10 Best Golf Balls For Beginners In 2023 [#1 Is Superb]

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Top golf balls for beginnersGolf balls are essential for your game. Playing with the right golf ball has the ability to turn the game around.

So, you need to purchase the best option for you.

It can be expensive to play golf, so it is even more important to think carefully before you decide which ball to buy. Balls can get lost, damaged, dirty, or simply wear out. You’ll want to make the right choice based on a number of factors, including price.

We did the research for you.

Below you’ll see 10 of the best golf balls for beginners available on the market. We have outlined the features, affordability, pros, and cons of every golf balls to help you decide which one suits you best.

Here are the top 10 golf balls for beginners 2021:

You will be able to find a ball that provides high spin, high performance, fast swing speed, soft feel, durability, or a combination of all these features. These reviews will help you make the right choice according to your preferences.

 1  Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls – Excellent Performance and Durability

The Pro V1x is a high-end golf ball that helps a golfer achieve beautifully straight trajectory and provides a soft feel. It is one of the most expensive balls produced by the company, but golfers deem it as a long-term investment. The best part about this ball is that it serves all kinds of golfers in all kinds of games.


It has been designed with a urethane cover that gives it a soft feel and elastomer that promotes control and improves the short game spin. It makes sure that distance and durability are not compromised.

The ball is Tour-proven and designed to provide optimum performance. This model exhibits great improvement. The best part about it is that it is perfect for both amateur and professional players.


The ball has been designed keeping everyday usage in mind, ensuring that players get a quality experience. It allows players to take advantage of its durability and amazing design. These balls work long off the tee and very well around the greens.

Titleist is known to deliver some of the top golf balls in the market, with the Pro V1x topping the list. This is often the choice for pros, but it’s available for anyone.

The inner and outer cores of the balls are designed to ensure that they are durable and sturdy enough to endure wind resistance and still travel straight and stable.

The ball guarantees a good short game spin, remarkable distance, soft feel, high durability, and good grip. However, the main drawback of the Pro V1x is that these golf balls are expensive.



Even though this ball is usually preferred by professionals and intermediate players, it is good for beginners as well who are looking for a quality game rather than something they can just practice on. The simple design of the ball ensures that it covers a long distance and reduces traction with increased velocity, so it’s a great ball to consider if you are in for the long haul, or even just on a windy day.

 2  Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls – Great Deal and Distance

Bridgestone has been making wonderful balls for a long time, and this model is no exception. It has been designed to improve a player’s game and to achieve optimum performance. It is more affordable than the previous generations from Bridgestone.

Short Game

These balls have made their place in the market by giving as good a short game spin as any other expensive ball but at an affordable price.

Long Game

These balls have always been designed to focus on the drive. The company claims the E12 can reach 9 yards more and stay 31 percent straighter than its competitors.

3-Piece Design

It is based on a three-piece design, starting with a soft gradational core with a mantle in between and a final Surlyn covering. As the name of the ball suggests, the company has made sure to provide you with a soft feel on every shot. The ball reduces the driver spin so that maximum distance can be achieved without compromising performance.

This ball has been designed keeping in mind players who want to cover long distances. It produces enough spin rate for the short game but not too much to encourage unwanted sidespin. The ball will behave very well near the ground around it.

However, the downside is that it will not entertain golfers who want high spin. It also can produce a loud sound when hit, which can be a turn-off for some players. Furthermore, if you hit it off the side of the iron, it may cause a little damage, but that doesn’t mean it’s not durable at all. There has been a huge improvement in the durability of the golf ball as compared to the previous models. You just have to be careful around the edges.



The Bridgestone E12 is considered one of the top golf balls for beginners. It has great control over the greens and covers a long distance off the tee.

 3  TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls – Firmer and Longer Than Pro V1x

The ball has been designed in a way that it performs as well as any Tour golf ball. It is the first and only Tour ball to have 5 layers. These 5 layers help create a 2-in-1 ball to separate iron distance and wedge spin. The manufacturing of this ball has ensured that it works well with every club. Zero compromises were made in the design of this ball.

