Callaway Hex Tour Soft Review 2023: The Game Changers

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  14 min read

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A professional golfer knows that it takes a lot to get a perfect shot. There are multiple factors involved, and a golf ball can be among the most significant ones that affect your golf game.

Callaway HEX Tour Soft has a specific design that gives golfers the ability to achieve extra power on your launch, as well as more distance and spin in long shots with less drag. Shots will be longer and straighter than from many other balls. This is because of the incredible compression core technology and the surface dimple pattern (which affects aerodynamics) that also gives players more control over the greens, whether you’re playing parkland, links, or desert courses.

We know that golfers are looking for every bit of advantage possible. The Callaway HEX Tour Soft gives you what you’re looking for in a golf ball. It’s everything you need, in the air, off the tee, and on the ground. This one’s got our seal of approval all around, and you shouldn’t hesitate to consider this one bit. Honestly, we just love this ball and believe you will too after you play a couple of rounds with it.

Read this Callaway Hex Tour Soft review to learn more.

Callaway hex tour soft

This Callaway Hex Tour Soft Review Will Change Your Game In 2023

HEX Tour Soft is probably the best golf ball ever produced under the Callaway brand, or maybe the best produced by any golf ball manufacturer. Its high-end build quality, construction, and core technology make it far better than others. Does that sound like hyperbole? It’s not.

No one can argue the fact that this ball is manufactured after intensive research and specs that are hard to beat. Every golf enthusiast will want to try and review this wonder.

Golf doesn’t just involve a golf ball and a golf club, but also, swing speed, strength, power, launch, and ability are all involved in the process of hitting the ball just right to get it to the required distance.

Everything involves both physics and chemistry. Chemistry can be associated with the manufacturing and construction of the ball and the materials used in it. Every golf ball is made with somewhat different techniques and materials. These little changes make big differences such as the dimple pattern, design, thickness, and versatility. Physics comes into play with your swing speed and strength, which will impact the trajectory and accuracy of your ball flight.

Callaway is not a new name in the industry of golf ball manufacturing. The company has been there for more than two decades. The latest product of Callaway is earning the reputation as the best golf ball of 2021. HEX Tour Soft was made after a thorough research as to just what golfers want in a ball.

The technology, material, and engineering used to produce the ball are what make it what it is. Though the changes made to the technology are minor, they make a big difference.

Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf balls are made to make the golfer showcase their performance on the golf course. The HEX Tour Soft golf ball is made to travel a long distance and go in a satisfyingly straight line, mainly because of its frequently discussed core technology from this golf ball manufacturer.

The highly resilient cover of the ball also allows the ball to travel with greater velocity through the air and achieve a longer distance than lesser balls. The cover gives control to the golfers on the greens or even in the rough. Every golfer wants distance and control in a ball and this ball has both in order. These features probably make it the best ball of 2021 so far and offers the biggest impact to your game.

The Good

Callaway HEX Tour Soft, in comparison with other golf balls, may stand out with its amazing core technology. Titleist AVX golf ball is also considered among the best in this price range. Its core is a little bigger than the Callaway HEX Tour Soft.

Both balls are made to travel a longer distance through the air but HEX Tour Soft moves in a relatively straighter line even when using wedges. You can sometimes purchase them at Costco, as well. Callaway HEX Tour Soft gives more control on the greens than other balls, too. Core technology and control through ball cover make Callaway HEX Tour Soft simply a better choice than others. Grab Callaway HEX Tour Soft here on Amazon.

The Bad

Golfers have relatively positive feelings and reviews about Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf balls. Personal likes and dislikes may still be there, but there is no negative review from experts on the hex soft ball.

Most golfers complain that these balls are comparatively expensive than other balls, but it is certainly true that tour balls are generally expensive. But hey, you get what you pay for with a certain amount. We looked for bad news and just couldn’t find any with these Callaway hex soft products.



Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf balls are among the best of the lot premium quality golf balls. The construction is specifically designed to produce more spin, have low compression, and travel long distances. The core technology and softcover help the ball travel at a higher speed and go farther.

Some people find the callaway tour ball too soft while some find it relatively expensive. The price point should not be a problem because tour balls are more expensive than others. These balls are recommended to everyone because they are made for golfers of all skill levels.

