7 Best Golf Ball for Seniors In 2023 [#7 Is Superb]

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Calling all the senior citizens out there!

Wondering how to re-pursue golf but concerned it may not be the best idea at this age? Think again, for even today it’s one of the most beloved sports among seniors.

So get ready to go back to your old hobby, or even start for the first time. But before anything else, you’ll need a golf ball.

If chosen correctly, the golf ball can amp up your game by bringing out your strengths and reducing your weaknesses. Finding the top golf balls for seniors can be a bit complicated, owing to the diverse range of balls available in the market.

But this article reviews seven of the golf balls available out there, so senior golfers don’t have to waste hours on the decision.

golf ball for seniors

Here are the top 7 golf balls for seniors 2023:

  1. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls – Straight and Consistent Flight
  2. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls – Great Balls — They Must Be Magic
  3. Srixon Z Star 6 XV Golf Balls – The Distance Is Great
  4. Titleist AVX Golf Balls – Great Balls to Hit for a Lower Swing Speed
  5. Srixon AD333 Golf Balls – Very Good Golf Ball Fairly Priced
  6. TaylorMade TP5 Pix 2.0 Golf Balls – Amazing Distance and Touch
  7. Wilson Staff DUO Pro Golf Balls – Superb for Nearly Every Golfer

Quick Overview – Top 3 Golf Balls for Seniors

  1. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls: Having the least compression score amongst most of its competitors, this ball is in demand for its ultra-softness and affordability.
  2. Srixon AD333 Golf Balls: Given their patented Spin-Skin system, this ball is a one-of-kind by providing speedy delivery without affecting the spin.
  3. Wilson DUO Pro Golf Balls: It smartly features just the right amount of smoothness and spin thanks to its 3-piece structure, which includes a firm mantle and a urethane cover.

7 Golf Ball Choices for Seniors Review In 2023

There’s no real shortage of golf balls for enthusiastic senior golfers, but finding the best golf ball for seniors can put you in a bit of a bind. Having said that, there are several golf balls out there that come highly recommended. Let’s take a look at some of the top-rated ones.

 1  Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls – Straight and Consistent Flight

Manufactured by the popular brand Callaway, these 2-piece golf balls are available in assorted colors, both vivid and matte. We recommend these low compression golf balls for seniors since they perform impressively despite their affordable cost.

This golf ball has a remarkable compression score of 35, which is quite rare compared to other brands. The ionomer cover intensifies its rotating capability, providing greater control to players during chipping.

Offered in a wide range of bright colors, these balls can be effortlessly spotted in the rough. The SuperSoft golf balls fly great distances, thanks to their characteristic, Hex-shaped dimples.

We appreciate the oh-so-low compression on these Supersoft balls because it grants them a smooth texture, true to its name.

The HEX technology featured in this ball cuts down on unnecessary drag and spin, allowing the ball to follow straighter paths and cover incredibly long distances. We also found the price tag quite affordable so it won’t be much of a burden on your wallet. Grab Callaway Supersoft here on Amazon.

Although this golf ball beats many others in terms of affordability, we think it comes at a certain price. Where the compression scoring of 35 enhances the smooth feel of the ball, it may also be somewhat troublesome for advanced players of the game.

The softness may take control away from experienced players. So, we recommend these balls especially to seniors that are still in the learning phase. Also, the blue-colored version of this ball is a bit hard-to-spot in the rough.



We think the Callaway Supersoft balls do justice to their label by providing the promised softness. As a whole, it’s a good choice among other 2-piece golf balls given its accuracy and affordability. It’s not the best for experienced players but is highly recommended for less-skilled seniors with lower swing speed.

 2  Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls – Great Balls — They Must Be Magic

This brand is celebrated in the realm of golf due to its finely-manufactured balls and strict quality checks. Their 2-piece Tour balls are hugely marketed for their soft finish and advanced control. These 2-piece golf balls are incorporated with the biggest core among all Titleist balls to date.

They come in 2 colors: classic white and fluorescent yellow. Each ball is patterned with a total of 342 spherically-tiled cuboctahedron dimples, which leads to sharp and precise flights.

Due to these superior properties, we believe that it would be a good option for senior players who are skilled, especially one-digit handicappers.

