Top 7 Best Golf Clubs For Teenagers In 2023 (#4 Is Our Pick)

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  21 min read

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Once upon a time, the mention of golf would conjure images of old men in golf carts or business executives trying to get clients to agree to deals.

This is no more.

These days, golf is known as a vibrant and exciting sport that attracts people of all ages. More and more younger people are getting into the sport, which necessitates an article on the best golf clubs for teenagers. Well, here we are with exactly that topic.

Golf Clubs For Teens
Teenagers are notoriously difficult to buy clubs since they are in a transitional period of life. They aren’t quite ready for adult-size clubs, but they have definitely outgrown kids’ clubs.

In order to purchase golf clubs for teenagers, it is important to prioritize certain features and specifications and tailor these to the individual. Our buyer’s guide goes over all these aspects, and our curated list of top picks makes sure that there is an option available for every budget.

Here are the top 7 best golf clubs for teenagers in 2023:

Quick Overview – Top 3 Best Golf Clubs For Teens

  1. Cobra Golf King Jr. Complete Set: This 10-piece set is designed for ages 13-15, and features a large 460cc titanium head driver, one fairway wood, one hybrid, 6 through 9 irons, a pitching wedge, a sanding wedge, and a blade putter. A high-quality stand bag is included, which features 5 pockets, a water bottle holder, and a double strap system.
  2. Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set: This set consists of 6 pieces, and includes a driver, a fairway wood, a 7-iron, a 9-iron, a sand wedge, and a putter.
  3. Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set: This 8-piece set is ideal for those between the ages of 11 and 15 and features a 350cc driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, a 3-iron, a mallet putter, and 2 headcovers. The included stand bag is lightweight and has backpack straps for easy carrying.

7 Golf Clubs For Teens Reviews In 2021

There are so many golf clubs on the market claiming to be perfect for teenagers, but not all live up to this promise. In fact, it can be difficult to narrow down options with the sheer number of products to choose from.

We aim to make this process as easy as possible by providing our list of the golf clubs for teenagers on the market, as well as a thorough analysis of each product.

 1  Cobra Golf King Jr Complete Set

This high-end golf club set is from Cobra Golf, one of the industry’s titans, and is one of the most premium junior golf sets available on the market. This set claims to use exclusive technology and high-quality materials to optimize junior golfers’ games.

The set comes with a wide variety of clubs, including a pitching wedge and sand wedge to provide players with the clubs that they need, while also considering clubs that they can grow into in the future.

The driver is oversized at 460cc and has a large sweet spot for optimal forgiveness and straighter shots. It also results in longer distances. Made of titanium, it is also extremely lightweight and suitable for younger golfers. The high loft also makes it easier to get the ball in the air and is excellent for game improvement.

The hybrids and fairway woods also boast high lofts to improve distance, and the 6 through 9 irons are perimeter weighted for forgiveness. Even the putter is designed to improve forgiveness and result in straighter and more centered putts.

Since this set is specially designed for teenagers, the clubs are not too long, and are easy for teenagers to handle, with flex and grip optimized for the demographic. It also comes with a stand bag that features 5 zipped pockets, a water bottle holder, and comfortable double straps so that it can be carried as a backpack. Check the current price of Amazon by clicking here.

These are premium clubs that come at a premium price. Only those with an extremely high budget can afford these. The clubs also unfortunately do not offer an option for left-handed golfers.



While these are excellent clubs, they are very expensive, and many users will not be able to afford them. Since teenagers will need replacements as they grow, investing in such an expensive set for a relatively short period of time is not ideal.

Additionally, left-handed golfers cannot opt for these, since they only come in a right-hand configuration.

 2  Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 Youth/Teenager

This relatively affordable golf club set is highly rated, aesthetically pleasing, and specially designed for youth and teens.

These clubs boast an attractive sky blue exterior and all graphite shafts for lightweight and flexible construction. They’re forgiving, easy to use, and feature an oversized driver, high MOI (moment of inertia), and low center of gravity.

Because the shafts on these clubs are all graphite (including the irons), they are extremely lightweight, which is a major advantage. Teenagers, especially younger ones, cannot carry as much weight as adults and will not be able to perfect their swing with, especially heavy clubs.

Additionally, graphite construction makes them more flexible than steel, which is an important aspect of golf clubs for teens.