Callaway Golf Balls Comparison Chart In 2021


Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls (One Dozen) White

Hex Soft




Check Price
Callaway Golf HEX Diablo Golf Balls (1 Dozen)

HEX Diablo




Check Price

Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls

Hex Tour Soft




Check Price
2020 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls (White)

Chrome Soft

Soft Urethane



Check Price
2020 Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls (Triple Track White)

Chrome Soft X

Soft Urethane



Check Price
Callaway Golf 2020 SuperHot Bold Matte Golf Balls (Red)

Superhot Bold

Ultra Soft



Check Price
Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls, (One Dozen), Yellow, Prior Generation

ERC Soft


3-Piece Dual Core

Tour / Distance

Check Price
Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (Matte Green), Prior Generation





Check Price
Callaway Golf Supersoft Magna Golf Balls, (One Dozen), Yellow, Prior Generation

Supersoft Magna




Check Price
Callaway Warbird Golf Ball, Prior Generation, (One Dozen), Yellow, Prior Generation





Check Price

Buyer’s Guide

Every golfer wants the ball to travel a longer distance and hit the pin. That’s a given. But getting there is the trick, of course.

Most golfers agree that distance and control are the most important factors in considering a ball. One may consider looking for lower compression balls that are capable of traveling a long distance and giving control to the golfers at the same time.

Callaway hex tour soft

These are the most prominent features we should look for in a good golf ball. Price is of course a consideration, but it shouldn’t take precedence over quality.

The features which make Callaway HEX Tour Soft Golf Balls unique are as follows:

The Core Technology

Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf balls have probably the best core technology of any ball. They are designed with such a core technology that produces improved spin separation of the ball. This helps the golfers to hit longer shots through the course. The technology used in these balls also helps the golfer to hit straighter shots irrespective of the conditions.

Every golfer wants the ball to move farther and straighter through the air and Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf ball provides that beyond expectations.

The core of this ball is made from Polybutadiene plastic. This material is highly resistant to wear and doesn’t wear down easily. It is highly elastic which also makes it flexible. Its elastic property gives the ball low compression and thus allows it to travel quite a distance through the air. This material is also strong, and this property makes the ball durable and long-lasting.

Produces High Velocity Through the Air

Produces High Velocity Through the Air

Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf ball produces high velocities, which help it travel long distances through the air. This velocity is produced mainly by the high resilience produced by the high-quality ball cover.

The cover is made from the thermoplastic urethane, Surlyn, which is known for its resilience. High resilience helps in producing high velocity and reducing air friction, resulting in helping the ball go a long way and you impressing your buddies.

Travels a Long Distance

Travels a Long Distance

A golf ball is mostly considered a good option if it travels a long distance. Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf balls are designed to do exactly that, mainly because of the core technology used to make the ball. It improves the spin separation of the ball so that it can travel a longer distance when using irons too.

A high spinning ball covers more distance in the air and the Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf ball has improved spin to make it travel farther.

Travels in a Straight Line

Travels in a Straight Line

Weather conditions play an important role in golf, as any wind-blown player will tell you. Fast and strong winds can make the ball change its path in the air. Callaway HEX Tour Soft balls travel in a pleasantly straight line when traveling through the air.

The high-resilience cover also plays its role in making the ball go straighter as it reduces the air resistance.

Low Compression Ball

Low Compression Ball

Low compression balls tend to travel further in the air and are softer than high compression balls. Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf balls have a low compression rating, so they travel a long distance. High compression balls provide more control than low compression balls, on the other hand.

HEX Tour Soft balls are designed in such a way that they provide more control than your average low-compression ball despite said low compression, providing both distance and control.

Provides More Control on the Greens

Provides More Control on the Greens

Every golfer wants the ball to provide them with control on the greens, and Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf balls do just that. The ball will give you that perfect plop or smooth roll you need to get that birdie…or, more likely, a par. Heck, even a bogey is OK. We have to keep reminding ourselves of that.

Perfectly Engineered Soft Cover of the Ball

The cover of Callaway HEX Tour Softball was designed after thorough research to make the ball feel soft, yet able to produce velocity, distance, and control all at the same time. It is engineered and designed to provide high resilience because a golf ball must travel at high speed and for a long distance through the air.

