5 Best Golf Club Sets for Intermediate Players 2023

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Unlike sports like football and basketball — in which the equipment doesn’t play as big a role as the player’s skill — golf is significantly affected by the player’s equipment.

Golf clubs come in a such huge variety, with each club serving a unique purpose, that their use, understanding, and suitability to a player are crucial to success. Without the right set of clubs, you may not be all that great out on the course.

Beginners usually prefer large clubfaces whereas advanced players prefer smaller ones, but there are no black and white rules for intermediate players. As such, finding a good set of clubs can be difficult, especially when you’re faced with what seems like never-ending choices.

Here, we narrow down the best golf club sets for intermediate players. Read on to see our top 5 choices, the pros and cons of each set, and our buyer’s guide for help in selecting the perfect set of clubs.

golf clubs for an intermediate player

Quick Overview – Top 3 Golf Clubs for an Intermediate Players

1. Piece Men's Complete Golf Club Package Set – This is a modern set designed to improve performance. It includes a 460cc full titanium driver, 3-wood fairway, 5-wood fairway, 4-hybrid, 5 through 9 stainless steel irons, and more. The deluxe stand bag further adds to the appeal.

2. Wilson Men's and Teen Complete Golf Set – This set features a large 460cc driver, 6 through 9 stainless steel irons, a pitching wedge, and a sand wedge among others. It also comes with a carry bag with spacious pockets, a backpack strap, and a self-activating stand.

3. STRATA Women's Golf Packaged Sets – This women’s set is designed for ultimate performance. It includes but is not limited to: a full titanium driver, 3-wood fairway, 4-hybrid, 5-hybrid, a putter, 4 headcovers, and a stand bag.

5 Best Golf Club Sets For Intermediate Players

With the oversaturated market, there are hundreds of sets to choose from which can make shopping for a set of clubs intimidating. In this article, we have selected 5 great sets for intermediate players and have evaluated them based on their specifications. By highlighting the special features, listing the advantages and disadvantages, and adding a deciding statement at the end, we aim to make the selection process easier for you.

 1  Callaway STRATA Men's Golf Packaged Sets

The Callaway Strata 12-Piece Set has been designed for maximum performance with a good combination of forgiveness, control, and distance. It makes for easy, solid contact.

The set includes:

One of the major selling points of this set is its high-quality stainless steel irons. It also boasts “maximum performance right out of the box” with a fully equipped set.

The driver is oversized, lightweight, and has a large sweet spot, and the 3-wood has been designed with a special aerodynamic head shape.

The Good

The large 460cc driver sports a titanium head and a large sweet spot. As such, the driver is lightweight, provides superb forgiveness, and ensures that the ball travels a great distance.

Similarly, the fairway wood is oversized for easier contact and forgiveness and has a special aerodynamic head shape, which promises higher and longer shots. Since the center of gravity is at the back of the club, the ball will travel further, straighter.

The set includes a 5-hybrid, an option that is a great substitute for long irons, especially for beginners. With graphite shafts, the driver and woods are lightweight and flexible. The irons and wedges are stainless steel and are durable. With perimeter weighting and a large sweet spot, they also offer forgiveness without sacrificing control.

The set also includes a blade-style mallet putter to help with alignment and provides accuracy. The lightweight stand bag is durable and spacious, with five storage pockets, a cooler pocket, a rain hood, and backpack straps for convenience. Additionally, both right-handed and left-handed options are available.

The Bad

There is no sand wedge included.



This is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable but high-quality set. While it doesn’t have a sand wedge, it is easy to supplement it with the set being so affordable. The set is otherwise highly recommended for its mix of great irons and woods.

 2  Precise 18-Piece Men's Complete Golf Club Package Set

An 18-piece set, the Precise Golf S7 set boasts a full titanium driver with a large sweet spot, a variety of irons, and dual-compound grips for comfort.

The set includes:

One of the main attractions of this product is the large, full-titanium driver which boasts a big sweet spot. Clubs included in the set are easy to swing and make contact with and are very forgiving. The iron shafts are tempered steel.

The set also features a blade-style putter which is specially designed to help with alignment and increase putts. Another feature highlighted is the dual-compound grips.

The Good

The full-titanium driver head has a large sweet spot, making it both lightweight and excellent in terms of forgiveness and distance. The fairway woods are also forgiving and result in higher shots. The addition of the 4-Hybrid is great for those who are not yet comfortable with long irons. Easy to make contact with on fairways, they are a great way to boost confidence in beginners.

The irons are stainless steel, making them strong, durable, and perfect for long-distance shots with plenty of control. You get a great variety of irons in the set, from 5 to 9, including a pitching wedge. A sand wedge is also included.

The blade-style putter is great for alignment, and the set boasts mid-size dual-compound grips for comfort.

