Top 8 Golf Exercises to Improve Your Game

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  7 min read

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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, the golf swing is something that takes time and practice to perfect. However, some exercises can help improve your golf game. This blog post will highlight 6 of the best golf exercises for both beginners and professionals alike. So, if you want to improve your golf game in the next year, try out these helpful exercises!

The following fitness exercise has been shown to help athletes improve the stability in their spine, which again leads us back into improved swing technique and high performance out on the green.

Golf Exercises to Improve Your Game

Golf Exercises to Improve Your Game - man using medicine ball

Medicine Ball Core Rotations

This is first on our list because we believe the core is the foundation of so much when it comes to golf. You rotate through your waist for every shot you take, including putting. So having a solid core can only benefit your golf game tenfold.

Lateral Lunge

This exercise is excellent for golfers because it helps to improve the stability of your lower body. You want a robust and stable base when you are hitting those long shots on the course. The lateral lunge has been shown in studies to help with this!

IT Band Stretch and Glute Activation Rollouts

Golf Exercises to Improve Your Game - overhead press

This two-in-one move will stretch out your IT band while activating your glutes at the same time so they can work together more effectively during swings. In addition, these exercises also help with hip mobility which we all know is essential for golf as well!

Rotational Throw

This golf exercise is not only great for your core but also targets the back and shoulders. When you rotate during a shot, it can help improve stability in these areas, which will again lead to an improved game!

Standing Oblique Twist With Medicine Ball or Band

This exercise will work on your golf game by improving the rotation of both sides of your body. You can do this one with a medicine ball, or you might find it easier to use a resistance band at either end. Either way, be prepared for some severe muscle soreness!

Bulgarian Split Squat with Overhead Press

Golf Exercises to Improve Your Game - overhead press

This move is perfect for balance and power generation while powering through your swing. In addition, it has been shown that this move helps people generate more power than traditional squats because of increased hip drive when balancing on one leg instead of two.

Finally, this golf exercise helps strengthen lots of different muscles, including your spine and back too! These are all crucial aspects when you’re swinging those clubs at the course, so make sure they get some love before hitting the links!

As you can see, there are lots of exercises that golfers should do. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, and any good coach will have their recommendations for specific types of workouts, but these six moves are a great place to start when it comes to improving your game.

Golf putting exercises

Balance and Swing Golf Putting Drill

The goal of the drill is to improve balance, tempo, strength in the wrists and arms. This golf putting exercise also helps ingrain proper mechanics into muscle memory so that your body performs this move automatically when you’re on the course. There are many different variations, but most players find it helpful to start with a putter grip for ease of use before moving onto one-handed drills or two-handed drills where they can work on various lengths varying types of strokes used during play.

Golf driving range exercises

Tennis ball golfing drill

tennis ball

This exercise aims to improve your tempo and the ability to anticipate how far an object will travel. You also work on short-range power by making sure you’re using a full swing with contact at impact, not just hitting the ball off the end or heel of the club. Start from about 15 yards out and gradually move back as skills increase to encourage development through repetition.

Longer shots: If it’s too tricky for beginners, shorten up their swings to don’t hit overdrive before aiming for shorter distances than usual such as 25 Yard Shot Golf Swing Drill, where players can make adjustments based on what feels right while keeping good form throughout.

Shorter shots: If they’re struggling with short-range power, go for a side-saddle drill such as the “Down and In” golf swing exercise, where players must shorten up their swings to make contact at least two inches inside of the ball.

The golf swing is a complex movement with several different parts. So, what exercises can you do to make your golf game better? Below are some of the top ten activities for golf that will help improve all aspects of playing and maintaining good form:

– Hitting balls off the end or heel of the club; helps develop control at short distances where players need to think about hitting up on shots, as well as practicing making adjustments based on what feels right during gameplay, such as swinging too hard, so they adjust their swings accordingly

– Longer shot drills, including 25 Yard Shot Golf Swing Drill which encourages beginners to work gradually back from 15 yards out to build confidence through repetition before attempting more difficult ranges

Shorter shot drills include the Pouring Jugs Golf Swing Drill, where golfers practice hitting various shots close to the hole to get more comfortable with putting.

– Hitting balls off the toe or end of your club; helps develop power and control at longer distances, such as over bunkers

– Working on swing speed by using weighted sticks such as hockey poles: these can be used for shifting weight when swinging, which will improve playing performance overall

– Practicing different types of swings, including full swings, chipping strokes, pitching strokes, among others. When people play golf, they generally stick with one type but practicing other types is crucial because it prevents muscle imbalances from developing and also provides insights into how to handle certain situations like uneven lies that would require a different kind of swing

– Practicing putting with the hand opposite your golf club grip. This helps make sense out of what batting the ball is going to do to improve accuracy

– Practicing one’s stance and posture: this allows people to get comfortable at longer distances which will help them learn how to maintain their composure under pressure.

– Practicing how to read the greens: this is a skill that takes time and practice, but it will help golfers know what their next move should be given where they are.

– Practice chipping by getting into your stance, lining up, and then hitting an imaginary ball to get used to swinging from different angles when compared with putting or full swings. Chipping strokes also require more precision than other types of shots, so being comfortable is essential for people practicing them

– Practicing Bunker Shots: a shot from sand requires finesse instead of power, so these exercises can help someone who may struggle with making contact in bunkers.

In Conclusion

Those are the golf exercises to improve your game! When it comes to golf exercises, there is no shortage of possibilities. It’s important to remember what areas of focus you feel need the most work. Do you think that your core and strength need improvement? Refer back to the top of this article and review the 6 weighted exercises that can be done to help fix this problem.

What does it take to become a professional golfer? Is it more practice you need? We have listed many ways to do golf drill exercises to enhance your performance out on the course! Remember to enjoy the journey golf is a process and takes time, dedication, and consistency!