High resilience makes the ball retain its shape through the air and reduces air friction. Reduced friction makes it travel faster and farther.

The cover is also designed to give more control than other balls through the greens. It grabs the green perfectly to stop just where you need it. No more running past the hole. This control also comes into play in chip and pitch shots, which those of us who get stuck in bunkers or somewhere in the rough is so familiar with.

Soft Feel of the Ball

A golfer of any skill level wants the ball to be soft enough so that no waves and vibrations travel through the golf club. A softball is friendly on the hands.

Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf balls have soft covers to give a soft feel in every shot. Its outer mantle layer is also made of soft material to make it softer than other balls.

Durable, Long-Lasting, and High Quality

Callaway HEX Tour Softballs are among the most durable and long-lasting golf balls made to date. A golf ball needs to last for a long period and should be resistant to wear and tear. HEX Tour Soft golf balls are made with high-quality and strong material to make them last longer than most.

Its core is made of Polybutadiene which is a very strong and resilient material. It doesn’t break easily and is also resistant to low temperatures. Strong and resistant materials make the ball durable and long-lasting.

The quality of the material is so good that the ball feels soft and performs well for a longer than average time. The best feature of the ball is said to be its softness and the distance it travels. If a golf ball loses its softness quickly, it’s done for and isn’t reliable. You’ll have to replace it, or accept playing with a low-quality ball. And who wants that? So, if you’re looking for a ball with excellent durability, this is one of the top choices in the golf ball lineup.

Made for All

Players are not professional right at the beginning of their careers. Most players are never anything remotely close to professional, and that’s totally natural and acceptable. Consequently, different balls are made and designed for players of different skill levels. Professional players usually prefer high compression balls because it provides more control over the greens, and they are capable of more powerful swings, leading to impressive drives.

Some prefer to use soft feeling balls. Every player in a golf course has different preferences for their ball just like they have different tastes in food.

But some food is loved by all, and so is this ball. The Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf ball is made for players of all skill levels. It has both the distance beginners prefer, and the control on ground shots, chip shots, and pitch shots professionals need.

Overall, it’s among the best golf balls for the year 2021 so far. We highly doubt you’ll be displeased with this one.

Here Are the Top 7 Best Alternative Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball:

  1. Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls
  2. Oncore Golf ELIXR Soft Golf Balls
  3. Snell MTB-X Golf Balls
  4. TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Balls
  5. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls
  6. Bridgestone Golf E12 Speed Golf Ball
  7. TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls


A compiled list of frequently asked questions is presented below. This is to help you get through the many ways of Golf ball purchases. Here are a few popular questions and their recent answers.

✅ What is the Callaway HEX Tour Soft?

Callaway HEX Tour Soft is a golf ball specially designed to travel a longer distance and in a straighter line through the air, in comparison with the other balls available in the market. This ball also gives more control to the players on ground shots. Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf ball is engineered in such a way that it suits every player because it is designed for all.

✅ How Do They Spin on the Greens?

On the greens, Callaway HEX Tour Soft gold balls roll and spin to produce more and more control. Its cover is designed in such a way that it grips the greens with such efficiency that the ball slows down and stops where the golfer wants it to. The cover, despite being soft, produces friction against the green to get more control.

✅ Are These Hard or Soft Compression Balls?

Callaway HEX Tour Soft, as the name suggests, has low compression which makes them soft compression balls. Usually, soft compression balls provide less control on the greens than the hard compression balls. Callaway HEX Tour Soft comparison with other balls suggests that it provides more control despite being a low or soft compression ball.


Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf balls are among the top-tier golf balls that have everything a golfer wants in a ball. They have a soft and improved cover which gives a soft feel. This cover, along with the core technology, is also responsible for the longer distance the balls travel. Grab Callaway HEX Tour Soft here on Amazon.

The core and cover have improved the spin of the ball which helps it travel in a straighter line. Callaway HEX Tour Softballs also provide great control on the greens. All of its features and may suggest that the golf ball under consideration is, if not the best, among the best golf ball of the year 2021.

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