The Best Golf Courses in the USA

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  6 min read

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Golf courses are an essential part of the American landscape. Often, they’re used as a way to avoid traffic and enjoy some fresh air while playing this game that has been around for centuries. However, not all golf courses are created equal. Some have great views, and others have challenging obstacles – but those with both will be on our list!

What Makes A Great Golf Course?

The best golf courses in the USA are well-rounded. They’re not just suitable for beginners – they have challenging obstacles and a great view to challenge even the most experienced player. When evaluating what makes a course ‘great,’ it’s essential to make note of:

Best Golf Courses For Beginners

Some of the best golf courses for beginners include:

Trump National Golf Club

The Trump National Golf Club is an excellent course for beginner golfers. It is played on an 18-hole, par 72 layouts.

The Links at Fiddlers Creek Golf Course rates as one of the best courses in Texas to play while you are a new golfer because it has three different tee boxes that make it easier to find your level! The first nine holes have short and wide fairways, allowing beginning players to get their swings plotted without being penalized by trees or lots of water hazards. There are also generous, rough areas if balls miss shots off target, so even beginners can still put up competitive scores after each hole they complete. Plus, there’s no caddie fee! This gives all levels of golfers a great experience!

Chambers Bay ( near Tacoma)

Chambers Bay, near Tacoma, is one of the best golf courses in Washington State to play. Chambers Bay Golf Course rates as an excellent course for new-to-golfers because there are so many different tee boxes and green levels! There’s no caddie fee here either, making it much more affordable than most other nearby courses. Plus, many driving range lanes make it easy for beginner players to get their swing down before they even reach the greens!

Best Public Golf Courses In America

Some of the best public golf courses in the USA are:

Pinehurst No. 27

Pinehurst No. 27 is a golf course in North Carolina. We love this course for its challenging layout, gorgeous scenery, and great view from every hole. This course ranks #25 on our list of best golf courses in the USA!

Old Memorial Park Course

If you’re looking for a scenic but fun golf course to play that isn’t too difficult, Old Memorial Park is perfect for you! It’s ranked as number fourteen on our list of best public golf courses in the USA with its beautiful views and easy-going design.

Filoli Country Club

The Filoli Country Club is a fantastic place with many stunning features– both natural and human-made. We love this course so much because it has two 18-hole championship courses (one designed by Donald Ross), four lakes, several streams, and water features throughout. This course isn’t the most straightforward around, but the scenic views are breathtaking.

Best Pro Golf Courses In The USA

Some of the best professional golf courses in the USA are:

Pebble Beach Golf Course

Many Pro golfers love this golf course. One of the best features is that it’s surrounded by water, so if a golfer hits his ball into the water, he can’t lose sight of where it went. It also has many beautiful views and great golf holes with sand bunkers.

Torrey Pines Golf Course

Torrey Pines Golf Course is a favorite of ours because of the beautiful views. It has a nice mix of golf holes, and one spot is even called “Tiger’s Eye.”

Cypress Point Club, Inc.

Many Pro Golfers also love this course because it has challenging sand bunkers that make for exciting shots. The best part about this golf course? There are palm trees all over the place! This makes for a fantastic experience when you’re playing in 80-degree weather with no humidity at all!

Old Memorial Park (public course)

The public courses on America’s list include Old Memorial Park, which offers inexpensive green fees and quick playtime each day before sunset or after sunrise during warm seasons due to its shorter length. We love this course for many reasons, but the number one reason is that it’s the best bang for your buck!

Monterey Peninsula Country Club

This course is private but has a variety of membership options to choose from. The conditions at this club are fantastic, and you’ll find many different types of golf holes, which makes the game even more exciting. This club also offers excellent food service that can be enjoyed while playing 18-holes on their beautiful land.

The Ocean Course (public)

We’re going back to Florida for our next public country course: The Ocean Course in Balboa Park near Miami Beach in South Florida! It’s considered one of America’s most spectacular courses because of its views and layout as well as its warm, humid climate all year round.

In Conclusion:

There are so many excellent courses for beginners to Pros in the USA. It’s exciting to realize that you have so many options to experience something new while golfing throughout the states. Remember to explore different courses within your State, as some may completely surprise you and become your new favorite! Get out there and have fun!