The Bad

There are no left-handed options available.



Although not exactly a budget set, this set is a good deal for what you’re getting in it. An 18 piece set, it includes a range of irons, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and additional headcovers. Comfortable and high-quality, these will last a long time and serve as a great, well-rounded set of clubs.

 3  Wilson Men's and Teen Complete Golf Set

Wilson Golf’s Men’s Ultra Plus Set boasts expertly-engineered clubs, 3 matching head covers, steel shaft irons, and a premium carry bag.

The set includes:

The main attraction of this set is that it is designed with Super Game Improvement (SGI) Technology which is supposed to completely change one’s golfing experience.

It also boasts perimeter weighted irons, an easy-launch sand wedge, and a heel/toe weighted putter. Another selling point is the deluxe carry bag that has comfortable, adjustable straps, spacious pockets, and a self-activating stand.

The Good

The large 460cc titanium driver is lightweight, easy to make solid contact with, and is engineered with Super Game Improvement Technology. Being large, the driver also has a large sweet spot, making it forgiving and ensuring the best possible distance. The set boasts premium materials, from titanium composite to tip-reinforced graphite shafts.

The cavity back stainless steel irons have a low center of gravity and a forgiving sweet spot. This results in accuracy, control, and distance. With perimeter weighting, the irons are very forgiving, and thus will result in straight shots.

The putter is heel/toe weighted for good feedback, steadiness, and accuracy.

The set also comes with a premium carry bag. The bag is stylish, durable, lightweight, and has airflow adjustable, double-padded shoulder straps for easy carrying. With a handle top, it also has a number of spacious pockets and a self-setting stand.

The Bad

Some users have reported that the handle of the carry bag is not comfortable.



Wilson Golf Men’s Ultra Plus Set is the perfect set for intermediate players and has a great selection of woods and hybrids. This set has everything an intermediate player needs.

 4  Wilson Men's and Teen Complete Golf Set

Wilson’s Profile Platinum set is an exciting find as it guarantees comfort, durability, and convenience. With black PVD finish looks and a variety of irons, this set is very promising.

The set includes:

Profile Platinum boasts premium materials like anti-glare PVD finish and tip-enforced graphite shafts. The set has everything you need – all you need to do is open the box.

The irons included are perimeter weighted and both wedges feature new technology for improved performance in your game.

A lightweight and ergonomic premium bag is included with a self-activating stand and spacious pockets.

The Good

The PVD black-finished driver reduces glare and increases durability at the same time. Lightweight and easy to make contact with because of the large sweet spot, it is forgiving and results in long distance shots. The rear weighting increases distance and accuracy without compromising swing speed.

The hybrid allows for smooth contact and has a tip-reinforced graphite shaft with a large sweet spot. This ensures better distance and more forgiveness. Iron heads are perimeter weighted and cavity-backed for a lower center of gravity, a larger sweet spot, and increased accuracy.

The sand wedge has a wide sole, making controlling the ball easy. The pitching wedge is thin for better control. The soft putter grip and offset face design improve hand position and result in better putts. A stand bag is also included.

The Bad

The set does not include a 5-iron. Additionally, while the woods have graphite shafts, the irons have stainless steel shafts which may be heavy for some users.



With the exception of steel shafts being heavier than graphite shafts and the lack of a 5-iron, this set is great. Not only is it affordable, but it also has superb technology to increase distance and accuracy. Additionally, it has a wide variety of 10 clubs to choose from. If needed, a 5-iron can be purchased separately.

 5  Callaway STRATA Women's Golf Packaged Sets

Callaway’s Strata Ultimate Set is specially designed for women with distance in mind. It uses modern golf technology to ensure performance, distance, control, forgiveness, and ease of making shots.

The set includes:

The main feature that attracts a large audience is that the set is designed specifically for women’s needs and with two aims in mind – performance and distance.

It boasts a full titanium driver with a large sweet spot and a specially designed aerodynamic 5-wood. It claims that the irons have been built with a special high flight technology, and the putter is designed with precise face milling.

Another selling point is the deluxe carry bag, which has features such as spacious pockets, a stylish look, and a back strap. It is highly durable.

The Good

The full titanium driver is lightweight and has a large sweet spot, giving it more forgiveness and increasing distance and speed. The fairway wood is also forgiving with an aerodynamic head shape, resulting in higher and longer shots.

The variety of two hybrids is great for those who do not want to play with long irons just yet or want to build their confidence up with hybrids. The stainless steel irons and wedges are made with a high flight technology which ensures forgiveness, distance, and control. The putter is designed with a precise face to improve accuracy and help control distance.

The set also comes with a premium, lightweight, and durable stand bag with spacious pockets and a back strap for convenience in carrying.