Great Spin and Workability

This golf ball was created keeping in mind mid-level players who were looking for something more than just a distance ball. It comes with five layers that include a urethane cover responsible for its high performance. It will perform very well on greens and will allow for precision shots when it has been hit properly.

Cover and Compression

The company has ensured that the ball comes with a thin urethane cover, which means that the ball has a soft feel and a great spin. The cover is kind of sticky, which gives a good grip, and is soft.

The core of the ball has a medium to high compression, which makes it perfect for golfers who have a swing speed above 100 mph. With high compression, the ball will be able to have more speed.

Dual Spin Cover

The ball has a dual cover for an additional spin. The inner cover is rigid and tough, while the outer urethane cover is soft. This is one of the top golf balls for beginners due to its all-around good performance. The ball will fly far, especially off the tee, and it feels soft as well. The spin around the greens will be amazing thanks to the cover and mantle.

Golfers with a low handicap won’t want to use it. Furthermore, these balls are expensive and not very durable. A hard hit can cause damage to the ball.



This ball indeed offers value for money and is great for professionals. The five layers give it all the limelight. The best part about it is that both casual and professional golfers can benefit from its features.

 4  Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls Excellent Balls for My Swing Speed

With a four-layer construction, dual SoftFast core, and hex-shaped dimples, the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls are perfect for anyone who loves the game.

Dual SoftFast Core

This technology was patented by Callaway. The inner core is very soft, while the outside is firm. You might be wondering how this will help you.

If you have a slow swinging speed, this will speed up your shots and help you cover more distance than you would otherwise. If you’re a low handicap, you will be able to exert more control over your shots.

Four Layer Construction

True to its name, the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls are very soft to the touch. This has been achieved via the four-layer construction. There is essentially a thin mantle surrounding the two inner layers of the SoftFast core. Combining this with a urethane outer cover makes these golf balls one of the softest available.

Truvis Pattern

Callaway has designed these golf balls with a Truvis pattern. Truvis or true visibility is meant to make it easy to keep track of the ball. This pattern comes in white and red or yellow and black colors. This is helpful for identifying the ball quickly after it has landed.

Hex-Shaped Dimples

This might seem like an aesthetic feature and for the most part, it is. It also provides greater stability when dealing with strong winds during the game.

As you can see, there are a few points to consider before purchasing these golf balls. While you do get a balanced mix of speed and distance, this isn’t the fastest ball, nor does it offer the most distance. So, if you want something extremely fast that covers a lot of distance, this is a point to keep in mind.

Additionally, if spin matters to you, another ball might be a better fit as this one doesn’t offer too much spin. It’s also not the best choice for professional play. However, it still has a lot to offer to hobbyists and casuals who will appreciate the affordable price. It’s a perfect balance for many things, without going overboard on any area to the detriment of the others.



There are golf balls that offer more speed and distance than the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls. Even so, the soft feel and easily identifiable Truvis pattern make them an attractive golf ball to consider. If you play golf for fun, you’ll be satisfied with what this ball has to offer.

 5  Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls – Want More Yards? Use This Ball

This product is the softest ball offered by Titleist. It has a brand new cover and core that help the golfer achieve long distances on all strokes. It is amazing softness provides a low spin on long shots.

Low Spin and Soft Feel

The ball has been designed for golfers who are looking for a low spin rate from the tee but also a soft feel around the greens.

The core of the ball is quite large and has amazing compression. You can feel the ball crush when hit, and it is this feeling that allows the ball to cover a good distance.

Dimple Pattern

The ball also comes with a 376-dimple pattern on the outer cover. This design maximizes the aerodynamic quality of the golf ball. Also, the ball will play amazingly well in the wind and will have a little spin off the tee.

Compression Core

The compression core of this golf ball is the lowest in the Titleist product lineup, making it the best golf ball for people who want a ball with a soft feel. The compression of the ball is minimized to 60 and will give the ball increased power to stop.

Consequently, it will provide the golfer with more control and distance. The ball will also have a better spin on the green. The ball has been built simply and ensures that the player gets the best game they can. It provides a solid short game with increased stopping power.

