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Vice Golf Balls ReviewThere is a reason golf is considered to be one of the best sports in the world. Be it physical exercise or mental activeness, golf is definitely going to transform your body.

Of course, if you are truly considering immersing yourself in this sport, you need to equip yourself with the best possible equipment.

Check out our in-depth Vice Golf Balls review to find out why you should add them to your collection.

In A Hurry? (Here is the Best Pick)

Not only are these quite affordable, but these make golf more fun than ever before. This makes them better from all their competitors, including Kirkland, Callaway Chrome Soft, and Pro V1x.

However, before you take your pick, you must know which ball is best for you according to your skills and preferences. Read on to find out more!

Quick Overview – Top 3 Best Vice Golf Balls

  1. Vice Pro Golf Balls This golf ball falls in Vice’s Pro Soft White series. It has a High Energy Speed Core ensuring that the ball can streak through the wind Furthermore, this Vice golf ball has a 3 cast urethane cover with a 318 dimple design intended to increase the trajectory’s speed.
  2. Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls This Pro Soft White ball is known for its durability. Well within the affordable range, it has been designed to bring maximum comfort and convenience to the player. Not only does it have an extremely soft feel to it, but it also has a dual casing. This 336-dimple Vice golf ball can also be effectively used for lower flight and even extra distance.
  3. Vice Golf Pro Soft Golf Balls Falling in one of Vice’s Pro Soft Lime series, this ball is an incredibly attractive and perfect choice for those who want to detect their golf ball from afar. The neon lime golf ball is incredibly durable and has low compression. Its 3 piece urethane cover makes it a hard choice to pass over.

6 Best Vice Golf Balls Review In 2020

Golfers often have complaints about the distance the golf balls can manage. You should not be surprised to see them criticizing a ball for its lacking durability or strength. Vice is here to solve all these issues. These golf balls offer such a diverse range of skills and features that you are bound to find one that suits your needs.

 1  Vice Pro Golf Balls – Better than Pro V1

This golf ball belongs to Vice’s Pro White series. It has made it to our list because it is known for its incredible resistance, despite being quite soft. Additionally, the Pro Golf Balls are extremely durable. They will definitely save you the trouble of changing a ball every now and then by lasting for many rounds.

The Pro Golf Ball is the perfect choice for people who consider durability to be of the utmost importance. This is because the Pro Golf Ball can deal with long distances without wearing down. If you are looking forward to making the perfect short pitch shots and approach shots, this is the ideal ball for you.

The Good

Vice has designed this ball especially to deal with great distances. Additionally, it has a 3 piece cast urethane cover and a High Energy Speed Core. With a 318 large dimple design ensuring a stable trajectory, this ball has passed the tests of resistance. Vice’s S2TG technology ensures that the player has the perfect green grabbing control.

Vice also gives you an opportunity to get your own customized golf balls. This means that you can get anything printed on your Vice Pro Golf Ball, be it a name, symbol, or a picture.

The Bad

This golf ball might be a bit expensive for a frequent golfer. Moreover, the Pro Golf Ball is also not equipped to handle extremely cold weather. It may not be for everyone, especially when it comes to its spinning capacity.


  • The ball eases control adjustments
  • It offers perfect distance control
  • They are cheaper in bulk


  • Spinning capacity might be low for some

The Vice Pro Golf Ball is a good choice for those who know exactly what they want and do not want to waste their time with experimentation. If you are tired of using golf balls like the Callaway Chrome Soft, going for the Vice Pro Golf Ball will definitely revive your faith in the sport again. If you are confused about Vice golf balls vs Kirkland golf balls, this ball is generally considered to be better since it offers a better spin as well.

 2  Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls – Plays Like a Titleist Pro V1x

This ball is a part of the Pro White series and has an incredibly soft feel to it. Compared to the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls, the Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball is a better choice since it can handle the distance and spin features more efficiently.

The Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls are quite strong and have the ability to cover great distances. They are known to surpass other companies when it comes to durability. These golf balls have been laid in the same line as the Pro V1x. This is not exactly surprising since the Vice Pro Plus golf balls have emerged at the top in the tests

The Good

This ball has a 336 dimple design. It also has a dual casing which ensures a lower ball flight as well as the ability to cover vast distances. It works well in most weathers, be it hot, dry or windy. This ball is also especially good at spin control.

The Pro Plus Golf Balls are known for their quality. Despite being available in an affordable range, Vice has ensured that these golf balls are made from the strongest material. Hence, these balls are pretty useful if you want to invest your hard-earned money in something that will last for a long time.

The quality complements the durability of the Vice Pro Plus. Therefore, these balls can take multiple hits without getting damaged in any way.

The Bad

Its trajectory may be affected in exceptional circumstances. Performance might be slightly affected in wet weather but nothing too drastic. Some people may criticize it for its paint quality.


  • Available in four-packs of three
  • Much easier to control
  • Designed to ensure a high-level durability


  • May not compress as much as other balls

In terms of Vice golf balls vs Pro v1x, this ball is better since it is an equally good product with improved affordability. Furthermore, the Pro Plus Golf Ball is a great choice for professionals and golf enthusiasts who want the best quality products. Many golfers prefer this ball since they believe it is more durable than the Callaway Chrome Soft as well.

 3  Vice Golf Pro Soft Golf Balls – Best Value for the Money

This falls into the category of Vice’s Pro Soft Lime Series. It stands distinct from Callaway Chrome Soft and Pro V1x when it comes to durability, reliability, and overall quality prospects.

This golf ball is available in neon lime, red and white colors. It is an ideal choice for amateurs and experts alike. This golf ball has been designed keeping in mind all the modern and leading golfing preferences. For this reason, the Vice Golf Pro Soft Golf Ball is a good choice if you have especially if you have a limited budget.

The Good

Vice has designed this ball with a 3 piece urethane cover. Additionally, it also has a low compression feature, which serves to ensure a soft and responsive feel. The lime color makes it easily detectable as well. It has been made with a 336 simple design.

The Pro Soft has been designed keeping in mind different skill levels. Since these golf balls are neither extremely heavy nor light, they are quite a user friendly as well. Their cost-effectiveness is another factor that tips the scale in their favor. To summarize, the Pro Soft Gold Balls have made a reputation for themselves in respect to the following features:

  • Latest design
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective

The Bad

It may get damaged after consistent and excessive use. Thereby, it is not a choice for professionals who want a product that is good for long-term use. Instead, professionals can use it for fruitful practice. It can get dirty comparatively quickly, so you might need to keep some washing tools with you nearby.


  • It is quite durable
  • Has a matte external coating
  • It has great quality


  • The covers are comparatively thinner

The Vice Pro Soft Golf Ball has been designed to deal with great distances and to serve the golfer’s comfort and convenience. Additionally, it is better than Pro V1x since it has been specifically and specially designed for experts with medium or low swing speeds.

 4  Vice Golf Tour Golf Balls – Surprisingly Awesome

Vice has designed the Tour Golf Balls to offer the best quality product at an easily affordable price. Indeed, its cost-effectiveness is one of its most striking features.

The Vice Tour Golf Balls have the ability to deal with all sorts of swing speeds.  These have been awarded a high rank on all quality charts due to their incredible durability. Moreover, these have been designed to serve all the features of an exemplary modern golfing experience.

The Good

The 392 aerodynamic dimple design offers more stability than most of the other golf balls, including the ones manufactured by Callaway. Other than being extremely durable, Vice’s Tour Golf Balls can maintain a consistent and stable flight

This package has a dozen golf balls in it. The set is definitely a good investment since it offers the utmost durability and stability. Moreover, it has proven to perform quite well without any extra effort on the golfer’s part.

The following features of the Tour Golf Balls make these quite rare and attractive choices:

  • A thin yet resistant cover
  • These are made from the strongest surlyn
  • They have more dimples than the usual golf ball

The Bad

Some golfers complain that the surface is too hard. For them, this factor causes some shots to go astray. These might be a bit difficult to handle for a beginner golfer but more experienced golfers can manage well.


