Titleist Tour Soft Review In 2021: Longer, Straighter and Compression

Titleist tour soft reviewAre you a mid-level handicap player looking to join the elite echelon of golfers?

Then what you might need is a forgiving ball. Some golfers might not admit it very openly, but every top golfer has used the assistance of these balls to improve their game.

One option for a forgiving golf ball on the market is Titleist Tour Soft. It is an all-rounder ball that allows the golfer to improve their distance without sacrificing too much control.

But is it the best ball in this category? Let us find out in this Titleist Tour Soft review.

Here are the top 7 best Titleist golf balls for 2021:

  1. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls
  2. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls
  3. Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls
  4. Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls
  5. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls
  6. Titleist AVX Golf Balls
  7. Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls

Quick Overview – Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

  • Titleist Tour Soft 2019 – As the name suggests, it is a soft ball that also provides a lot of distance. The added length is because of the larger core used by the manufacturers. The softness and outer grip provide good control in a short game. It comes in yellow and green and is truly a versatile ball.
  • Titleist Tour Soft 2020 – The latest version in this family boasts similar features as its predecessor with some enhancements. Distance has been increased as a result of faster speed. However, the softness has remained pretty much the same.

Titleist Tour Soft 2019 Vs. Tour Soft 2020

The two balls are very similar in design and performance. Having made them only a year apart, Titleist has not introduced a lot of changes. However, there are subtle differences in results as highlighted in the table below.

The 2020 version shows more flight consistency than the previous model. Furthermore, it should be noted that the 2020 model has branding that helps in aligning the ball while putting.

Tour Soft 2019
Tour Soft 2020
Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls, Prior Generation, White (One Dozen)
Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls, White, (One Dozen)
Slightly higher than 2019 version
Tour Soft 2019
Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls, Prior Generation, White (One Dozen)
Tour Soft 2020
Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls, White, (One Dozen)
Slightly higher than 2019 version

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball Review In 2021

There are several golf balls on the market that claim to be forgiving. A lot of companies market their balls as forgiving because it is a popular choice among average golfers looking to improve their ranking.

However, not every ball lives up to that reputation.  In the following review, we have analyzed Titleist Tour Soft and see how well it lives up to its reputation.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls – Longer, Straighter and Nice Compression

Titleist Tour Soft is a tour-level, forgiving ball. It is moderately priced and has been designed to compete against other tour-caliber soft balls such as the Srixon AD333 Tour, Callaway Chrome Soft, and TaylorMade Project (a). Titleist is certain that they have launched the best-performing ball at a reasonable price point.

Let us examine how valid is their belief in this series.

The Titleist Tour Soft ball has been made using the largest core Titleist has ever designed. Simple laws of physics tell us that a larger core means a better distance.

Furthermore, it has a 4CE grafted cover that gives a soft and responsive feel to the ball. This cover is made out of a mixture of four different materials and, according to Titleist, is just as thin as a urethane cover.

There are 342 dimples that are spherically tiled with a cuboctahedron design. Long shots made with drivers have high flights and low spin. For the short game, the soft feel and moderate spin combine to provide decent control.

Indeed, the usage of the word ‘Soft’ is enough to get many golfers interested. It should be noted that the Tour Soft series was launched to replace the NXT Tour series. The latter was Titleist’s performance series.

The Good

Most of the performance benefits that Tour Soft has are due to the innovative, large core that it possesses. It provides great speed and distance. Due to the large core, the outer cover has to be made thinner. This gives the ball its characteristic soft feel and provides good control around the greens. The unique dimple design mentioned above leads to consistent performance and a cutting flight.

Soft balls are not usually considered good for distances. However, this ball performs splendidly off the tee. The low-spinning flight of the ball is always smooth and high, making it great for long drives. What’s better is that due to the outer topography, golfers can expect consistent results.

However, as mentioned before, length does not deprive this ball of a good performance around the greens. When you hit this ball with your wedge, it appears as if the ball moves along comfortably. That is when the soft feel of the ball is the most prominent.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball

Another good thing about this line of balls is that they are available in another color. Titleist has launched these balls in yellow as well. Some golfers prefer that as it is easier to find in the rough grass patches.

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Furthermore, it is easier to spot streaking through the sky, giving the golfer a chance to observe their shot trajectory.

However, the color is not the only visual feature of the ball that is helpful – the Tour Soft branding assists the golfer in aligning their putts with a line.

The Bad

Despite the claims of softness, the soft feel isn’t very noticeable when playing shots off the iron. This can be an issue if the golfer is chipping around the greens, where the feel is required. Also, some golfers feel that they have to hit the putts harder than usual during putting.

Furthermore, unfortunately, it is impossible for a Titleist ball to not be compared to Pro V1. Pro V1 is Titleist’s crown jewel, its premium ball. Compared to Pro V1, there isn’t as much spin in the ball.

However, for a low spin ball, the flight is quite sturdy and the grip on the greens is satisfactory to most golfers.