The 1.6” core of the Tour golf ball generates swift and reactive responses, each in favor of the golfer. The distinctive pattern of dimples makes the ball cut through the air even on windy days.

The 4CE grafted ionomer layering is responsible for the ball’s higher speed and lets it cover huge distances.  This covering also ensures a superior feel and control when playing around the greens. Check the current price of Amazon by clicking here.

Although these balls have advanced elements, we think they fall a little behind others within the same price bracket in terms of durability and longevity. This is why we think it is a bit pricier than it should be. Also, we think it won’t be a great choice for seniors who have low swing speeds, as these balls slack a bit when launched with less force.



Overall, the Titleist Tour balls are a fairly good option given their speedy and responsive performance. We suggest these to skilled seniors, especially those who have a low handicap.

 3  Srixon Z Star 6 XV Golf Balls – The Distance Is Great

Although Srixon doesn’t have a massive fan following up its sleeve, their golf balls are praised by customers who are quite satisfied with their purchases.

Their Z Star XV balls belong to the 4-piece category, and they are appropriate for proficient senior golfers who demand superior control and want something apt for their higher swing speed.

Coated with a first-class urethane cover, these balls function remarkably thanks to the resistance offered by such coverings. The company’s patented E.G.G technology is used to make the cores of these golf balls.

With a score of 105 in their compression assessment, these balls travel longer distances at a rapid rate. Patterned with a total of 338 dimples, these Srixon golf balls have an upgraded system of aerodynamics that assures incredible airborne performance.

There are a few features that we liked. The third-gen spin skin quality improves the ball’s performance, especially greenside, but on fairways and in the rough as well. Energetic Gradient Growth technology produces a soft feel each time the ball is struck and grants a good deal of control.

The dimpled patterns give better control during flights by decreasing air drag. This also amplifies the total distance traveled by the golf ball without compromising its accuracy. The low compression decreases the spin rate, thereby escalating the ball’s pace. You can grab one of these on Amazon.

Although a tally of 105 compressions has been given to this golf ball, we think it isn’t as noticeable as we presumed it would be. Other brands like the ones mentioned here offer much lower compression ratings, making them softer than these golf balls.

We also think these balls could be a prime choice for senior players who are adept at the game and have faster swing speeds, but they may not be that good for beginners.



Overall, the Srixon Z Star XV golf balls are a wonderful option in light of their upgraded aerodynamics. Contemporary technologies have been used to manufacture them, whose effects are reflected in their workability. Best recommended for proficient golfers.

 4  Titleist AVX Golf Balls – Great Balls to Hit for a Lower Swing Speed

If you are someone that prefers their golf ball to be durable and hard-working, then look no further. These 3-piece balls are popularly demanded given their distinctive cover, which is solely produced in Titleist factories and plants.

You may even call it is the secret formula behind the AVX’s excellent travel range.

These are marketed as the softest balls ever manufactured by the company. A total of 352 tetrahedral-shaped dimples are patterned all over the surface. What’s unique is that they have a catenary structure, which will grant you improved control over the ball.

The urethane-elastomer layer on the outside isn’t a normal one. It is Titleist’s patented GRN 41 covering, which maintains the ball speed during flight. These golf balls can be purchased in classic white if you’re more of a traditionalist golfer or fluorescent yellow to achieve better visualization of the ball.

We are quite impressed with a couple of its features. Firstly, the tetrahedral dimples are broad with higher depth at the same time. This isn’t usually seen in other Titleist balls. We think this trait would improve your game, particularly during breezy weather. With iron shots, these balls soar in a noticeably longer way through the air.

The characteristic urethane covering is treated with an extra thermoset casting method. This cuts down most of the spin resulting in a decrease of hooks, slices, and ballooning.

One more advantage of such layering is the sturdiness it bestows upon these golf balls. This liberates us from the worries of tears and scratches. Thus we can use the same ball for numerous rounds. You can grab one of these from Amazon.

We came across a minor issue while testing the AVX balls. While playing around the greenside, we noticed that they didn’t spin that well. It could be because of the ultra-soft feel that does provide better speed, yet a few other softballs do offer both smoothness and better spin.