Unlike other competitive balls, this one does not come in a variety of colors so the golfer might face a problem locating the ball. Fast swing speed is also not recommended with these balls, so this ball is not made for advanced players.



If you are willing to let go of most other features of a golf ball for a soft feel, this is the best product for you. You will, however, lose a little bit off the tee, but overall, you will find it to be a great golf ball for amateur golfers. The ball comes with a low spin rate and is very responsive on the greens.

 6  Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls – Great Quality and Easy to See

Callaway’s Chrome Soft Truvis covers both distance and accuracy in shots so well so that even professional players can benefit from this golf ball. Its four-layer piece provides appropriate spin, accuracy, and distance along with a straight flight.

Gradational Core

The ball comes with a feature called a gradational compression core, which affects the core of the ball and enables it to get to extremely high speeds.

The compression rating of this golf ball is about 66, which makes it a good golf ball even for players who have a low swing speed. Along with the low compression, the core gives the ball a lower side spin, which ensures that it provides both accuracy and distance.

SlipRes Cover

The cover of the golf ball is made up of very durable urethane — premium technology. This cover is a part of almost all elite golf balls made by the company and gives the ball a great feel along with the greenside spin.


This golf ball has 332 HEX aerodynamic dual dimples. This ensures that the ball is able to get good speed and distance, which works best when shot off the tee.

This is one of the best balls to have if you have a hard time keeping your vision on the ball. It comes in multiple colors and the Truvis pattern helps increase visibility. The ball also offers amazing accuracy and distance. It comes with three-piece construction, which is preferred by most intermediate golfers.

It has been designed with a soft dual-core with a large inner core. This feature increases compression velocity and decreases driver spin to cover longer distances and high launches. However, these balls are quite expensive compared to other brands’.



There are no overpromises associated with the golf ball. It is quite straightforward with the features it has to offer and makes good on its claims. You may want to consider this golf ball if you want one that has updated technology and covers distance while giving you more control over your game. Just keep the price tag in mind since it will cost you a pretty penny.

 7  Volvik Crystal Golf Balls – Great Golf Ball For Senior Golfers

With an assortment of colors and great potential for speed and distance, you can’t go wrong with the Volvik Crystal Golf Balls. Volvik is offering a product that is easy to track without sacrificing distance or speed.

Dual Core

Volvik employs a special patented method to give its balls an extremely soft feel. This is achieved by giving the golf ball a soft external layer and a much harder inner core.

Both the impact and ball flight benefit from this. The impact is soft, while the ball flight lasts for a fairly long duration. The hard inner core allows for improvec contact, while the soft external layer boosts the accuracy of your shots.

3-Piece Construction

This golf ball features 3-piece construction that provides greater speeds, longer distances, and enhanced ball flight. These golf balls are manufactured with a power core, a zirconium outer cover, and a bismuth layer for greater control.

Colorful Look

For some golfers, losing track of their balls is a constant concern. Volvik Crystal Balls are available in an assortment of different colors such as pink, blue, ruby and yellow, which help the golf balls stand out on the course and easier to find.

Surlyn Crystalline Covering

These golf balls are manufactured using Surlyn Crystalline Covering. This adds to the durability of the ball, helping it withstand a lot of pressure. This covering also proves to improve your spin rate and provides you with an excellent putting feel whenever you are on the course.

Thanks to the two-piece core employed by Volvik, these golf balls have a very soft compression. This makes it easier to play with as they can reach further distances without any extra effort. However, for players with fast swing speeds, this won’t make much of a difference.

The greatest allure of these crystal golf balls is, of course, their color scheme. The various shades make for more eye-catching designs, but if you choose the blue version, it might be a little difficult to identify the ball in the air since it blends into the sky.

These balls are not suitable for players with fast swing speeds. Furthermore, while the ball has a soft impact, it can at times feel hard on the tee. So, people with low strength (such as juniors) are not suggested to play with such balls.