The set is suitable for beginners and youth since it features a variety of clubs to choose from, including 2 kinds of wood (one driver and 3-wood), 2 hybrids (3-hybrid and 4-hybrid), and 6 irons (5 through 9 irons and a pitching wedge).

The inclusion of 2 hybrids is especially useful for teens since these can bridge the gap between fairway woods and irons, especially for beginners. The driver is oversized at 460cc and has an especially large sweet spot for maximum forgiveness.

The irons are cavity-back and use a low center of energy and high MOI to result in more forgiveness and consistency, which is excellent for teenagers who are still developing their swing. The putter is also designed to be teenager and beginner-friendly since its unique shape makes it easier to make good contact. You can grab one of these on Amazon.

Additionally, the set comes with a stand bag with a 7-way divider top, spacious pockets, a rain hood, and a carrying strap. It also includes 4 headcovers.

This set does not include a sand wedge and does not have an option for left-handed golfers.



This is an excellent set for those on a budget since it contains all the essentials needed for a good golf game, and even includes additional clubs for users to grow into.

 3  Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set

Callaway is one of the most renowned brands in the industry and we would be remiss if we didn’t include a product from them. Their junior set is very popular and ranks #13 on Amazon’s bestseller list for “Complete Golf Club Sets.”

The XJ Juniors set comes in 3 different levels, each with a different height range to ensure that players get sets that are suitable for them. Since age is not a perfect indicator of size, this is an especially clever method of dividing club sets.

The clubs also increase in number depending on which set you purchase, which makes sure that teenagers only get what they require and are not confused with clubs that they don’t need. Callaway’s special technology also ensures greater shots and maximizes distance and forgiveness.

This Level 2 set is optimized for those between 47 and 53 inches and includes 6 pieces: a driver, a fairway wood, a 7-iron, a 9-iron, a sand wedge, and a putter. The inclusion of short irons such as the 7- and 9-irons are an especially good choice since these are easier to swing and more suitable for teenagers than long irons.

The clubs are extremely lightweight since they have graphite shafts. This is so that teenagers find the clubs easy to swing to improve their performance. The set also comes with a double-strap stand bag for easy carrying. Availability is also good since there are options available for both right-handed and left-handed golfers. You can grab one of these from Amazon.

Although the set includes a sand wedge, there is no pitching wedge available. It is also expensive for the number of clubs it comes with.



Although this set is great for those who prefer a minimal set with just the basics, it is on the pricier side. Users on a budget may want to opt for a set with better value.

 4  PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Golf Club Set

This set is made from high-quality materials but still manages to remain affordable. Its great value and excellent features make it rank #2 on Amazon’s bestsellers list for “Complete Golf Club Sets”.

This golf club set is known for its strength, affordability, and lightweight nature. However, it also boasts forgiveness and special technology to improve performance and result in high-launching and longer shots.

The set includes all the basics including a 15 degree driver, two hybrid irons (6/7 iron and 9/P iron), and a putter. It also comes with 2 headcovers and a stand bag with a rain hood.

All clubs have a graphite shaft for optimal flex so they are lightweight, making them suitable for younger teenagers (9-12 years). The lightweight nature of the clubs also helps develop good swing habits in younger players. Grab PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 from Amazon here.

Buyers have to choose between a 6-iron and a 7-iron, and between a 9-iron and a pitching wedge. Because of this, the choice seems limited. Additionally, this will need to be replaced sooner since teenagers will not be able to grow into them.



This is good for the price but is not suitable for those looking for a more comprehensive set of clubs.

 5  Wilson Juniors Complete Golf Set

This set is by premium brand Wilson and is a high-rated item that ranks #6 on Amazon’s bestseller’s list for “Complete Golf Club Sets”.

The Profile JGI is customized to players according to age and height and uses SGI (Super Game Improvement) technology to help teenagers make the most of their golfing ability.

The set is designed for teenagers and keeps features like lightweight clubs and forgiveness in mind when curating a selection for various ages. The medium size is made for the 11-14 age group and uses all graphite shafts to make sure that the clubs are lightweight enough for younger golfers to carry, and to swing.

Weight is also positioned so that performance is optimized. In addition to the oversized nature of the driver and a large sweet spot, the weight in the driver is low to enable higher launch and better distance.