Overall, The Titleist AVX balls are soft, have a low spin rate, and are extremely long-lasting. We would recommend these golf balls to players of almost all skill levels, due to their reasonable performance and design.

 5  Srixon AD333 Golf Balls – Very Good Golf Ball Fairly Priced

Belonging to the 2-piece category, the AD333 golf ball can be treated as a fairly versatile option, because of the control and stability it delivers despite the soft build. Having the successful ancestry of Srixon, these golf balls may charm a vast majority of senior golf lovers.

Since their first release, Srixon has smartly improvised the AD333 golf balls in quite a few domains. Today, these balls do not require a massive striking force to cover longer distances, thanks to the efficient management of spin and air control. This isn’t found in most other soft golf balls that fall in the same price bracket.

The Srixon AD333 balls are coated with a sleek layer of urethane, branded as their Spin Skin tech. Such coating leads to higher spin rates, which are usually preferred by skilled senior players of this sport.

Gratefully, this spin isn’t achieved at the expense of speed and distance coverage.

Given their distinctive core which is internally soft yet externally firm, these golf balls deliver balanced and steady performance. Even when these balls are launched from the rough, their flight is speedy and long, with accurate outcomes. Their characteristic 338-dimple structure also keeps them steady in the air. Grab one here on Amazon.

It should be kept in mind that the softness of the internal core of the ball does lead to a noticeable waste of power, especially when the ball is struck with a strong force. At an estimate, power of 150 to 300 rev/min is lost during such mighty strikes.

Although it may not be a problem for experienced senior players, novices may find it difficult to handle.

Srixon has sensibly determined the cost of these balls given the features they are equipped with, yet they aren’t very low-cost. Senior golfers still in the learning phase may not be too happy to lose such a ball.



We recommend the AD333 golf balls due to the smart handling of their unique blend of features (softer core plus Spin Technology). Overall we think that purchasing these Srixon golf balls would be a fair investment, especially for skilled seniors.

 6  TaylorMade TP5 Pix 2.0 Golf Balls – Amazing Distance and Touch

These golf balls by TaylorMade are branded for their upgraded performance. Made with advanced materials and contemporary technology, these 5-piece golf balls are demanded by many senior golfers today.

The TP5 balls have a 5-layered construction, seldom seen in the market. The material used here is branded as High-Flex, which is responsible for the maximum speed and impressive spring-like outcomes.

The company’s freshly-released Speed-layer technology is also utilized, which grants swift and longer flights for every single stroke. The 332 dimples spread all over the urethane-made surface give a desirable control over the ball, especially around greens.

The robust triple-core included in these balls stimulates their flight speed. By reducing air drag, the ball covers lengthy distances without any noticeable delays. The 5-piece build also maximizes the ball’s pace without hurting the spin rate.

The patented High-flex substance with which it’s manufactured gives rise to a bounce-back reaction and enhances speed. Grab TaylorMade TP5 Pix 2.0 from Amazon here.

We noticed that the modern covers used in these balls get grazed quite easily. Even after a mere few rounds, its body does tend to show scratches, which reduces its durability a little.



Our final verdict on the TP5 balls is mostly positive given its high speed and superb control. But we do recommend these more to senior golfers with high-spin techniques.

 7  Wilson Staff DUO Pro Golf Balls – Superb for Nearly Every Golfer

Manufactured by Wilson staff, the DUO Professional is undeniably our top choice. They can be simply dedicated to learning golfers as well as experienced golfers who have mastered the sport.

These 3-piece golf balls are available in multiple color variants and are purchased by many due to the carefully-curated combination of both essential requirements for a golf ball: softness and spin.

The DUO Professional is the much-updated version of its predecessor, the Wilson DUO. This one has a total of 362 dimples. These dimples have no seams and have a little more depth than those on the older version.

This ball combines the softer feel of the previous version with a much-needed spinning quality. What’s more admirable is that the DUO Professional is comparatively more economical than other superior-quality golf balls.

Unlike its precursor, this golf ball has a 3-piece construction and is much more long-lasting. Upon a bigger and considerably tougher core, a moderately-hard ionomer mantle has been added. Then, a thin layer of urethane is used to enclose the internal components.