This product might not be particularly attractive for golfers with fast swing speeds, but its ball flight, speed, and distance are unparalleled. Whether you need a little help with identifying balls on the course or you just like vibrant colors, this is a great choice, especially because you don’t have to compromise on speed or distance.

 8  Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls – Best Amateur Ball for the Cost

This is the two-piece ball that comes with HEX aerodynamics and Callaway’s lowest compression core. These two attributes work together with an extremely soft cover to give you a long, straight flight.

Low Compression

This ball comes with a low compression of 38, which makes it much softer than even other soft balls. This low compression reduces spin and enhances speed.

Distance and Dimples

This golf ball supports low spin that results in a straight trajectory. The ball has 332 HEX aerodynamics dimples that provide accuracy. The Trionomer layer along with the two-piece design helps you achieve better control and maximum distance. The ball comes in different colors as well to make it more visible.

The ball ensures control over the greens, and the ball flight is much better than other models’. It is one of the best value golf balls you can find.

However, the ball may not satisfy people who want a high spin rate. So, it is not suitable for every kind of player. But, then again, no ball is.



Many players tend to prefer this ball as it gives them a great game and is very affordable. The ball is known to perform extremely well in almost all parts of the game. It is one of the best in terms of durability. You can get a dozen balls at a great value, and they are known to last for a long time. The performance/cost of this golf ball is unmatched.

 9  Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – Distance in the Air & Roll Great on Ground

This brand has been dominating the golf market for a long time. Titleist is known for making the top golf balls. The Titleist Pro V1 is for advanced players and is designed for spin and control. The newest version of the golf ball is great for intermediate players as well.

Outer Layer

The exterior of the ball is built in a way that improves durability and quality along with the spin rate. With a full shot, its responsive design increases the speed, allowing the ball to cover a greater distance without compromising the spin rate.

Long Driving Distance

The modern technology that has taken over the golfing industry has left little difference between tour and distance golf balls. This is why even though the Pro V1 are not purely made for distance, they have perform exceedingly well on drives.

Short Game Control

The main idea behind the design of this golf ball is combining amazing short game with excellent driving distance. It’s one of the best all-rounders available.

Urethane Elastomer Cover

The ball comes with a Urethane Elastomer cover, which is a patented design that gives the ball a soft feel and short game control along with an improved spin rate for long shots.

With the patented cover, the balls tend to stay brighter and whiter for a longer period, even after a lot of use. It also enhances durability and improves aerodynamics so you get a quality game out of the ball every time.

The abrasion resistance of the ball has been improved significantly and, even though the cover system seems like a small improvement, it actually has a huge impact on the overall performance of the golf ball along with its consistency and durability.

This ball, however, is expensive and can be burdensome on your pocket.



Overall, the Pro V1 golf ball has a soft feel and gives excellent spin in a long game, which allows it to cover longer distances. The design of the golf ball ensures that there is a lower flying trajectory and a lot more penetration.

However, you might want to keep the angle of descent in mind as it is a little shallower than other balls of the same type. Overall, this ball is fantastic for anyone who is experienced in golf and is looking for an amazing short game.

 10  Volvik Vivid Matte Finished Golf Balls – Vivid Colors Help You Play Better

As the name suggests, this ball comes in vibrant multiple colors, has a matte finish, and is a treat for the eyes. Volvik claims these balls to be the first ones of their kind. They come in 7 different colors.


These balls have a low compression of 80 and are designed for players who have a maximum swing speed of 90 miles/hour. Due to its three-piece construction, the ball is perfect for slow swingers. Furthermore, its vibrant colors give it enhanced visibility.

Distance and Spin

This ball is very responsive and works well with slow to medium-paced shots. The golf ball is designed in a way that a golfer can easily shape the distance of the ball from the tee to the green.

It is great for low-handicap golfers as it allows high performance and high spin. The ball ensures as much distance as possible. The design offers a counterbalancing technology so that people with relatively low swing speeds can make the most of it.

Three Layered

The ball comes with 322 dimples and three layers with an outer ionomer cover, which makes the ball soft. The 322-dimple pattern maximizes the spin and enables a sharp ball flight. The design ensures that the ball gets the optimal trajectory and medium spin rate.