The Bad

There are no left-handed options available which are exclusionary and leave out the left-handed market of golfers.



This is a steal for female golfers – an extremely high-quality set at a very affordable price, which includes a variety of irons and comes with both a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. It maximizes speed and distance and has large sweet spots for forgiveness. This is a great set for beginners and intermediate players. Unfortunately, left-handed players will have to look elsewhere. Overall, Callaway’s Strata 11-Piece Women’s set is also a good option but may need some supplementary clubs.

Best Golf Club Sets for Intermediate Player: Buyer’s Guide

While purchasing a new set of clubs is often intimidating, it is especially so for intermediate players – they are more experienced than beginners but don’t require all the advanced equipment that those with low handicaps do. Because of this, they’re often stuck in an uncomfortable middle space of confusion.

Golf Club Sets for Intermediate Players

However, this doesn’t have to be the case – we have prepared a buyer’s guide specifically for intermediate players so they know exactly what to look for when shopping for golf clubs.


No complete set includes all the irons you will ever need – to advance to newer levels, you have to upgrade your equipment. However, as an intermediate player, you don’t need the difficult long irons that advanced players do but you do require more than the typical beginner’s short irons.

Most intermediate players choose cavity-back irons because they are known for improving one’s game, which is exactly what an intermediate player requires. Because cavity-back irons help to make the ball airborne and are very accurate, this is great because it can help to upgrade you to an advanced player level with time.

A great feature to invest in is perimeter weighting. Although marketed towards beginners, these irons are equally important for intermediate players. In a perimeter weighted club, the weight is around the club instead of in the center. This results in more forgiving shots.

Advanced golfers do not need the forgiveness that perimeter weighting provides, but this is very important for beginners and intermediate players since they still haven’t perfected their swing.

When it comes to the sole of the iron, intermediate players may want to stick to beginner’s choices – like a wide sole. These soles ensure consistency and are more reliable.


While beginners are able to do with a pitching wedge and sand wedge (although some beginner’s sets only provide a pitching wedge), intermediate players require a bigger variety of wedges. Since these are not commonly provided in complete sets, they may need to be supplemented. Wedges that intermediate players should invest in include the lob wedge and the approach (gap) wedge.

Having a variety of wedges is important because they are of different lofts and often provide different functions. For example, a pitching wedge is great for distance while a sand wedge is great for getting out of sand bunkers.

For a higher loft, the lob wedge is the go-to wedge. Thus, having a variety of wedges is important, especially if you are no longer a beginner. However, if you can’t afford multiple wedges, the essentials you need are the pitching wedge and the sand wedge.


Loft is extremely important for distance since it determines how far in the air the ball goes. Beginners usually use higher lofts to help with distance. Intermediate players also prefer higher lofts, since they are not yet advanced enough to make perfect contact all the time. Higher loft results in straighter shots and reduces spin.


Grip is not determined by skill but by hand size. Grips that are too thin or too thick can lead to poor playability and ultimately worsen your performance instead of bettering it. The trick to making sure that the grip is suited to you is to try holding it in your left hand using the ring finger and the middle finger. Only a little bit should touch the thumb – if you cannot touch your thumb with your finger, the grip may be too big.


Hybrids are great for beginners. A mix between fairway woods and irons, most beginners prefer hybrids to long irons for more forgiveness. Since hybrids have shorter staff, they are easier to maneuver and are popular among beginners. However, these are also favored by intermediate players. Those with a mid handicap can benefit from hybrids because of the advantage of longer distances.


Like beginners, intermediate players should look for more forgiving putters. One of the most important things to note about putters is the weight. Some putters are toe balanced and some are face balanced. These account for different spins and are determined by your strokes – straight strokes are more suited to toe balanced putters while arced strokes may be suited to face balanced putters.

Mallet putters are popular among beginners and intermediate players because they are more forgiving. They can also help with alignment, which is why they are included in most beginner and intermediate sets.


With the buying guide and the reviews in mind, our pick amongst the best golf club sets for intermediate players (men) is the Piece Men's Complete Golf Club Set. An 18-piece set, this set provides great value for money. Not only is it affordable, but it also has all the essentials an intermediate player needs.

However, it should be noted that this set does not come in a left-handed option. If you are left-handed, you should check out the Wilson Men's and Teen Complete Golf Set which includes all the essentials and is extremely high quality. The only thing this set lacks is a 5-iron, which can be bought separately.

The best woman’s intermediate pick is the Callaway STRATA Women's Golf Packaged Sets. Specifically designed for women, the Callaway Strata Ultimate Set ensures distance while keeping control and forgiveness in mind. The set makes sure to prioritize distance for longer shots.

These are our picks for the best golf club sets for intermediate players. We hope you gained inspiration from this and have a great game!

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