golf ball on your list as it is also an all-rounder ball, if not the best one.

 6  Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls – Distance with driver is very good

Titleist Tour Soft is an all-rounder golf ball that gives a soft feel, provides long shots, and gives a quality spin. Titleist is one of the most popular golf ball manufacturers in the market and it is Pro V1 and Pro V1x have taken over professional tours globally.

However, they did not disappoint any type of golfer and have a wide range of golf balls available for golfers who prefer different swing speeds and golf swings.


Titleist Tour is softer than Pro V1 and has a lower pitch sound which also explains its feel. Titleist Tour keeps its promise when it comes to “off the putter.”


It has a very high spin rate and a compression rating of 65. Moreover, it also has enhanced spin control.

Long Game

Tour Soft is comparable to premium golf balls when it comes to launching monitor testing and on-course play. Some testers concluded after a stretch of a very good ball-striking that Tour Soft was very long on the course. It also has a very consistent driver spin. On a test, its spin numbers were average but they were very consistent.

Short Game

When it comes to the short game, non-urethane covered balls are a failure compared to the Tour balls. This is particularly very true for Tour Soft which happens to be a success.

If you want to maximize the results from your short spin game, then you should go for a urethane-covered ball. When it comes to a urethane-covered golf ball, then Tour Soft is a very good choice.

Titleist Tour Soft performs exceptionally well when it comes to durability. Its core is large and its thin external layer provides a very soft feel. Tour Soft’s ball flight is considerably high to be able to stop on the greens — an option mostly not found in competitors’ golf balls. You can grab one of these on Amazon.

It’s more expensive than some of its competitors and is only best for swings under 100 MPH.



Tour Soft is one of the best golf balls for the everyday average golfer who prefers durability and value for money in a ball over and above other factors.

 7  Snell MTB Black Golf Balls – As good as Pro V but much cheaper

Snell balls are well known amongst the golfing community for providing excellent performance. The MTB Black has a feel and durability that is incomparable and undoubtedly one of the best. Also, the dimples on the ball allow for solid short game control.

The Snell MTB Black is a tour-caliber golf ball covered with urethane and has a very good performance that is on par with its price.

In contrast to the other balls available in the market, the Snell MTB Black has a premium feel to it, thanks to its urethane cover. Its impact sound has a deep pitch which can be considered “solid”  compared to the Snell MTB Red.

Long Game

As compared to MTB Red, there are fewer rotations per minute (RPM) in MTB Black — precisely, 150 fewer RPM. Furthermore, it also has a penetrating flight that is preferred by high-performing golfers.

Short Game

It has a higher spin than Titleist’s Pro V1. The distinction between the MTB Black and Pro V1 is that of 130 RPM on an average basis.

It has a fast core and it can cover huge distances. It provides additional speed and it also has a reduced spin. The ball can make a stable flight due to its low drag and lift which enhances its performance thereby making it likable and worthy of buying. You can grab one of these from Amazon.

The soft feel of the ball may be best suited only to beginners, but it is not liked by all golfers as they have to make compromises when it comes to the distance.



The Snell MTB Black can be an ideal option for golfers searching for premium golf balls.

Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know

There are certain factors that must be taken into consideration when buying a golf ball. You do not just buy a golf ball blindly without taking into account its features or pricing. Some careful analysis must be done based on your situation and preferences so that you buy the golf ball best suited to your golfing skills and needs.

Golf Balls for Everyday Average Golfer

Let’s take a look at the key selection criteria:

If you are a golfer, you would be well aware and informed about the accuracy of performance. Accuracy plays a vital role when it comes to scores and game enjoyment.

Shot accuracy can be improved by practice, obviously, but choosing the right golf ball will only enhance your performance levels. Keeping the same direction and accuracy results in fewer strokes, which also results in a lower handicap.

A golf ball is replaced many times. Even if the ball is not lost, it tends to scuff and so needs to be replaced regularly. Prices can vary as per construction methods and different brands. The golf ball you choose depends mainly on your budget.

The good news is that you can keep your costs under control by choosing the golf ball that is best suited to your budget.

If you select an expensive ball and are prone to losing it each time, it is advisable to go for a less expensive one. This will help you stay pocket-friendly and reduce regrets even if you lose the ball.

Distance is one of the most significant factors when it comes to golf ball selection. It basically depends on the type of golfer and how much distance they prefer. Some balls are made for distance, while others are made for control. You have to know what area you need more improvement in to make a decision.

Durability has also been one of the most important factors of consideration while purchasing a golf ball and it has been discussed time and again. Always make sure to buy a golf ball that can last you several rounds. Choosing a ball that will be replaced after every 9 holes can be a very costly decision for you.

With every strike, the ball is likely to be worn out, especially when a lot of spin takes place. Even before the ball wears out, it will either become damaged or lost. Therefore, the points to be considered while looking at ball durability are the ball’s outer layer and its construction or makeup.

Considering the brand name before buying a product is a decision that applies to almost all types of products. A brand name matters a lot while you are purchasing your next golf ball. The top 7 brands have been discussed in detail in this article.

There are many brands out there, with each and every one of these brands possessing unique features. Some brands have been around for a while and have made their way in the “premium” category while others are still establishing a foothold on the basis of research and development.

The Top Golf Balls for Average Golfers: FAQ

There are some of the questions that come up in the everyday, average golfer’s mind. They are discussed below.

✅ Do Golf Balls Make a Difference for Average Golfers?

Golf balls make a difference to an average golfer based on their consistency. An average golfer should choose a golf ball that gives them consistent performance and they know what to expect out of it. When they are comfortable with the golf ball in every aspect, the golf ball will make a difference to them.

✅ What Are the Best Golf Balls for the Average Golfer?

The top golf balls for average players are Srixon Soft Feel, Wilson Staff Fifty Elite, and TaylorMade Noodle.

✅ Who Should Use a Low Compression Golf Ball?

Low-compression golf balls should be considered by people who have slow swing speeds but are good golfers. They are for people who wish to achieve proper launch and spin rates. This is usually applicable to senior golfers.


On the basis of our evaluation, Callaway Golf Supersoft is the best golf ball because it’s more reasonably priced than the other balls. You can grab Callaway Golf Supersoft on Amazon.

As such, it can be purchased by an average and everyday golfer. It provides a high-quality performance regardless of the price and is well-suited to most golfers. You may also like Snell MTB Black Golf Balls from Amazon.

After considering our best golf balls for average golfers and the buyer’s guide, you should be able to pick out a ball based on your budget and preferences.

Happy Golfing!

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