It is hard to find these balls as they are high in demand and quickly disappear from the shelves. Moreover, they are priced very low and the value for money they provide outshines everything else.

You can easily play a premium game of golf on a budget with this ball. It is highly durable and allows the players to have good control.

However, some people do not prefer colorful balls and like to play with a sober white one. So, these neon colors can be a problem for some. Moreover, the colors might add visibility in the air, but they can still be hard to locate on the ground, which might defeat the purpose of vibrant colors.



This high-spin and high-performance golf ball is one of the best balls and is great for low- to medium-handicapped players. It enhances accuracy and playability. Furthermore, using a colored ball improves your game with an enhanced swing, technique, and strike as you are better able to see the ball and follow its trajectory.

The Top Golf Balls For Beginners: Buyer’s Guide

While a successful golf game is hard to achieve without skill and strategy, it also depends on the right golf product most importantly, the golf balls.

You cannot dream of having a good golf game until you have the right golf ball that matches your level of the game, your technique, the weather, and other factors related to the game. This is why selecting a suitable golf ball can be very confusing at times.

The golf ball industry has developed tremendously. As there are multiple companies selling multiple types of balls where every type is not suitable for every golfer, finding the best one for you can be a challenge.

It is said that around 50% of golfers play with the wrong golf ball for their type of game. Make sure you do not fall in that percentage. For this purpose, we have created our buyer’s guide to assist you and help you know about the things you need to consider before you buy a golf ball so that you can make the right choice for yourself.


A golf ball reacts to a club according to the way it has been manufactured. There are various ways to produce a golf ball as technology has made it possible to create different golf balls for different purposes. The different types of golf ball constructions along with their characteristics are mentioned below:

types of golf balls constructions

1-Piece Golf Balls: This is the most basic and common way of manufacturing a golf ball. As the least advanced, these balls are the least expensive. They are specially created for beginners who are just learning how to play golf so that they can control the ball easily.

These balls are made up of a hard piece of Surlyn and are built with a low compression, which is why they have a soft feel. The best part of these balls which gives them an advantage over expensive balls is that they are durable. They can hit a tree or any hard object and can come back fine without being deformed or damaged.

While the low compression gives you a soft feel, it also results in a drawback: the balls only cover a short distance due to the low compression. You can grab JEF WORLD OF GOLF Foam Practice Balls on Amazon.

2-Piece Golf Balls: The most popular type of golf ball structure among most golfers is a two-piece golf ball. Such balls are made up of acrylate or resin and have a hard, cut-proof cover. They are mostly used by intermediate golfers, but experts also make use of them from time to time.

They are not very easily controllable but are very tough and durable like one-piece golf balls. Unlike one-piece golf balls, though, these balls cover more distance. You can grab Polara Self Correcting 2-Piece Golf Balls from Amazon.

3-Piece Golf Balls: With advancement in technology came these three-piece golf balls. They can be made with solid rubber or liquid core and can be covered with Surlyn, Urethane, or material like balata.

They are built with a spin separation technique that allows a high spin. They are also more controllable and have a soft feel along with being sufficiently durable. You can grab Callaway Superhot Bold Matte 3-Piece Golf Balls on Amazon.

4-Piece Golf Balls: These balls are made up of four layers with every layer performing a different function. The first layer covers massive distance, the second layer shifts the energy from the strike to the hot core, the third layer offers increased driver distance and produces mid-iron spin and feel around the green. Finally, the fourth layer is the sleekest layer, with around 300-400 dimples.

These balls cover the longest distance and give the softest feel. You can grab Vice Pro Plus 4-Piece Golf Ball on Amazon.

5-Piece Golf Balls: This is the latest design in golf ball technology and is the best one yet. It is the most advanced version of a golf ball to date. Similar to the four-piece ball, these balls are made up of five layers with every layer functioning differently.

These are the highest performing balls that are specially built for professionals and are hardest to control. They provide more spin separation than ever and are the most expensive balls. You can grab TaylorMade TP5 5-Piec Golf Balls from Amazon.

