What Does it Take to Become a Professional Golfer?

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  6 min read

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What does it take to become a professional golfer? The path to becoming a professional golfer is not an easy one. It takes dedication, determination, and talent to go pro in golf. In this post, you will learn how to become a pro in the game of golf! But before we jump into that, let’s talk about what being a professional golfer means first. A professional golfer is someone who earns money by playing golf for others or on their schedule.

They can also make money through sponsorships and endorsements from companies like clubs and other equipment manufacturers, and apparel brands. Professional golfers must have at least ten years of experience before they can turn pro, so it may take some time for some people but don’t give up!

Find a mentor or coach

What Does it Take to Become a Professional Golfer - golfer with mentor

One of the first things you’re going to want to do when deciding on going pro in golf is to find a great mentor or coach who can assist on many different levels. It is highly recommended that you find someone who has already mentored other professional players in the past. They can offer any help with equipment you want to buy or offer advice on is Titleist Tour soft longer than Pro V1?

Make a plan for your career path and set goals

Going pro in golf is not an easy feat. We support you 100% if that is your goal, and we believe anyone with enough drive and determination can get there but do remember this takes years to get into this status. Below we have listed out your career path of what is required to go pro. Don’t let the timeframe scare you; if this is what you truly want, this time will allow you to put in the hours required to hone your craft and deserve to play at a professional level.

What is required to go pro?

-To become a professional golfer, you need to be at least 18 years old.

-You must have played golf for at least 15 years and won 50 amateur tournaments or competed in 150 rounds of pro events before going pro.

-You will also need endorsements from two sponsors on top of your caddy (someone who carries the golf clubs for you) 

-You will need to provide proof of your amateur status. This includes a current player’s card or an official letter from one of the governing bodies proving that you are recognized as an active and qualified competitor in their events.

– You must pay $200 before turning pro with USGA (United States Golf Association)

-You will also need to provide your medical information before going pro.

Get started by making lessons, getting fit, and practicing often

man practicing

Golf Lessons – Every professional has a coach, and they are constantly working on their game. This is something you will need for the rest of your golfing career.

Getting Fit – Most golfers nowadays believe in staying fit to play a better game. It’s a brilliant idea as golf is a physical game, and the benefits of being active and possibly even lifting weights can be dramatic.

Practice – Let’s face it, pros are willing to work hours and hours on their craft. Are you ready to put in the same amount of work and effort? There isn’t any other way around it; if you want to be great at anything, you’re going to have to work hard and consistently.

Continuously learn about the game

It’s essential to keep learning about the game so you can continually grow as an athlete and golfer. Professionals in anything are not shy to upping their game as frequently as they can. They compete with themselves, and they have a determination and consistency that are almost obsessive.

This is what is required to be great. So don’t stop learning new things about the game, the history, other players, techniques. The list goes on. There is always something new to learn!

Stay focused on your goal of becoming a pro in golf

If you are looking to go pro in golf, the first thing you need is a passion for the sport. You will not make it a professional golfer if your love for the game isn’t there because of how much time and effort goes into being competitive. Next, one needs to have an iron focus on their goal of becoming a professional golfer. Next, they need to be willing and able to put in the required hours of training. And finally, make sure not to let life’s distractions get in your way.

Become a member of the best courses in town

golfer adjusting the golf ball

Playing multiple courses and difficulty levels will improve your adversity game. This is something all pro players need to get comfortable with. Sure, you’ll probably have a main course for lessons, but try and play every opportunity you get anywhere. Just as a professional musician must have their hands on their instruments for hours a day, the same would go for clubs and a golfer.

Make use of driving ranges

It’s important to spend hours and hours driving balls at the driving range. This is a massive part of the sport that needs to become second nature to a pro golfer. They should have an extreme comfort level for driving the ball. The driving range should be like a second home to a golfer looking to go pro. Could you make use of it as often as possible?

Play golf daily

golf buddies

Suppose you’re going to be a pro . It’s pretty much a given that you’ll need to be playing daily. Therefore, it would be best if you had the hours behind your craft, and this is the requirement that it will take to get to a professional level of playing.

Enjoy the journey

Going pro at golf is a long journey, but it can be a fun one! There are so many things to learn about the game, other players, techniques. The list goes on. There is always something new to learn! The key to going pro in golf is staying focused on your goal and enjoying every moment of it along the way.

Happy playing!