Kirkland Golf Balls Review In 2023 – The Modern Balata?

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If you are looking for your next golf ball, read up on our Kirkland golf balls review.

Every golfer will relate to the struggle of finding equipment that suits their skill level and style. When it comes to a golf ball, certain factors come into play before deciding on the final purchase.

These range from material used in the ball to flight distance. These factors affect game quality, so choosing the best ball is no joke.

Kirkland golf balls created a stir in the market owing to their design, performance, and value for money. In this guide, we have reviewed the options available and provided a buyer’s guide so that you know what you need to before buying.

Kirkland golf balls review

Quick Overview – Top 2 Kirkland Balls

  1. Kirkland Signature 3 Piece: One of the most popular offered by Kirkland, it provides good value for money. Its features include a durable polyurethane cover and a 338-dimple pattern. It is aimed at the average golf player.
  2. Kirkland Signatures 4 Piece: These golf balls sold off quickly as soon as they were launched. Designed meticulously with 4-piece construction, they are aimed at advanced-level players looking for an additional spin. Their features include a urethane cover and a 360-degree dimple design.

Costco Golf Balls Overview

There are mainly two types of Kirkland golf balls in the market. These are the currently available Kirkland 3-piece and their legacy design, the Kirkland 4-piece.

To help you determine whether they will be a good fit for you, we have reviewed them in detail. With this information, you will be more confident in your purchase and will be able to make a comparison of Kirkland 3 pieces vs. 4 pieces.

 1  Kirkland Signature 3 Piece – Added an Extra 20 Yards

This product attracts a lot of attention for all the right reasons. If you ever had any experience with golf or are planning to step into this sport, you will know how expensive high-quality golfing equipment can be. So, any product with a cheap price tag turns heads.

However, you often get what you pay for. Luckily, the Kirkland Signature 3-piece golf ball by Costco is not only affordable but durable and high quality as well.

Let’s begin with the basics of these balls. They are designed with respect to the playing abilities of an average golfer. Such a player looks for medium speed around the fairway and off the tees, so these balls feature medium spin capabilities.

Coming to its 3-piece construction, the core is made from a highly elastic and soft rubber material. This translates to maximum distance. Its mantle is built to cooperate with the softcover for generating optimized spin and wedge shots.

Its cover features a 338-dimple pattern made from soft polyurethane cover. This design gives spin and good control on the fairway.

Moreover, these balls have a premium appearance. They are available in white with black and red writing on the cover.

The Good

We admire these golf balls from Costco for several reasons. The price tags are certainly appealing, but the company didn’t cut corners on quality. Kirkland products are widely admired for exactly this reason. Additionally, these balls help players improve their shots by promoting control and distance.

The Bad

There are some minor issues with these balls. Some golfers complain that the softcover is prone to scratching.



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We recommend the Kirkland 3-piece balls for players who are looking to gain an optimized spin. With increased greenside control, its 3-piece build is ideal for many players. You will be getting good value out of this purchase.

 2  Kirkland Signatures 4 Piece – Not a Pro V1 but Close

One wouldn’t normally associate Costco’s name with golfing. However, when Costco launched its 4-piece golf ball, it turned heads in the golfing arena. Since Costco’s name is known for quality and affordability, these balls witnessed high sales.

As the name indicates, the 4-piece has incorporated four layers to increase the number and quality of shots.

This ball is built to match the quality of a tour-quality golf ball. Its 4-piece construction is designed for players vying for a softer feel and more control on the golf course.

Its cover is made of urethane and features a 360-degree dimple design. This construction results in a soft feel and better durability than many other options in the market. The mantle works with the cover to improve the player’s spin rate.

The outer core and large, softcore are engineered to maximize energy transfer at the time of impact, which enhances distance.

The Good

When it comes to game balls, many golfers prefer a 4-piece construction. Such designs take the game to a whole new level and enhance shots significantly. The Kirkland Signature 4-piece ball performs this job well, making it a favorite of many. Moreover, it is available at lower prices than its counterparts — so losing one in the pond doesn’t hurt your wallet in addition to your pride.

The Bad

Unfortunately, their supply is short. These balls are not listed on the Costco website anymore, but you can still buy them through third-party sellers.



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As per our Kirkland golf balls review 4 pieces, these balls deliver everything a golfer wants: control, distance, and speed. Thus, if you find them being offered by any third party, do buy them.

Buyer’s Guide

There are many aspects of Kirkland that you might want to know about, ranging from how they are made to how they compare against each other. If you’re interested in knowing more about these balls, you’re in the right place.