Spin Rate

This determines the amount of spin in a ball right after impact. The spin rate greatly affects the height and distance of the shot. The spin of a golf ball can be divided into three categories:

Low-Spin Golf Balls: These balls decrease the side spin of hits and have a straight flight through the air. These balls are less expensive and have a hard feel. While these balls generally have a short flight, they provide more roll upon landing. Another drawback of these balls is that they do not stop on the green.

Mid-Spin Golf Balls: This is the most commonly produced type of golf ball. These balls fall between the low-spin and high-spin ball. They cover more distance and have a softer feel.

The greatest advantage of these balls is that they are suitable for all types of players and provide you with maximum control on the green. They are also less expensive and durable.

High-Spin Golf Balls: The final type of spin rate is the high spin that gives maximum spin in the air. You will get not only front spin but also more backspin, allowing for greater precision and less bounce.

These balls have the longest flight through the air and are easily controllable, but their drawback is they are not very durable and are the most expensive of all three types.


Compression is the hardness of the ball and is one of the most important elements that determines the amount of force needed to compress a golf ball at impact.

Low Compression: 70 and 80 are low compression balls. These are suitable for beginners and players with low strength like juniors. They cover more distance and assist the golfer in shortening the course.

They are more suitable for cold weather as the cold air is denser as compared to warm air, which produces more drag on the ball.

Middle Compression: 90 is in the middle of the range. It is a hard ball and suitable for intermediate and low handicapped golfers. The ball needs to be hit harder to cover more distance, but these balls have better control.

High Compression: 100 and 110 are high compression figures. These balls are also hard balls and are  suitable for professionals, experts, and advanced golfers and players with fast swing speed. These balls offer the most control.


Another point to keep in mind before buying a golf ball is the distance it can cover. Balls with longer distances are good for long games.

Dimple Pattern

The dimple pattern has an impact on the trajectory of the golf ball. For high trajectory, go for a golf ball with large dimples and vice versa.


The feel of the ball determines whether it is going to be durable or more playable around the greens. Balls with a soft feel are highly workable on the ground, while balls with harder feel are more durable and tough and can achieve more distance.

Golf Balls For Beginners: FAQs

✅ Which Ball Should You Play with as a Beginner?

Out of the products mentioned above, the most suitable product for a beginner is the Callaway Chrome Soft Ball that allows casual play and is not hard to control. We suggest starting by hitting the ball for at least 15 minutes per day.

✅ What Are the Different Types of Golf Balls?

Golf balls are differentiated by their construction, spin, and compression. Different types are built for different types of golfers with different skill levels and types of games. They have been detailed above.

✅ What Is the Best Golf Ball Cover?

Different covers are for a different level of golf players and different types of games. Surlyn is the most popular one among golf players. This hardcover gives greater distances, which makes a good game for an average golfer.

Balata has a softer texture and provides more spin but is costlier and less reliable. Then, there’s Elastomer, which is a hybrid of Surlyn and Balata and provides more spin and durability.

✅ What Compression Do Golf Balls Come In?

Golf balls come in a range of 70-110 compressions. 70 and 80 compressions are suitable for people with low strength and for beginners, 90 is perfect for casual and intermediate players, and 100 and 110 are for experts, professionals, and advanced players.

✅ Which Type of Golf Ball Is Made for an Intermediate Player?

Multi-layered golf balls are designed to provide an intermediate golfer with a soft feel, high spin, good control, and stopping power.


With this post, we aim to assist you in choosing the right product that suits you in every way. Since every product is different and made for different types of golfers, choosing the perfect one for yourself is highly important. However, there is one product that will suit every kind of playerL the Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball. You can grab Titleist Pro V1x on Amazon.

This ball not only attracts low-level and high-level players, but also exhibits all kinds of attributes of the perfect golf ball. It can be used for both casual and professional games, gives high performance, high spin, soft feel, covers long distances, and is durable enough. Looking for budget friendly golf balls and better for slower swing speeds? Check Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft from Amazon.


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