How to Putt Better: Putting Tips, Techniques and Drills

By George Val •  Updated: 07/14/23 •  6 min read

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Putts are one of the most important aspects to a golfer’s game. Putting can be frustrating and difficult, but with practice you can improve your putting skills and lower your score on the green. Here are some tips, techniques and drills that will help you putt better! Also you might be thinking – Should I play Pro V1 or Pro V1x?

Top Tips to Improve Your Putting Game Fast

How to Putt Better - putting

If we’re talking about posture: When standing over your ball, keep your weight on both feet evenly, with your shoulders square to the target. Address the ball by gripping it and rolling it back in between your feet so that you can take a few practice strokes.

It’s important to have some consistency when making putts, which is why it’s important to know how far your putts typically travel.

If there are any distractions on the green or around you, such as a leaf or someone walking, it can affect your putt.

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Practicing at home is important too! You should be able to comfortably make any putt that you would usually take on the golf course.

Most importantly, you want to be relaxed when making a putt because it can affect the power of your stroke if you’re tense or stressed out. You may even get lucky enough to see better results in that way! It’s also important not to change your grip for any putt.

You should practice putting at home because you need to be comfortable with making all the putts on the course, not just a few of them!

The number one way to get better at putting is by practicing. You should be able to make any successful putt with enough time and effort!

A lot of people find success in the putting green by imagining the putt going in before they make it.
You should also not forget to take your time and aim for the right spot, if you miss then don’t feel too bad because this is just one of those things that will happen when playing golf or any other sport!

The key to a good putter is the grip. You need to have a firm and stable grip on the putter, it’s best if you place your index finger over the end of the handle while having three fingers under the thumb.


You should also make sure that when putting, your entire body is pointing towards where you’re looking or aiming for!
Lastly, remember that putting is a skill that takes time to master. Most people tend to tense up on the green and let distractions get the best of them. This is the part of golf that requires a calm, cool, and collected head. Visualize the shot and then take it. Don’t overthink it. We hope that this list of tips will help improve your putting game, enjoy the process and enjoy the game!