Top 5 Best Golf Clubs For Average Golfers 2023 (#2 is NEW)

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  17 min read

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Golf Clubs For Average Golfers

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To progress from an average player to a higher rank, every golfer needs to pay attention to their equipment. While skill is important when it comes to golf, equipment plays a huge role in how well a golfer performs.

With the right equipment, you can advance from mediocrity to the next level. If you want to find out what the good golf clubs for average golfers for 2023 are, you have come to the right place.

Here are the top 5 best clubs for most players:

  1. STRATA Men's Golf Packaged Sets
  2. Cobra Golf F-Max Men's Airspeed Complete Set
  3. Precise Golf S7 Complete Set
  4. Wilson Men's and Teen Complete Golf Set
  5. STRATA Women's Golf Packaged Sets

We aim to improve your performance out on the green by providing you with a list of the best-rated golf clubs for average players so that you can maximize your potential by using equipment designed for your particular needs. With the best equipment, knowledge about how to choose it, and your skill, you will be on the fast track to becoming a scratch golfer — or at least lowering your handicap.

Quick Overview – Top 3 Sets For Mid-Range Players

  1. Cobra Golf Men's Airspeed Set: This high-quality set includes a driver, 3-wood, and 5-wood fairways, 4- and 5-hybrids, 6 through 9 irons, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter. It also comes with a luxurious carry bag that includes 9 compartments and an insulated pocket for beverages.
  2. Precise Golf S7 Complete Set: This affordable golf set has it all – it features a 460cc driver, 3-wood and 5-wood fairways, a 4-hybrid, 5 through 9 irons, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, a putter, and even 4 headcovers. The premium stand bag comes with a rain hood, a handle, and plenty of space with multiple pockets.
  3. Wilson Men's and Teen Golf Set: This senior-friendly set features a driver, a 5-wood, a 5-hybrid, 6 through 9 irons, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, a putter, three head covers, and a cart bag.

Top 5 Sets For Medium-Range Golf Players

If you don’t want to look through hundreds of products to find the top-rated golf clubs for average players, you don’t have to. Using this article, your choice is automatically narrowed down to the 5 top golf sets on the market. These highly-rated and top-selling golf sets are analyzed and their pros and cons are discussed below.

1. STRATA Men's Golf Packaged Sets

This set is from Callaway, one of the most renowned names in the golf equipment industry. It ranks #2 on Amazon’s bestsellers list for “Complete Golf Club Sets” and is definitely worth checking out.

This set maximizes performance by providing distance and forgiveness while still maintaining control. It boasts a titanium head oversized 460cc driver and stainless-steel irons.

At 460cc, the oversized titanium driver is durable, lightweight, and also features a big sweet spot that maximizes forgiveness. Not only is the ball easier to hit, but it goes a bit further than you might be used to.

Apart from the driver, 7 clubs are included in the set. Not only does this set include a 3-wood, but also comes with a 5-hybrid, which is especially important for average players. Unlike advanced players, average golfers are not fully comfortable with long irons.

Hybrids are used instead of long irons for more confidence and practice since they provide the same loft without any loss of control.

The set comes with 6 through irons and a pitching wedge, which is an excellent variety for beginners and average players since these are the short and mid-length irons.

Because they are made of stainless steel, they are extremely durable and will last a long time. They also provide more control than graphite irons and allow players to receive feedback from their hits. Check the current price of Amazon by clicking here.

The putter included is a mallet putter, which is not only easier to hit, but also more accurate, which average golfers can benefit from. In addition to this, the stand bag that comes along with the set is a high-quality bag that has a rain hood for protection, multiple pockets for storage, a cooler pocket for beverages, and even backpack straps for convenient carrying.

The set does not include a sand wedge, which is one of the basics required by average golfers. You’ll likely want to pick up one of those separately.



This affordable set is great for beginners and average players since it includes almost all the basics required for a great game of golf. However, it should be noted that a sand wedge will need to be purchased separately since it is not included in the set.

2. Cobra Golf F-Max Men's Airspeed Complete Set

This highly-rated set is a new release from Cobra Golf and boasts very impressive features. This set is great for players at all levels and is an extremely high-quality option for buyers.

Cobra Golf claims that this set of golf clubs is its most forgiving and lightest set ever, with offset clubs which feature forgiveness, distance, and ease of contact. The woods boast carbon crown construction, and the blade putter sports a machined face.

With all graphite shafts, these clubs are strong and durable, while remaining lightweight. Since they are made from graphite, they are also flexible and absorb vibration, resulting in a better feel.