The hybrid included is also easy to hit and has a large sweet spot to maximize forgiveness and distance without sacrificing control.

Although the set includes a short iron, this is easy to make contact with since it has a very large face. This enables teenagers to use the control of a short iron with the forgiveness of a long iron to make better shots and improve swing speed. The included putter is also heel/toe weighted to ensure alignment and easier hitting. Check the current price of Amazon by clicking here.



This golf club set is from a reputable brand and has raving reviews from customers. The only issue seems to be that some users find the grips a little thin, but this can be easily fixed.

 6  Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set

This 8-piece set is highly rated and ranks #7 on Amazon’s bestsellers list for “Complete Golf Club Sets”, making it an excellent affordable option.

This uniflex set is designed especially for 11-14-year-olds and contains 8 pieces with teenagers’ capabilities in mind. It boasts advanced hybrid technology and high MOI to increase distance and forgiveness.

The clubs included are carefully selected to suit teenagers and include a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, a 7-iron, a 9-iron, a sand wedge, and a putter. The set also comes with 2 headcovers and a carry bag. All clubs have graphite shafts and are lightweight and flexible.

The driver included is relatively large at 350cc, and has a high moment of inertia (MOI) so that shots can be higher, and thus longer. This is also kept in mind with the low-profile fairway wood, which is easy to make contact with and makes sure that the ball is easily airborne.

The hybrid is made using technology that uses a wide sole and low center of gravity to increase forgiveness and make shots easy to hit. The irons boast perimeter weighting and large sweet spots to ensure forgiveness and distance.

Accurate putting is ensured with the included mallet putter. The set even comes with a stand bag that is both lightweight and comfortable, with dual straps for easy carrying. You can grab one of these on Amazon.

Although the set includes a sand wedge, it lacks a pitching wedge, which can be very useful for teenage golfers.



This is our pick for the best affordable golf club set on this list because of the variety of clubs, the special technological features, and compatibility with young golfers’ needs.

 7  Cleveland Golf Junior Set (Medium, Right Hand, Junior Flex)

This mid-range set is highly rated by users and is specially designed for teenagers.

The set comes in 3 different sizes depending on age, which include small (ages 4-6), medium (ages 8-9), and large (ages 10-12). These come with 3 clubs, 6 clubs, and 7 clubs, respectively. Cleveland Golf claims that each set is optimized for specific ages and results in game improvement.

These golf clubs use the same advanced technology that is used in Cleveland Golf’s standard clubs. The medium set is aimed at ages 7-9 and comes with a lightweight carry bag as well as a driver, a hybrid, a 7-iron, a 9-iron, one wedge, and a putter. This is a well-rounded set, especially considering the age group.

Shafts are made from composite material to ensure that they are lightweight to suit the age range, and the irons are cavity-back with an oversized face and wide sole to ensure forgiveness.

The driver and hybrid are also designed to be large for forgiveness and can be hit from all angles. It is also suitable for younger golfers since the stand bag is also designed to be opened and closed easily, keeping in mind features that are relevant to those in the age group.

Although these clubs are meant for younger golfers, they are still made from high-quality materials, which can be felt during use. You can grab one of these from Amazon.

The set doesn’t come in a left-hand configuration.



This golf set is perfect for the 7-9 age group since it has taken age into account when designing the clubs.

How to Choose Golf Clubs for Teenagers?

As much as they may try to refute it, teenagers are in a transitional stage of life. They are not ready for golf clubs designed for adults for a number of reasons such as swing speed, playing level, etc.

Golf Clubs For a Teenager

The best golf clubs for teenagers are marketed as clubs for juniors, or clubs for varsity for older teenagers and taller players. Some ladies’ clubs may work as well because of their lightweight nature and shorter lengths.

Here are some things to look out for when buying golf clubs for teenagers.

Player Height

Most golf club sets for teenagers are divided into different sizes by height in addition to age. This is extremely important since teenagers require clubs for their specific heights to maximize speed and to develop their swing. This is usually accomplished by opting for clubs that are shorter in length.

Some parents may think that buying longer clubs will allow players to grow into them and save money in the long run. However, this is flawed thinking and may result in harming players’ progress by resulting in off-center shots.