Kirkland Golf Balls


When it comes to selecting balls, distance tops the list of features to consider. Kirkland golf balls have a large core, which maximizes energy transfer. As a result, you can increase the distance covered by the ball without compromising on control.

For beginners with slow swing speeds, this ball is a good fit. It is meant for high performance as well, so it works out great for professionals too. Honestly, we’re quite impressed with this ball.


Spin is another factor that is looked at while selecting a ball. Basically, it means how a ball acts while it is suspended in the air. This affects the quality of your shots.

Costco focused on this factor and introduced guttie balls with a high-grade spin performance and good control. While most balls make a trade-off between distance and spin, the unique aspect of Kirkland Signature golf balls is that even with improved spin, they don’t compromise on distance.

Playability Level

There is a gap in the market when it comes to designing low-priced balls for professional players. When Costco initially launched its 4-piece design, it was intended for the professional or advanced player who’s on a budget.

However, it became popular with amateurs as well. It does take time for beginners to adjust to the technology incorporated in these balls, but they are worth a try.

Contrary to the 4-piece design, the 3-piece version is well suited for all skill levels.


As far as durability is concerned, there are some reservations about Kirkland’s designs. To provide a soft feel, for the outer layer of the Signature 4-piece, urethane was used. It is prone to scrapes when played over an extended period.

However, in the 3-piece, Kirkland used polyurethane, which has enhanced durability.


This is the strongest trait of the Kirkland balls. They are cheaper than many other alternatives and provide good value for money.

Are Kirkland Golf Balls Soft and Are They Made?

Since the construction of these balls makes them stand out, it is prudent to take a closer look at how they are made.

Generally, these balls are classified by the layers used in their construction. Kirkland launched a 3-piece and 4-piece design comprising of a core, mantle, and cover. The benefits of both these designs are manyfold, the most important of which is more control and an improved feel.

The core of these balls is soft, which results in an improved feel and speed. Also, it is elastic to enhance distance on drives.

The second layer is called the mantle. Many golfers complain about a 2-piece construction, which is why Kirkland included a tight mantle layer connected to the core. You will notice its effects if you play iron or wedge shots with these balls.

As for the cover, synthetic rubber is used, which gives better control on the greens.

Costco Kirkland Signature Golf Balls 3 Piece Vs. 4 Piece

There are some differences between both balls that you need to know in order to make a decision.


Since their launch, there have been many common queries regarding the Kirkland golf balls. Having expounded upon their highlights and characteristics, we’ll answer some of these frequently asked questions.

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?

Many are interested in knowing the story behind these much-hyped balls, so here is a quick answer. You've probably heard of Costco. It is known (and widely loved) for offering quality products at affordable prices. In 2016, Costco launched its signature golf balls to provide a low-cost but premium-quality alternative to golfers. First, Costco launched the Kirkland Signature 4-Piece Balls, which sold out quickly. They were manufactured by Nassau Golf Co. Ltd. Next, it introduced its Signature 3-Piece Golf Balls. They also got fame due to their performance and price. They are produced by the American subsidiary of the Korean company SM Global LLC. Currently, the 4-piece golf balls are sold through third-party retailers online, whereas the 3-piece balls are available on Costco stores and website.

Is the Kirkland Golf Ball Good?

While selecting any golfing equipment, do look at its features and design. You need to analyze your playing preferences and budget and make a decision accordingly. We have covered the pros and cons of the Kirkland golf balls above, but let’s give a quick rundown again. The Kirkland balls provide a good feel, distance, spin, and control. Their only drawback is related to the durability of the outer cover. Since they don’t cost much, they would be a good purchase overall. Golfers who have tried these balls quickly became fond of them.

Why are Costco Golf Balls So Popular?

All high-end golfing equipment seems to be expensive, and getting a high-quality product means having to spend more money. To provide a low-priced yet high-quality alternative, Costco stepped in. Pretty much any 3-piece or 4-piece ball has a steep price attached to it, but the Kirkland 3-piece is an exception. Thanks to their affordability and good performance, Costco’s 4-piece and 3-piece are popular with diverse levels of players.


Finding golf balls that provide both value and quality is challenging. We have done our best to help you in this regard by providing an honest review. We recommend buying them because, in terms of value for money, these balls reign supreme. Other striking features that attract golfers are enhanced control and optimized spin.

When it comes to Kirkland Signature 3 Piece Vs. Kirkland Signatures 4 Piece, the choice depends on your playability level and preferences. Advanced players tend to adjust quickly to the 4-piece design. For more value and beginner-friendly design, we recommend getting the Kirkland Signature 3-piece.

All in all, these balls are worth a try. Our review and buying guide will help you make an informed decision.

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