In addition to being lightweight, these clubs are very forgiving and result in increased distance. This is especially great for beginners and average golfers since they tend to have slower swing speeds and can use help with distance.

The driver’s head is oversized, at 460cc, providing plenty of forgiveness and distance. This is further improved by the carbon crown, which increases speed and is very lightweight. The heel is also weighted at the back to improve spin and prevent slicing. The fairway woods are also weighted at the back and make sure to correct slicing.

The two hybrids are great for the average golfer to use in place of long irons and have heel weighting for stability. This makes sure to correct off-center shots, with shots being straighter and more accurate. The irons feature perimeter weighting which ensures more forgiveness and makes them easier to hit. You can grab one of these on Amazon.

The putter included is a blade putter with a machined face, which results in control and excellent feel. The included bag is luxurious and has a 14-way top, a cooler pocket for beverages, and nine zipped compartments for storage.

This set is quite expensive, and not affordable for many. It also does not offer a left-hand option.



This exclusive set has every club needed for an excellent game and is a great investment. However, it is very expensive, and won’t be affordable for those on a budget.

3. Precise Golf S7 Complete Set

The S7 set is popular for a reason – it includes every club average golfers would need for a great game. It is truly a complete set and does not need supplementation.

This set features a full titanium driver, dual-compound grips for added comfort, and iron shafts made of True Temper steel.

This set boasts 10 different clubs for game improvement. The full titanium driver has a large sweet spot and is both forgiving and lightweight. It also results in higher shots and increases distances.

The woods are also forgiving and result in higher shots, which then results in increased distance. A hybrid is also included, which is a better option than a long iron for an average golfer since it provides more control.

The 5 through 9 irons feature one more club than the generic 6 through 9 iron inclusion and provide an extra club for game improvement. Although this set is perfect for average players, it leaves room for growth and improvement.

Both a pitching wedge and a sand wedge are included, which are essential for golf games, and are required by average golfers. Even the putter included is designed for distance, since its alignment system helps with more putts. All clubs are made with high-quality True Temper steel for strength and durability.

In addition to all of this, the clubs have dual-compound grips to ensure comfort, which is important so that golfers can perform their best. This is especially important in the beginning when golfers are beginners or average and are learning how to improve their game. You can grab one of these from Amazon.

The included stand bag is equipped with a handle, pockets for storage, and 4 headcovers.

There are no options for left-handed golfers. Also, steel shafts may be too heavy for some golfers, including populations like seniors and younger players.



This set of golf clubs is definitely complete and has every club any average golfer can ask for. Additionally, all of this is provided at an affordable price, making this a great value.

4. Wilson Men's and Teen Complete

This affordable set is rated #5 on Amazon’s bestseller list for “Complete Golf Club Sets” and is specifically designed with seniors in mind.

This set is specifically designed for both seniors and teens, and claims to be game improving while also keeping the physical limitations of seniors in mind. It boasts power weighting technology and high loft technology to provide maximum forgiveness and distance, including an “easy launch” sand wedge.

This set certainly does cater to seniors and their physical needs, since all the clubs with the exception of the putter are lightweight and have graphite shafts. They also have wider diameters and grips for better hold and support, as well as larger sweet spots for easier hitting and forgiveness.

The oversized 460cc titanium driver boasts power weighting technology, a large sweet spot, and high forgiveness. This, combined with high loft technology, results in higher shots and further distance.

The woods also have large sweet spots and a special low weighting design to improve accuracy and increase forgiveness. Even the hybrid claims to have high launch technology for better distance and trajectory, as well as straighter shots.

The stainless-steel irons have powerful graphite shafts with a low CG (center of gravity) for a better launch. Perimeter weighting here creates a large sweet spot as well, and straightens shots for more accuracy and increased speed. Grab one here on Amazon.

The sand wedge is also designed with game improvement in mind and has low weighting for more control. The putter also features heel-toe weighting for increased stability and accuracy. In addition to all of this, this set comes with protective head covers and a premium cart bag with pockets, shoulder straps, and handles.

The cart bag does not have a stand, and the clubs are not suitable for those who are taller than 6’1”.



This is an excellent set of clubs for those who are looking for an affordable option. These will be especially suitable for seniors, women, and younger players because of their lightweight nature. It is also a great choice for those looking for a lot of forgiveness since this set features power weighting technology and high loft technology.

5. STRATA Women's Golf Packaged Sets

The Strata 11-Piece Set is rated #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list for “Complete Golf Club Sets” for a simple reason – it is a high-quality set that is both affordable and contains all the essentials average players need.