The appropriate length of clubs will also result in more comfort and allow teenage players to perform their best. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that driver length is 66% of the height. Since the players’ heights affect the length of the shaft, it is imperative to determine their height accurately and consider it one of the most important features to look at.

Club Weight

In order to purchase the top golf clubs for teenagers, it is important to note the weight of the golf clubs. Teenagers require lighter clubs since these are easier to maneuver, maximize control, and improve swing, resulting in accurate strikes. Lighter clubs make it easier to get the ball into the air, which ensures that forgiveness is maximized, and both distance and speed are improved.

When looking for a lightweight set, graphite shafts are the way to go. Steel shafts can be too heavy for teenagers and juniors. Lightweight club heads are also important, and this is usually emphasized in drivers, which boast materials such as titanium.


Loft refers to the angle of the club and affects the trajectory of a shot. While adults sacrifice loft to maximize distance, this strategy is not ideal for teenagers. Golf clubs made for teenagers usually feature a high loft, since this makes it easier to get the ball airborne. This is especially important when it comes to drivers.

Higher irons will also be useful for this. For example, a 2-iron will not be of much use for a teenager and may result in difficulty getting the ball in the air, while a higher iron, such as a 7-iron will provide more forgiveness. Special attention should be paid to hybrids since these fill the gap between fairway woods and irons.

Number of Clubs

Teenagers do not require the same number of clubs as adults. This is especially true for golf clubs for 11-14 year olds since they will be hitting most clubs similarly. Fewer clubs also help teenagers get used to the different clubs in their arsenal, and in turn, this makes them ready for more clubs.

Additionally, for especially young players, a wide variety of clubs can get confusing. Fewer clubs make it easier to know exactly which club to choose in different circumstances. Therefore, 6-piece and 8-piece sets are more than enough for teenagers as long as they include high-quality basics.


When it comes to drivers, the larger, the better. Larger driver heads are forgiving, both for teenagers and adults. The largest size allowed in golf is 460cc, which is extremely easy to find. Although this compromises the accuracy, it maximizes distance and ensures straighter shots.

Driver weight is also important, and a lighter head can result in a better swing, and therefore, a better hit. Titanium is a great material to look out for when it comes to driver’s heads. Large sweet spots are also a descriptor that will be helpful since these result in more forgiveness.

To make sure that a driver is a correct length, users should make sure that the butt end of the grip comes up to their sternum when the club is next to them.

Hybrids vs. Short Irons

Teenagers should opt for long irons instead of shorter ones since these are easier to make contact with and are more forgiving than short irons. Hybrids can be used to bridge the gap between woods and irons and are very useful for those who do not feel comfortable with irons.

Hybrids use qualities of both woods and irons, and have a low center of gravity to make them easy to hit and forgiving, while also maximizing distance.  3-hybrid and 4-hybrid are great choices.


Teenagers do not need all kinds of wedges, since their play does not require these yet. A pitching wedge and sand wedge are more than enough for younger teenagers. More wedges can be added with increased age and playability.


Since teenagers have not fully developed their swing, they should not opt for blade irons. Cavity-backed irons are a much better option since they provide a low center of gravity, which in turn, allows for a better hit that is higher and lands further. These are also more forgiving than blade irons and are easier to maneuver.


Mallet putters, also known as face-balanced putters, are ideal for teenage golfers since they are easier to hit and provide better balance. Because of improved alignment, twisting is reduced, and the resulting shots are more consistent.

Other Considerations

Other considerations involve making sure that the grip is comfortable for teenagers. Flex should also be looked into since more flexible shafts are suitable for those with slower swing speeds. Users should opt for graphite shafts since they are more flexible than steel shafts.


Our pick is the Cobra Golf King Jr. Complete Set, which uses high-quality materials and is optimized for easy launch, improved forgiveness, and maximum distance.You can grab Cobra Golf King Jr. Set on Amazon.

Since this is pretty expensive, another great option is the Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set. This 8-piece set features easy-to-hit clubs, a high loft, and increased distance. Grab Tour Edge HL-J Junior Golf Set from Amazon.

However, all of our picks have been carefully vetted, are on our list for the top golf clubs for teenagers for a reason, and will serve you well. No matter which one you opt for, we guarantee that you will be happy with the results!

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