We believe this very structure is the reason behind the brand naming these balls ‘duo’ since it fulfills the double requirement of a ball having a soft feel while concurrently traveling long distances.

Although higher than the older DUO which had a rating of 29, this one has a compression score of 60. That still makes it a low-compression ball, with a springy feel generated upon hitting.

Four variants are of these balls are available, each having a vivid and somewhat fluorescent color. For seniors who have trouble with their vision, yellow and green would be the best choice as they’re easy to spot. Grab Callaway Supersoft here on Amazon.

The only minor issue that we’ve come across is that the yellow and green variants of these balls are somewhat indistinguishable from each other. Especially from far away, you cannot differentiate which is which. It would have been great if the brand would have replaced one of these fluorescent colors with a newer shade. After all, who doesn’t like variety?



In our eyes, the DUO Professional balls must be the prime choice for a senior golfer, regardless of their extent of skill and experience at the game. Due to its amazing blend of smoothness and spin, we may call this ball a true all-rounder.

The Top Golf Ball for Seniors: Buyer’s Guide

When buying a golf ball, it helps to know what to look out for. It is easy to judge a ball by the claims of its manufacturer, but it will only show its true colors on the course. That’s why it is important to focus on a few key aspects to help you narrow down your choices and get your money’s worth.


Let’s face it — you don’t want to crack open a new 12-pack every time you hit the course. It may not seem bad at first, but going through balls constantly can wreak havoc on a retiree’s income. That’s why you need balls that can withstand a game or two without withering away or losing performance. This is especially tricky with softballs, where manufacturers put too much focus on the feel to the detriment of durability.


While not high on the list of priorities, appearance can make a difference. Things like having clear markings on your ball can make a huge impact on your game.

You should also think about the available colors. Getting a yellow or green ball can be the difference between spotting it and losing it. If you suffer from impaired vision, it will matter that much more to you.

Value for Money

No matter what the circumstances, balls are never a one-time purchase. You might get away with using one ball if you are frugal, but you will need another one when that ball ends up in the pond, out of course, or just lost.

That’s why it doesn’t make sense to buy a ball that will cost an arm and a leg to replace. You need something that does what you need it to without being too expensive. Similarly, you don’t want a cheap ball that doesn’t last long. What you need is the right value.


Arguably, one of the most important aspects of a senior golfer will be compression. Compression often gives you a good idea about how the ball will behave when it is struck.

Since you want to be going for softer balls, you will likely be opting for low compression. A low compression ball will not only have a greater travel distance, but it will also be able to fly in a straighter trajectory. This will prove to be useful for you if you don’t want the air messing with your ball’s path.

Golf Balls For Seniors: FAQs

To buy a well-structured and easy-to-use golf ball, it is necessary to look into all its features. So it’s not uncommon for a senior golfer to go on a search for answers to related questions in this regard. Here are our responses to a few frequently asked questions.

✅ What Are the Best Golf Balls for Seniors?

Ball range is something that depends on a lot of different factors, from the type of clubs you use to the wind and course grounds. Generally, you are better off with low compression balls to get a good range. A lot of seniors out there consider the Srixon AD333 for this exact reason. It might be worth trying it out for yourself to know for sure.

✅ What Is the Longest Golf Ball for Seniors?

The TaylorMade TP5 Pix 2.0 is our top suggestion if you are a senior (having a greater-than-average swing speed) on the hunt of a golf ball that would cover long distances with ease. By smartly managing spin and displaying a rebounding motion, this ball is counted amongst the longest golf balls available today.

✅ What Is the Best Compression Golf Ball for Seniors?

The Callaway Supersoft is our top recommendation if you’re a senior looking for a low-compression golf ball. With a startlingly low score of 35, this ball is super-soft, and its affordable price tag makes it a smart choice.


To help you out, we’ve thoroughly tested and presented our honest reviews of the best golf balls for seniors out there. Although all of them are good choices since each has its pros, our top recommendation is undoubtedly the Wilson DUO Professional Golf Balls. Owing to its thoughtfully manufactured 3-layer structure that grants a perfect blend of smoothness and spin, this golf ball has claimed the top place in our list. For an economical option, we do suggest the Srixon AD333 Golf Balls.

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