The Strata 11-Piece claims to maximize performance by increasing control, forgiveness, and distance, all while ensuring that the clubs are easy to swing.

The set features an oversized 460cc titanium head driver, which is easy to make good contact with, has a large sweet spot, and increases forgiveness as well as improves distance. The fairway wood also provides forgiveness while also being designed with an aerodynamic head so that shots are higher and land further away.

A hybrid is included as a replacement for long irons since the set is designed for beginners and average golf players. This gives average players the loft they need without sacrificing control. The two irons in the set are made of stainless steel and are strong and durable.

Because of less flex, they provide more control and result in more accurate shots. The putter included is a mallet putter and is easier for novices to hit and results in more accuracy. Grab STRATA Women's Golf Sets from Amazon here.

Additionally, the set comes with an attractive stand bag that is strong but lightweight, with spacious pockets for storage, a cooler pocket for beverages, a rain hood for rough weather, and even backpack straps for easier carrying.

The set lacks a pitching wedge, which needs to be purchased separately.



This affordable golf set is perfect for average female golfers and comes with all the essentials to save a pitching wedge. Since this set is so affordable, a separate pitching wedge would not be too large an expense. However, for those looking for no supplementation, this set will not suffice.

Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Before investing money into a set of golf clubs, it is important to know what to look out for, both in terms of features and needs. Most golf sets are marketed towards beginners or professionals, which can lead to average players being confused about what to buy. This guide will tell you what you need to look for in each club to improve your game as an average golfer.

Golf Clubs For Average Golfer


Like beginners, average players should opt for oversized drivers, since the larger sweet spot will provide more forgiveness. The largest head allowed is 460 cc. To improve at the game, MOI (moment of inertia) is an important aspect to pay attention to.

High MOI will result in straighter shots since twisting of the club will be minimized. This is important for average players since they are not yet advanced enough to control their swing like professionals.

COR (coefficient of restitution) is also important since this determines how hard the golf ball will be hit, and thus, how far the distance of the shot will be. Higher COR will result in further distance, which is what average players want to maximize. You can find more in-depth information about driver choices here.

Fairway Woods

A major consideration when it comes to buying fairway woods is the material. With the choice of graphite or steel, average golfers usually opt for graphite woods. Although steel woods are more accurate, graphite woods are easier to use and result in more distance.


Hybrids are important for average golfers to bridge the gap between woods and irons. Although advanced players are more comfortable with longer irons, average golfers opt for hybrids for the loft of irons and the control of fairway woods.


The two types of irons that a golfer has to choose between are cast irons and forged irons. Although professionals usually opt for forged irons, beginners and average players should opt for cast irons since they have a larger sweet spot.

Additionally, while a lower number of irons result in longer distances, it should be noted that these are more difficult to master. Unless you are an advanced player, there is no need to worry about lower number irons like 2-irons in your kit. 6 through 9 irons are plenty for average golfers and are usually included in golf club sets.

Average golfers also opt for perimeter-weighted irons to help with flight, and because they are easier to hit than offset irons. When choosing between graphite or steel shafts in irons, average players tend to opt for graphite shafts. This is because they are lighter and more flexible than steel shafts.

Upon impact, they absorb the shock and vibration, reducing feedback, and resulting in a better feel. However, these are also more expensive than steel shafts.


Although advanced players will require multiple wedges, average players do not have to worry about this – they will most likely need a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, with the former commonly included in all golf sets.

More advanced players would also require a gap wedge (also called an approach wedge) and a lob wedge. To learn about loft and bounce angles in wedges, check out this resource.


When asked to choose between face-balanced putters and toe-balanced putters, golfers should look at their stroke to determine their answer. As a rule of thumb, those with straight strokes usually opt for face-balanced putters, while those with an arc in their strokes opt for toe-balanced putters.

Beginners and average golfers favor mallet putters over blade putters since they are easier to hit and more accurate. More information about choosing between putters can be found here.


The grip should be considered before opting for a set of golf clubs. Golfers should look for comfort, as well as determine the size of the grip they require. Women generally require smaller grips while those with larger hands require larger grips. Grip choice can also be affected by weather and texture.


Having analyzed all these highly rated picks and having weighed out their advantages and disadvantages, there is one golf set that attracts our attention the most – the Cobra Golf F-Max Men's Airspeed Complete Set. These clubs are lightweight, durable, and very forgiving.

However, since these are expensive, we would also like to provide a second option – the Precise Golf S7 Complete Set. Despite being affordable, this set is high-quality and forgiving, making it a great option for those on a budget. These are our picks for the best golf clubs for average golfers and are guaranteed to help you get ahead!

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