  • Perfect greenside control
  • It has a 3 piece DuPont Surlyn Construction
  • Ideal for minimum dispersion and long carry


  • They can be quite heavy for some golfers

These have been designed to have a remarkably gentle feel to them. People choose to go for the Vice Tour Golf Balls since they have quite a stable trajectory. Furthermore, these golf balls are capable of dealing with crosswinds as well. They may have an effect similar to that of the Pro V1X, but their affordability awards them a higher rank.

 5  Vice Golf Drive Golf Balls – Best Amateur Balls for the Cost

If you are thinking about starting golf, these golf balls will be perfect. These can be quite useful for a golfer with a low to medium clubhead speed as well.

The Drive Golf Balls are very strong and durable. This is because Vice has designed these to take multiple hits. Vice’s Drive Golf Balls are also easy, convenient, and comfortable to use. This sleek set is perhaps the strongest out of most golf balls. It is the perfect choice for long term use and those who prefer equipment that can be used for rough and tough work.

The Good

The Dupont Surlyn cover offers the golf balls an incredible level of durability as practice balls. Additionally, the golf balls have been designed with the strongest plastic mixture. This makes the golf ball quite immune to damages as well.

The Drive Golf Balls are very good for people with different skill levels. They are available at a very affordable price. The golf balls are also appreciated because of their paint quality. It offers a strong immunity against scratches and other damaging factors. Similarly, the paint makes the golf ball quite visually appealing as well. The positive features of this ball can be summarized in the following factors:

  • Great quality
  • Tested for durability
  • Versatile use
  • Cost-effective and easily affordable
  • Visually appealing and easily detectable

The Bad

Some people think that this ball is too hard and hence requires more effort to use. It may take some time for the player to adjust to these golf balls.


  • Has an optimal drive length
  • Easily visible and detectable
  • These have a special symmetrical dimpled structure


  • These will not do much to increase an expert’s skills

These come in a dozen sets, and this factor makes it good for practice time. While it has a similar compression to that of the Pro V1x, this is definitely the better choice owing to its high durability levels. These will work perfectly in all weather, and so you should allow them to accompany you on your journey to golf expertise.

 6  Vice Golf Ball Select Variety Pack – High Performing, Flashy, and Fun!

Vice’s Variety Pack has attracted a lot of positive attention. This is because it offers a lot of choices and opportunities while still remaining in an affordable range.

With various different types of balls in it, the Vice Select Variety Pack offers a complete deal.  If you want to test Vice golf balls, this pack is going to make things way easier since it has ten Vice Premium Golf Balls. With two golf balls of each model, Vice has definitely set a mark with this Variety Pack.

All Vice golf balls are subjected to testing administered by a robot. The Golf Laboratories’ robot is the best at testing speed, torque, and power.

The Good

This pack works for both experts and amateurs. Despite the quantity, the quality is topnotch. The package deal has been reviewed to be more useful than those introduced by Kirkland or Callaway. These balls definitely increase your range by a lot as well.

Vice has designed this set for versatile and convenient use. With different types of golf balls, this set is considered to be a jackpot since the variety is great for both professional and amateur use.


  • Vice Pro
  • Vice Pro Plus
  • Vice Pro Soft
  • Vice Tour
  • Vice Drive
  • 8 Golf Digest Gold Medal Balls

The Bad

Some people think that buying separate golf balls is a better option if you are not an avid golfer since it might end up being a waste of money. A few people have also argued that the Variety Pack can improve a bit more when it comes to reliability and durability.


  • Great performance
  • Perfect matte finishing
  • Sleek packaging


  • Difficult to clean

The smooth golf balls guarantee a good golfing experience. If you are looking for more options but you are working on a limited budget then the Variety Pack should definitely be on your list. It should also be noted that this variety pack allows you to expand your golfing experience through five varieties of different golf balls – it is unlikely for you to find a better deal elsewhere.

Vice Golf Balls Review: Buyer’s Guide

A common dilemma among golfers when it comes to selecting golf balls is about the factors that will suit them well. Different features are targeted at different play ability levels.

