Golf Lessons: What You Need To Know

By Ben Jarratt •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  7 min read

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Learning to golf can be a great way to spend time outside with friends and family, but it’s also a sport that requires some training before heading out onto the course. So whether you’re a beginner or an avid player looking for new tips from the pros, golf lessons are generally worth the investment.

Before buying any equipment, you might want to do some research – Is Titleist Tour soft a good ball? This blog post discusses what golf lessons offer for beginners and experts alike and how much they cost and where to find them near you! 

7 Reasons why golf is a great hobby

Golf Lessons What You Need To Know - woman taking lessons

  1. Golf is an excellent hobby for the mental aspect of the game. Golf requires strategy, patience, and consistency to improve your score.
  2. Stress relief. Many golfers say that playing a round of golf is a great stress reliever.
  3. Golf is a great way to spend time outdoors with friends and family.
  4. It’s inexpensive. Golf doesn’t require any special equipment, so it’s an affordable hobby for beginners or people on a budget. ( You can always rent clubs vs. buy when first starting)
  5. Learn at your own pace. There are golf classes available that teach the basics of golf in as little as three hours.
  6. It’s a lifelong sport. Golf is an activity that doesn’t have an age limit, so you can play golf as long as your body will allow it!
  7. Golf is a challenging and fun hobby. Whether you want to casually golf or make it your life’s passion, there are plenty of resources available for all skill levels.

How to find a golf instructor

There are golf instructors available for many different skill levels and experiences. You can find them in various places, such as online through LinkedIn or the PGA website, in local stores that offer lessons, and at your local courses. (It’s usually recommended to learn from an instructor who has some familiarity with the course you plan on playing)

It’s also to consider finding an instructor that is close to where you live or work. Once you find an instructor, it’s a good idea to take lessons at least twice per week. This will allow your golf game to improve quicker and help you focus on specific aspects of the game that may need improvement. (Determine if they offer group or one-on-one lessons)

How long do golf lessons last?

Golf Lessons What You Need To Know - kid getting golf lessons

Golf lessons usually last an hour or two. (Some golfers may take longer to learn and need more time, while others will be able to pick up the skills quickly)

How much do golf lessons cost?

Golf instruction can range from $30 for a one-hour lesson in person at your local course up to $200 per hour for a private lesson.

Pros to taking golf lessons

The benefits of taking golf lessons are endless, but here are just a few that we can think of off the top of our heads.

– Improved golf skills – Naturally, with taking lessons, we would expect your skills to improve over time faster than if you were continuing to try and enhance solely on your own.

– Better grip on your club and the ball – Many golfers claim that grip is everything. Many great instructors can help adjust your grip, allowing you to drive further and putt with more accuracy. They can even help you determine what type of golf ball would be best at your current level of playing and natural style of play. Some players like to focus on technique, while others claim a “feel” to the game.

– Proper stance – Proper stance can be the difference between a great game on the course vs. a frustrating experience. We believe proper stance is one of the foundations of the game of golf. A good instructor will focus heavily on the fundamentals, and you can guarantee a portion of your lessons will be on proper stance.

– Understanding of course etiquette – Proper golf etiquette is an excellent piece of knowledge to have. You would be surprised how many golfers take to the course without fully understanding etiquette for the fairway!

– How to swing properly – Another huge fundamental to the game of golf is the golf swing. We can guarantee that your instructor will work with you on this, and we believe lessons can drastically improve your swing.

Cons to taking golf lessons

Some common cons with golf lessons are that some people don’t have time, they may be too busy, or it’s not a priority. There is also an issue with golfers who are too competitive 

A golf pro can teach you how to play and help improve your score, but there are also some disadvantages:

– It may take longer than if you were on your own (depending upon the difficulty of what skills need improving)

– You will be paying more money (Lessons with a good golf instructor can become quite pricey if you are taking them quite frequently.)

– You could have some strange tee times. Depending on the instructor’s availability, you could have some very early morning lessons or lessons later than you’d prefer. A great instructor stays busy and has a demanding schedule of golf students.

– It may be more challenging to understand what the pro is trying to say if they don’t speak your everyday speaking the language (or, you might not have a golf vocabulary)

7 Questions to ask a potential new golf instructor

Golf Lessons What You Need To Know - senior with golf instructor

  1. What is your golfing background?
  2. Do you have any instructional videos I can watch to see how you teach?
  3. How many lessons do we need before my game begins to improve, and why should it take that long?
  4. Will this work with other things in my life, like family obligations or a job where every day is different?
  5. What is your cancellation policy, and what happens if I need to reschedule a lesson?
  6. How long will it take me, realistically, before I can play my best golf game with you as my coach?
  7. A golf pro should answer these questions if they can’t or won’t, then find someone who will.

What you should expect from your first lesson

instructor teaching how to swing

During your first lesson, you can expect to spend the first part of your lesson talking with your new instructor. First, he’s going to try and understand where your current skill level is. Next, you feel that your game needs the most work if you aren’t an absolute beginner, and lastly, what style of player you seem to be and analyze how he thinks he can help you the best. 

From here, you guys will usually come up with a lesson schedule game plan. This way, you won’t ever walk into a lesson, not knowing what you plan to focus on that day. 

Lastly, you guys will probably start working on one of the first fundamentals, as those are the building blocks for the game. Even professional golfers are constantly working on proper grip, proper stance, swings, and putting. 

In Conclusion

If you are serious about taking golf up as a hobby or even professionally, we highly recommend seeking a great golf instructor. The odds of them helping improve your game faster than going it alone are pretty darn good. Golf lessons are a great way to improve your golf game. Learning from an expert can boost your skills and make you even more competitive on the course!