Durability is a bit of a confusing issue with this ball. Some golfers have claimed that there is very minimal scuffing even after prolonged usage. You can play an 18-hole golf course and your ball will still be fine.

On the other hand, there are also a number of people that have complained of scuffing after a few swing shots. Ardent supporters of Tour Soft have tried chalking up such instances as outlying manufacturing errors. However, the number of cases calls the ball’s durability into question.


  • It is a good all-rounder ball.
  • Large core and low spin make it one of the higher-distance balls on the market.
  • The soft feel offsets the lower tendency to spin. Therefore, the ball provides good control around the greens.
  • It comes in a color other than white.


  • It doesn’t feel soft against all the golf clubs. Premium options like Pro V1 provide better control around the greens.
  • Its durability is not reliable.

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Tour Soft is Titleist’s mid-price ball, aimed at averagely ranked handicap golfers. Such mid-handicappers are always looking for better performance and feel. Tour Soft, by its design, is a forgiving ball, focused on improving its user’s game. While no one may want to outrightly admit it, forgiving balls are what improving golfers need.

But why not just buy Titleist’s golden boys, the Pro V1 and Pro V1x? Well, the most straightforward answer is the price. These premium balls can cost you almost 20 dollars more. So, as mentioned before, Tour Soft is the best performing ball in its price range. It performs wonderfully off the tee, and it does a satisfactory job in the short game.

Many golfers will argue that if the price was not an issue, Pro V1 would always be the number one choice. We would respectfully disagree with this statement. As we will discuss later in the buyer’s guide – there is no such thing as a universally perfect ball. It all depends on your preferences and expertise level. Therefore, for a mid-handicapper, a forgiving ball like Soft Tour is a better option than Pro V1. Pro V1 is more for elite golf players looking to fine-tune their game.

In summary, Tour Soft is an all-rounder ball that has been designed to improve your game. If you are a golfer looking to improve their game, you will thoroughly enjoy using this golf ball.

Titleist Tour Soft Review: Buyer’s Guide

While going through the Titleist Tour Soft golf ball review, you would have gathered that a ball’s performance is affected by several factors. You must consider these factors, including a few others, before making a purchase.

titleist tour soft

Buying a golf ball can be an overwhelming decision. As every serious golfer knows – you don’t just pick any ball off the shelf. This is why we have compiled a handy buyer’s guide for you, so you know what to look out for before making a purchase.


We have talked about forgiveness a lot in this article and by now you should have a pretty good idea of what it means. Forgiveness is a broad term, but for the purposes of this guide, we will simplify it to distance and control. Any ball that gives you greater distance and/or better control around the greens is a forgiving ball.

So if you think that distance is where you are lacking in your game, then go for balls that have a reputation for covering large distances. If you are okay with your long game, then you can focus on getting a ball that focuses on your short game.

The short game often requires soft balls, because golfers prefer feeling them before hitting/putting. Indeed, feeling the ball helps players read the greens better and make those close-range putts.  A ball known for its softness would be a good choice then.


Golf is infamous for being a sport for the wealthy. However, no matter how rich you are, you do not want to waste money on balls with the substandard build quality. Therefore, invest in a ball that can stand the length of an 18-hole golf course at least.

Performance Level

We have already touched upon this earlier in the article – your proficiency level plays a big role in deciding the ball that would be perfect for you. We have thoroughly discussed the relation between handicap levels and ball forgiveness required.

Top 10 Things To Consider When Buying Golf Balls
Watch this video on YouTube.

However, if you are a complete beginner and even a high handicap seems far off, then you should invest in the cheapest balls. Master the basics before you move on to better golf balls.


Color helps the golfer see the ball better. A non-white ball can be easier to track through the sky, giving the golfer instant feedback on their shot. Furthermore, it can also be easier to spot on the ground.

Nature of Golf Course

Even the nature and feel of the ground plays a role in what type of ball you should purchase. A hard-surfaced golf course will make the ball travel more naturally. So, forget about distance balls and invest in a high-spin, soft ball. That way you can focus on the greens instead.

Titleist Tour Soft Review: FAQs

After reading so much information, you must feel a little overwhelmed. It is natural to have questions because you want to ensure that you make the right decision. After all, golf balls can be an expensive purchase. Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions by customers like yourself.

✅ Is Titleist Tour Soft a 3 Piece Ball?

No. It has two distinct layers. The core and the 4CE grafted outer cover.

✅ Which Titleist Golf Ball Is the Longest?

While Tour Soft certainly travels large distances, Titleist claims its Velocity ball is the longest.

✅ What Compression Is the Titleist Tour Soft?

Since it is a soft ball, Titleist Tour Soft compression rating is on the lower end i.e. 65.


If you want reliable, all-round performance that will improve your golf game, then Tour Soft is your best friend. Are there better distance balls on the market?

Certainly. Are there balls that are softer than this? Definitely. However, as this Titleist Tour Soft review clearly shows, this combination of performance and price is unprecedented. If you are a mid-handicapper and you have purchased Titleist Tour Soft 2020, then you will be joining the elite group soon.

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