Vice Golf Ball Reviews

For selecting a Vice golf ball that will be a good fit for you, we have provided a buyer’s guide.


Spin is basically how golf balls react when they are suspended in the air. This factor determines the quality and distance of shots. Different spin levels are preferred by different golfers.

Lower spin golf balls will decrease side spin of shots. This will translate into straighter shots. Although such balls will not travel a greater distance, they provide enhanced roll upon landing. Hence, low spin balls are recommended for players who are vying for more distance on the ground and prefer straighter shots. Vice Tour balls are designed to promote lower spin rates.

On the contrary, high spin golf balls increase the spin of your shots. Such balls provide increased performance on the greens. If hit right, they can carry long distances. These golf balls are desired by mostly professionals. For high spin rates, you can look at the Vice Pro Plus golf balls.


Compression is an important factor that affects the quality of your game. It indicates how tightly the threads are wounded with the core. This factor is indicated numerically. A variety of brands offer either low or high compression.

Higher compression balls promote greater control over shots. They are mostly used by players with faster swing speeds. On the other hand, low compression balls offer a soft feel and tend to compress more to cover a greater distance.

It is vital to look at compression ratings of golf balls and choose the one depending on your skill level and preferences.


Dimples are another specification you will see mentioned. As they are present on the ball’s cover, some may believe dimples are added just for looks. In reality, they are added to work against air drag. They promote a smoother flight in the air, thereby improving your quality of shots. Vice has used this technique in a variety of balls including the Pro Soft and Tour golf balls.


Every golfer will be attracted to balls that can be easily tracked in the air or ground in any weather condition. This is why brands are launching golfing balls in a variety of colors to make golfing an all-weather sport. For this purpose, the Vice Pro Soft golf balls have a matte neon finish, making them easily visible.

Tour Performance

Tour performance balls are designed to increase control and feel. Their core and mantle layers interact with each other to achieve this feature. You can check out Vice Tour balls if this is a priority for you.


You have a choice between balls that feel hard and soft. Hard golf balls will hit harder and cover a greater distance, but such balls often compromise on control. On the other hand, soft balls will work the opposite by promoting greater control. For a soft feel, we recommend the Vice Pro Soft balls.

Vice Golf Balls: FAQs

When looking for the perfect golf ball, you first have to consider your own needs and preferences. Here, the surface, weight, or quality of the golf ball has to be taken into account. Similarly, the spinning strength of the ball will be a feature of value in the selection process. Moreover, the reliability and durability factors will also influence your final choice.

✅ Which Vice Golf Ball Is Like Pro V1x?

Vice’s Pro Soft Golf Balls are the most similar to the Pro V1x. Not only does the Pro Soft have the closest number of dimples, but it also has a similar high spinning feature.

✅ Are Vice Golf Balls USGA Legal?

All Vice golf balls are made in accordance with the USGA. Additionally, they also conform to R&A. Hence, they comply with all the relevant legal principles which means Vice golf balls can be used in any tournament globally.

✅ How Do Vice Golf Balls Compare to Titleist?

They are quite similar to each other. Titleist is very slightly ahead of Vice. Tests regarding distance, accuracy, spin, launch, and ball speed have attested to the fact. It is important to note that the difference is quite minute. If you are looking for a golf ball within a more affordable budget, then the Vice golf balls are still the perfect option for you.


In the end, we recommend Vice Golf Ball Select Variety Pack because this offers you different types of golf balls, all in one pack. Whether it is for a regular golfer or a mere beginner, the Variety Pack offers a chance to experiment with five different types of golf balls. Each and every item in this pack has great quality. Moreover, all the contents of the Variety Pack have passed the tests of durability, strength, accuracy, comfort, and convenience.

Vice also offers a brilliant price deal for it, which only makes this an even more attractive choice. However, if you do not like this option, you can always go for Vice Golf Pro Soft Golf Balls. These are great in terms of spin and distance. They are better in terms of cost-effectiveness as well. The Pro Soft works perfectly well for professionals and amateurs alike.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve read all the Vice golf balls reviews, now order them for yourselves and get ready for the best-golfing experience ever!

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